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5 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Orlando

In a huge city like Orlando, there are some huge companies with plenty of time and dough to spend on marketing campaigns.

If you’re not Disney or Universal, your resources may be a bit more limited. But that doesn’t make a great marketing campaign any less important.

Here are the best marketing agencies for businesses of all sizes in Orlando.

Best for Growth Marketers

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  • Strength in brand marketing and growth marketing
  • High-level U.S. resources as well as low-cost, overseas marketing assistants available
  • 48-hour talent matching, with 75% of clients hiring their first match.

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Best for Paid Ads & CMO's

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  • Strength in fractional CMO's, paid social and search ads, and affiliate programs.
  • Specialties in SEO, content, and email marketing
  • No minimum hours for contractors to help you start on a small budget

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Best for eCommerce Marketing



  • Strength in eCommerce, influencer marketing, and growth marketing
  • Detailed marketing audits available
  • Fixed price marketing packages and 48-hour talent matching

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Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Orlando

1. South Street & Co.

Best for small businesses

With affordable prices on a variety of services, South Street & Co. is the best option in Orlando for small businesses.

Not only does this company offer all of the digital marketing and design services you could need (including SEO, blogging, email marketing, logo, and website design), but they also offer coaching and consulting services.

In a business’s early stages, there are plenty of new things to learn, but now many avenues to learn them. South Street & Co. helps out small businesses by teaching them the best practices and strategies to use to succeed right from the infancy stages.

Aside from working with companies like Central Florida Diaper Bank and Hope & Help, South Street has won plenty of awards for its work in digital marketing and consulting. To name a few: Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Orlando 2022, DesignRush Accredited Agency 2021, and winner of Orlando’s Neon Swan Award.


  • Specializes in small businesses, offering tailored solutions.
  • Provides a range of services including SEO, blogging, and email marketing.
  • Offers coaching and consulting, beneficial for early-stage businesses.
  • Recognized with several awards, indicating a strong reputation.


  • May not be suitable for larger businesses with more complex needs.
  • Limited to specific areas of expertise, may not cover all marketing aspects.

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2. Chatter Buzz

Best for B2B

By focusing on the data, Chatter Buzz can deliver measurable results to all of its clients.

They offer a wide variety of services to a large number of different businesses across multiple different industries. These services include everything from custom and web development, paid media advertising, and inbound marketing and activation.

We chose Chatter Buzz as our pick for B2B companies because of its integrated digital marketing services and outbound SDR services which drive warm leads and increase clients’ market share. Their approach optimizes content throughout the funnel, taking a holistic approach to ensuring the success of their B2B clients.

They also have real-world experience working with multiple B2B companies which helps to improve their approach to each new client. Some of the B2B companies that they have created financial success for are SaaS company CollabHub, Data Site, and BJG.


  • Data-driven approach ensures measurable results.
  • Offers a wide range of services suitable for various industries.
  • Specializes in B2B marketing, ideal for businesses targeting other businesses.
  • Experienced in integrated digital marketing and outbound SDR services.


  • Might be more expensive due to comprehensive services.
  • B2B focus may not align with all business models.

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3. EventXPERTS

Best for experiential marketing

Orlando is a great place to have a party and an even better place to market your business at a party. For those events, EventXPERTS is the way to go.

They provide all-in-one pop-up booths that attract new, loyal customers and drive brand awareness. These pop-ups are eye-catching and are created using cutting-edge technology that offers guests a unique, interactive experience that will truly make an impact on them, associating the fun activity with your brand.

These pop-up booths offer the added benefit of data capture so that you can get potential new customers’ information for future marketing campaigns as well as surveys to collect customer feedback.

Huge name brands have turned to EventXPERTS’ unique mobile marketing units to drive brand awareness through interactive experiences at events of all sizes. To name a few: Samsung, Cobra Puma Golf, and Orlando City Soccer.


  • Specializes in experiential marketing, offering unique pop-up booths.
  • Utilizes cutting-edge technology for interactive customer experiences.
  • Provides data capture and customer feedback opportunities.
  • Experienced with major brands, demonstrating high-quality service.


  • Niche focus on event-based marketing may not suit all digital marketing needs.
  • Potentially higher costs for advanced technology and interactive setups.

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4. Core Mobile App Development

Best for mobile app development

“There’s an app for that” is a popular phrase for a reason; many companies have seen a high ROI from creating a mobile app for their customers. Core Mobile Apps can help your business become the next one.

Their experts can help businesses design, develop, and launch mobile apps that provide users with a great experience that will keep them engaged with your company, no matter what industry you’re in. They create apps that are compatible with both Apple iOS systems and Android so that all customers can download your app, no matter what device they use.

But mobile app development isn’t all that they do. Today, most people access any website from their smartphone. Core Mobile Apps also uses their expertise to help business websites become more mobile-friendly, improving your conversion rate from your site in addition to any app you may create.

Awards that they have won for their services include being named a Top App Development Company by Appfutura, a Top Mobile App Developer in Florida from Clutch, and being a Designrush Accredited Agency in 2021.


  • Expertise in mobile app development, crucial for digital presence.
  • Offers services for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Also specializes in making websites mobile-friendly.
  • Recognized with industry awards, indicating reliability and quality.


  • Focused mainly on app development, may not offer comprehensive marketing services.
  • May not be the best fit for businesses not seeking mobile app development.

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5. WePropagate

Best for eCommerce

Owning and operating an eCommerce business comes with its own unique challenges and WePropagate is equipped and experienced to help businesses navigate them all.

By offering design and development under one roof, they create a cohesive brand and voice that makes a positive impression on customers. They are committed to getting to the core of what your brand is so that they can understand and capitalize on what makes your business different from others in your industry.

WePropagate’s experience in development for eCommerce businesses, in particular, is why we chose them as our pick for the best marketing agency for eCommerce, but this agency also has experience in WordPress maintenance, offering a sort of WordPress “insurance policy” to keep your WordPress site functioning optimally.

WePropagate’s diversely talented team has helped businesses like Cahn’s Bliss Co., Saman Arepas, and Drug Hunter see an increase in business.


  • Specializes in eCommerce, ideal for online businesses.
  • Offers cohesive brand development and voice creation.
  • Experienced in WordPress maintenance, ensuring optimal site performance.
  • Tailored services for unique brand differentiation.


  • eCommerce specialization may not align with all business types.
  • May not offer as broad a range of services as other full-service agencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hiring a marketing agency worth it?

Though it depends on your company’s size, budget, and marketing needs, a marketing agency is usually worth it due to how much profit a good marketing strategy can generate for your business.

How much is a digital marketing agency?

Digital marketing agencies charge based on services rendered and using different models, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to upwards of $10,000 per month for a digital marketing agency.

What is the best digital marketing agency for small businesses in Orlando?

South Street & Co.s the best digital marketing agency for small businesses in Orlando.

What is a full-service marketing agency?

A full-service marketing agency provides a complete set of services for every aspect of a business’s marketing.

What is the best marketing agency for eCommerce in Orlando?

WePropagate is the best marketing agency for eCommerce businesses in Orlando.