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8 Tips For Hiring Freelancers [Infographic]

8 Tips for Hiring Freelancers

How to Get a Rockstar Freelancer Every Time

Imagine running a popular bar and restaurant (before the COVID19 pandemic).

You're tasked with the responsibility of bringing in talent to entertain the weekend rush.

So, you do a little bit of research and come across a local rock band. You read some reviews and say, “What the heck. Let's give em' a shot.”

The night of the gig comes along and the band is late. When they finally get on stage, they skip soundcheck.

And just as the crowd's hunger for live music subsides, your band dives into some soft, Christian rock.


That pit that's in your stomach. The angry customers throwing beer on your stage. A potential lawsuit from the lead singer who got hit with a beer bottle.

That's all because of poor due diligence.

And the same thing can happen to business owners, project managers, and hiring professionals with freelancers.

Here are my 8 Tips For Hiring Freelancers. Hopefully, this will get you to a finished product that feels more like Bohemian Rhapsody rather than My Baby Does Me.

1. Beware of Catfish

Some sites like UpWork have a badge for verified identities. Prioritize these candidates. If this feature isn't available, push for a video conference call. Also check and see that they are from where they say they are from by asking them to go to your website. Check Real Time Location Analytics and see if it matches us.

2. Freelancer or Agency?

Some freelancing websites allow businesses and agencies on their website to accept gigs. There's nothing wrong with contracting an agency. And sometimes working with a team over an individual has its benefits. Ask the contact: “Are you going to be doing all of the work?” And see how they reply.

3. Check reviews and past work experience

The best freelance websites provide ratings and feedback. Check previous job feedback carefully. Read reviews and scrutinize any bad reviews. If the reviews seem to good to be true, ask for references that you can contact.

4. Create a test project

To quickly screen out candidates, make a test project and a few hires. Have each candidate complete the project. This allows you to objectively rate the candidates quality of work and communication skills.

5. Interview top candidates

Schedule introductory calls via Zoom, Skype, or another video conference tool. A quick interview will help you better see which candidate you will work best with.

6. Get a solid agreement in place

Lock in all terms of the working relationship. Outline payments, deliverables, and a clear scope of work. Protect yourself with nondisclosures, ownership rights, and other legal clauses.

7. Nail down a communication system

Most freelancing websites have some type of instant messaging system to collaborate. This may or may not be enough. Share phone numbers and email addresses and schedule weekly check ins before even starting your project. Pay attention to timezones and strongly consider hiring a local, if possible.

8. What's your bandwidth?

Asking this question is critical. You are likely not going to be your freelancers only client. Freelancers sometimes have open multiple projects. Before you hire a freelancer, make sure they are fully available to meet your timelines.