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Where to Bulk Order Affiliate Content

Where to Bulk Order Affiliate Content in 2023

When beginning a new business or website, the initial launch can be difficult. Getting a brand new site to appear on a Google search is a difficult endeavor.

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SEO Content Hero

  • Discounts for bulk orders
  • Pay per word
  • Great for SEOs and affiliate marketers
  • Options for Surfer optimized content

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  • Discounts for bulk orders
  • Pay per word
  • Great for SEOs and affiliate marketers
  • Options for Surfer optimized content

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There are many different methods you can take when trying to launch a new site or even improve on your current site. One method is bulk ordering written content for your website. Bulk ordering content for a new affiliate website will give you a jump start and help your site earn money sooner.

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Why Should You Order Batches of Content to Seed a Website?

Why Order Batches of Content to Seed Website

When it comes to deciding if this method of bulk or batch ordering content is right for you, there are a few elements to consider.

Volume discounts

Cost is going to be a big factor, which we will cover in greater detail down below. When evaluating content writing services, pay attention to whether or not they offer volume discounts.

This is a good incentive to buy in bulk or in batches. Depending on the website, they might offer you up to a 20% discount on cost per word. This discount will save you money in the long run, but it will also help get you more content at once.

Google response

When people run a search on Google, you want your website to come up as one of the top results. However, getting a new site to rank quickly isn't as easy as it sounds. Google wants to see websites build authority before ranking posts. Building content clusters, or lots of posts around a general topic, helps build authority fast. Chunking these out in batches provides a quicker path to getting your content to rank on Google, ultimately yielding faster results.

Generating revenue

Each piece of content earns money over time. Front loading content means it can make more money in the long run as it is live for longer. One of the ways this occurs is through affiliate marketing. This could be through ads for other products or services, or if you’re running the website as an affiliate to your product or sources.

The more front loaded content you have, then the higher chance that someone will come across your website, thus increasing the opportunity of making money.

What to Look for When Ordering a Large Amount of Content

What to Look For When Ordering a Large Amount of Content

Not all writing services are created equal. When it comes to picking the right company to do your bulk content creation, there are several key factors that you will need to consider.

Things like cost, turn around time, and quality control are all important considerations. To ensure that you end up with the best possible content, consider the following pointers.

Quality standards across multiple writers at once

Oftentimes, a content writing service will split bulk orders up and assign several writers to your project. One writer will only be able to produce so much in a given window. So, this is very common especially for fast turnarounds.

If the bulk order promises a fast delivery, then you can expect that the different articles will be written by different writers. This isn’t usually a problem. It just comes down to the quality that the company is promising. Be sure that the company ensures consistency in the product. Ideally, you'll receive an editor that will review each article and ensure that it matches a consistent format, style, and tone.

SEO and post optimization through Surfer or Frase

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to being successful on the web. When building an affiliate website, you want writers that not only understand SEO, but know how to write content that is valued by Google. That means more than just working in certain keywords that are likely to turn up in a Google search.

Some websites such as SEO Content Hero use services like Surfer to ensure that their content will rank higher on search engines. These add-ons increase the price, but even without the tools, you want a writer who considers SEO when producing content.

Services like SEOButler will work within your account if you use Surfer, but you will have to provide the service on your end. They will work with you on that one, but they will not provide it.

Keyword research

This is an important element to consider when shopping around. Some agencies will provide keyword research for you, where they'll identify common search queries that you can build content around to rank on Google.

If this isn't included, you'll need to do your homework and provide direction with more specific instruction (e.g. detailed outlines). If you don't have the experience or tools to do this, you can easily get lost and frustrated, or worse – end up with content that generates little to no results.

Writer expertise and research required

Basic research will be included in most services, which means if the writer is not familiar with the subject, they will spend some time getting familiar with the topic so they can write an article that is well informed. The writers on the teams cannot be experts in all subjects, but services like SEO Content Hero promises college level educated writers that will be able to familiarize themselves with the subject you’re requesting.

If you have expertise in the subject, then it can expedite the process if you provide them with helpful information needed to complete the assignment.

Done for you (DFY) services

Most of the time when it comes to ordering written content, you are getting just that, written content. This means formatting might not be done for you (DFY). Some websites will provide formatting services and upload into WordPress or your CMS (Content Management System) for you, but it is not universal.

Many providers of written content will give basic formatting with headers, but they will not optimize it for your specific needs and website. That can be frustrating on your end as it requires you to either handle it yourself or utilize another service.

Native English speakers

This is paramount. You want to ensure that you’re getting the best quality content, and the easiest way to do that is to utilize native English speakers.

When it comes to producing content for an English speaking audience, you want to be sure that the writing reflects that audience. Services like SEO Content Hero and SEOButler both claim to only use native English speakers from the UK and the USA.

Avoiding plagiarism

Plagiarism is a prevalent and far reaching problem on the web. Publishing plagiarized content can end in a lawsuit for you, so the last thing you want is to unknowingly publish content that has been plagiarized. Any writing service worth its salt will promise that you will receive only original content that will pass any plagiarism check like Copyscape.

There are a few fine print details such as if you’re requesting product specifications from another source in your post. These types of content are likely to directly align.

Delivery timelines

Whether you’re bulk ordering to do one large dump or bulk ordering to have a consistent flow of content, it’s imperative that you understand the delivery timeline. Some services will charge more for an expedited delivery. Other services will promise only a certain amount of words per day with ranging tiers.

Editing services

Depending on the provider, they may charge more for additional editing, or they will promise to put it through multiple editors. It’s vital to understand this. If the service provider leaves it up to the writer to self edit, you’re more likely to encounter errors. Remember, writers write. Editors edit. It's hard to get one person to do both really well.


Like all competitive markets, content creation has a wide range of pricing. SEO Content Hero and SEOButler both offer competitive pricing.

SEO Content Hero offers multiple tiers ranging from $6 per 100 words to $12 per 100 words. They offer bulk ordering discounts as well.

SEOButler offers $0.05 per word to $0.135 per word depending on the content type. They too offer bulk discounts.

Consider what the writer gets paid

It’s easy to know how much you are paying. Various websites will outline how much you have to pay per word, but if you can find out how much the writer is being paid, it will give you an idea of the quality and work ethic you will receive.

There are many websites that will under pay their writers, which then results in poor work quality on your end. An underpaid writer is less likely to give your assignments the care and attention they deserve and require.

How to Ensure Consistent Quality on Large Orders of Content

How to Ensure Consistent Quality on Larger Orders of Content

Managing quality

Managing quality on bulk orders is tough, especially when several writers are in the mix.

To save yourself the headache of receiving work you’re not content with, it is critical to spend extra time on your design briefs. Be as detailed as possible with what you want. Mention what to include, tone, style, outline, etc. The less detail you give your writers, the more likely they are to turn something in that you’re dissatisfied with.

Turn-around time

You can bulk order all at once and wait for all the content to come in together, but consider asking for delivery of the first 2 or 3 pieces early and respond with feedback before having writers fulfill the rest of your order. This can also help prevent you from receiving a load of articles that don’t meet the requirements you were looking for.

Editing and proofreading

Make sure Copyscape and Grammarly are used. Typos get past us all, so it’s vital to have a system that can catch little mistakes that can make it through an editor.

Typical Prices of Bulk Content Orders

SEO Content Hero

Freelance Websites for Writers - SEO Content Hero

SEO Content Hero offers multiple pricing options ranging from $6 per 100 words to $12 per 100 words. They offer bulk ordering discounts as well.

For their “Authority Level Content” orders over 50,000 words are $6 per 100 words. They claim “4-6 Business Days for orders of 10,000 words or less.” This level provides editing services and SEO optimization.

For their “Professional Level Content” orders over 50,000 words are 8$ per 100 words. They claim the same delivery time and standard optimization. On their website, they say, “Our PROFESSIONAL content is suggested for agency-level fulfillment and for client sites. It sets the standard for professional-level needs.”

For their “Elite Level Content” orders over 50,000 words are $12 per 100 words. They say, “Our ELITE CONTENT is the highest quality content we offer.” This is best suited for high profile brands. The writers on this level are also promised to be niche and expert writers in the field you require.

In addition, they offer customizable plans.


Freelance Websites for Writers - SEOButler

SEOButler breaks down their pricing depending on the type of content you’re requesting.

For simple blogs that don’t require specialized research they charge $0.05 per word, which equates to $5 per 100 words. If the blog requires more research they will charge $0.07 per word or $7 per 100 words. They will charge a similar price for website content, meaning things like “about us” pages and landing pages.

For affiliate reviews or buyer’s guides, they will charge $0.10 per word ($10 per 100). Product descriptions will run $0.06 and guest posts will cost $0.07.

They also offer custom jobs. In addition, you can expect to receive discounts for bulk ordering. According to their website they offer bulk discounts on a tier:

  • 5k-49k words — 10% discount
  • 50k-99k words — 15% discount
  • 100k+ words — 20% discount

Content Refined

Content Refined - Order Bulk Articles

Content Refined offers multiple packages to best suit your needs.

Their month to month packages range in cost depending on the amount of content you’re looking for. They range from $329.00 per month to $1117.50 per month.

They offer bulk packages in six month increments that cost between $2,574.00 to $6,705.00. These are one time payments that will include continuous delivery over the six month period. Additionally, they have twelve month increments as well. These cost between $4,633.20 and $12,069.00.

Surfer Optimized Content

SEOButler offers Surfer optimization at a cost $0.135 per word. Depending on the content type, this can significantly increase your cost.

SEO Content Hero offers Surfer optimization at a similar cost of $3.50 per 100 words added to the cost of your content.

Content Refined also provides add-ons for optimizing your content. Their service ranges from $169 for ten articles to $442 for 30 articles.