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Entrepreneur Spotlight Series: Alex Goldberg

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Alex Goldberg – Founder of Fin vs FinAlex Goldberg Profile-Circle


“…taking my side hustle to my full-time job and continuing the growth from there.”

Alex Goldberg founded Fin vs Fin, a portfolio of product review sites that focus on health and wellness brands, five years ago.

“We are partnered today with over 300 telehealth, telemedicine, and wellness brands that drive traffic to them through organic SEO as well as paid media.”

A Side Hustle Turned Full-Blown Company

“I was working as a growth marketer at early-stage tech companies.”

Alex originally started the business as a side hustle.

“I decided to start tinkering on the side and nights and weekends and eventually started to drive some high-intent traffic to some of these brands and develop partnerships.”

As time went on and more partnerships developed, Fin vs Fin turned into a full-blown operation.

“Fast forward five years later, I run a small team of a handful of full-time employees, as well as an army of contractors who work asynchronously across the globe and contribute to different parts of the business.”

Alex believes the future is bright for the “accidental” company and looks forward to continuing the growth of his business.

“I'm just excited to keep the growth going and it's been an amazing journey so far, taking my side hustle to my full-time job and continuing the growth from there.”


Entrepreneur Interview Background

An unexpected place you may have seen Alex is in an old commercial for a popular hot dog and lunchmeat brand.

“I was in an Oscar Mayer wiener commercial when I was a young child.”

So why didn’t his childhood acting career take off?

“Unfortunately, it didn't get syndicated, so I don't get those royalty checks. But that would have set me up nicely.”

Health and Wellness

While he does a great job at helping other people better their lives with health and wellness products, Alex has had his own unique issues with the concept.

“I have broken my wrist three times playing soccer, which is kind of also sort of ironic given it's a game you don't play with your hands. I've broken my back and broken my shoulder also, all playing soccer.”

“Clearly, I have a passion for the game, but maybe I should just retire and not play anymore for my own health and wellness.”

Finding Talent

Entrepreneur Interview Background

Favorite Place to Find Talent: Upwork,, and Wellfound (formerly AngelList)

“The challenge there is just that that there are so many different freelancers…I've actually switched to a lesser-known job board…”

Freeup Logo

“I’ve had some experience and some success working with Upwork. The challenge there is just that there are so many different freelancers and the minute you put up a job post you'll get inundated with responses.”

“I've actually I've switched to a lesser-known job board called That one seems to be a little bit of a higher hit rate for me when it comes to reaching and finding talented folks, but the network is much smaller than Upwork.”

“I’ve had some success on Wellfound, which is formally called Angel List Talent. I’ve sound really great developers, designers, and interns there.”

Alex's Toolkit

Entrepreneur Interview Tools and Services

Favorite SEO Tool


Ahrefs Logo

“Ahrefs helps us analyze our backlinks as well as research new keywords and find opportunities for SEO.”

Favorite Data Aggregator Tool for Affiliates


Trackonomics Logo

“It helps us aggregate all of our earnings as well as other affiliate data spanning across different affiliate platforms and hundreds of different partners.”

“It puts all of that data into one real-time dashboard that helps us make decisions around which pages to optimize, which partnerships to further invest in, etc.”

Favorite Workflow Management Tool



“I'd also say that Trello is a critical part of our overall team flow. It helps us get organized.”

“It’s a task management tool that essentially allows us all to see what everyone else is working on and what the stage of the project is currently in. It helps us all contribute and collaborate to the overall end product.”

Favorite Automation Tool



“As a non-technical founder, I'm constantly finding myself wanting to connect one data source to another without you know having to custom code.”

“Zapier almost always has a solution, which is really amazing.”

Where to Find Him

“You can subscribe to our newsletter to get discounts to wellness brands in your inbox.”

“We're setting up a TikTok account. It's blank right now, but it could be fun to follow us there as well.”

“I love hearing from other founders and talking about the entrepreneurial journey in general. So if you would like to email me directly, my email is just [email protected], and I look forward to hearing from you.”

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