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Best content Digital Marketing Agencies

6 Best Content Marketing Agencies

Content, content, content! If you're looking to drive more people to your site, you need to have enough (and engaging) content out there to attract an audience.

This is where a content marketing agency comes in. These digital marketing agencies have the strategy and the creativity to provide your company with the right content that can help generate attention for your brand.

So where can you find the best content marketing agencies? The good news is that there are several websites where you can find top marketing experts to help boost your brand. Here’s a look at six places where you can find expert content marketers.

Best for Growth Marketers

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  • Strength in brand marketing and growth marketing
  • High-level U.S. resources as well as low-cost, overseas marketing assistants available
  • 48-hour talent matching, with 75% of clients hiring their first match.

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Best for Paid Ads & CMO's

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  • Strength in fractional CMO's, paid social and search ads, and affiliate programs.
  • Specialties in SEO, content, and email marketing
  • No minimum hours for contractors to help you start on a small budget

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Best for eCommerce Marketing



  • Strength in eCommerce, influencer marketing, and growth marketing
  • Detailed marketing audits available
  • Fixed price marketing packages and 48-hour talent matching

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Top Content Marketing Agencies

For more content marketing agencies, check out:

1. Upwork

Editor’s Choice: Top quality talent

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One of the best places to get started looking for top talent is Upwork. That is because it is one of the larger networks of freelancers and agencies for hire online.

You should be able to find hundreds of qualified content marketing specialists and agencies.

The one downside to the site is that you will have to conduct your search. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you have the lead time to contact and interview several candidates before making a final hiring decision.


  • Large network of freelancers and agencies
  • Wide range of talent and specializations
  • Flexibility in hiring for specific projects or ongoing work
  • Direct communication with freelancers
  • User reviews and ratings help in making informed decisions


  • Time-consuming to search and vet candidates
  • Quality can vary widely
  • Requires active management and oversight of freelancers

2. Fiverr

Editor’s Choice: Best prices

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If you don’t have a larger budget for marketing, then the recommended site for you is Fiverr.

This is the world’s largest platform where you can find specialists and agencies to get to work on your brand. That includes several top content marketing specialists and agencies. Bear in mind that these specialists and not pre-screened. Therefore, you will have to do your due diligence to make sure that you are hiring the right team for your project.

However, if you are looking for candidates with more experience, then you can choose talent who have the Fiverr Pro ranking on the platform.


  • Access to a global pool of freelancers
  • Generally more affordable options
  • Easy to use platform with a straightforward hiring process
  • Fiverr Pro offers more experienced professionals
  • Suitable for both small tasks and larger projects


  • Quality and expertise levels can be inconsistent
  • Pre-screening of talent is limited
  • Communication barriers may exist due to global nature

3. Toptal

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When you want to make sure that your content marketing agencies are pre-screened, then you will want to take a look at a freelance site such as Toptal.

This company filters its candidates to ensure that they have a proper track record and that they are qualified to provide the services that they are offering. You should be able to find several excellent content marketing agencies on this site.


  • Rigorous screening ensures high-quality talent
  • Focus on professional, top-tier freelancers
  • Suitable for more complex and high-end projects
  • Good for finding specialized skills
  • Streamlined process for finding and hiring talent


  • Higher cost compared to other platforms
  • Limited pool of freelancers due to stringent selection
  • Not ideal for very small or budget projects

4. MarketerHire

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MarketerHire is a unique site in that they will do more than just pre-screen the talent on their site. The company will create a shortlist of candidates based on your criteria. In about 48 hours, the company will send you five qualified candidates for your content marketing needs.

This is a great option if you don’t know how to properly vet candidates or you simply do not have the time.

Best of all, MarketerHire’s vetting service is free.


  • Specializes in marketing talent, including content marketing
  • Pre-vetted professionals ensure quality
  • Quick matching process (48 hours)
  • Suitable for both growth and brand marketing needs
  • Free vetting service to find suitable candidates


  • May be more expensive due to specialized focus
  • Limited to marketing professionals, less variety
  • The quick matching process may not suit all hiring preferences

5. Mayple

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Mayple is another excellent site where you will find several top content marketing campaigns.

One of the appeals to Mayple is that they properly pre-screen their talent and the available agencies have lots of experience.

However, that experience does come with a price. You should expect to pay a little more for talent on Mayple.


  • Pre-screened talent with proven experience
  • Focus on eCommerce and growth marketing
  • Offers detailed marketing audits
  • Fixed price packages for easier budgeting
  • Good for more comprehensive marketing campaigns


  • Higher cost due to experienced talent
  • Less flexibility in pricing and packages
  • May not be ideal for very small businesses or startups

6. GrowTal

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GrowTal prescreens talent on its site and offers several excellent options when it comes to content marketing agencies.

Not only that, GrowTal offers one of the easiest to use sites. You can quickly filter talent by skill set, geographic location, and payscale. If you are just starting, you should have no problem finding qualified candidates on this site.


  • Pre-screened talent for quality assurance
  • User-friendly website for easy navigation
  • Flexible options for different skill sets and budgets
  • Good for startups and smaller businesses
  • Offers a range of content marketing services


  • Smaller pool of talent compared to larger platforms
  • May lack the depth of specialization found in more niche agencies
  • The balance between quality and cost needs to be managed

Types of Digital Marketing Agencies

What is a content marketing agency?

A content marketing agency can provide the strategy and the creative executions to fulfill the creation and distribution of content across social media accounts and brand websites. In many cases, content marketing agencies are also digital agencies that provide a wide range of content.

What does a content marketing agency do?

A content marketing agency will provide a steady stream of content to your social media platforms and websites. For instance, a content marketing agency can create and distribute videos on Youtube, tweets on Twitter, blog posts, Instagram posts, TikToks, and just about anything else that can be created and distributed online.

How much does a content marketing agency charge?

A content marketing agency will change according to the number of creative executions needed and the complexity of the project. On the low end, a content marketing agency may charge about $100 for one month worth of tweets. On the high end, a content marketing agency may charge $10,000 per month for daily content creation and distribution across several platforms and blogs.

Check out our full guide on digital marketing agencies here.


Can content marketing agencies guarantee results?

A content marketing agency can not guarantee results. However, you can set up benchmarks for the companies such as engagement rates, number of leads, conversion rates, or overall sales numbers.

What are examples of content marketing?

Examples of content marketing include Tweets, Instagram posts, Youtube videos, TikToks, blog posts, comments on social media content, and forum threads.

What are the three communication strategies of content marketing?

Content marketing will try to fulfill one of three goals. First, they may try to educate the audience on the brand. Second, content marketing can inform the audience about the brand, product, or service. Finally, content marketing can entertain the audience to attract attention to the brand.

What is the turnaround time for content marketing agencies?

Content marketing can vary in turnaround time from one hour for social media posts to several weeks for a complete video campaign.

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