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Best Digital PR Agencies

6 Best Digital PR Agencies and Firms for Link Building and SEO

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding digital PR and what it actually is.

This becomes even more evident once you start to search for the best Digital PR agencies. You'll quickly find hundreds of agencies and firms.

But after reviewing only a handful of them, it won't take you long to realize that the vast majority of the companies on those lists are multi-million dollar firms (big companies spend anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a year on PR), focused on providing traditional public relations services.

We’ve been there and taken our lumps, which is why we’ve compiled our own digital PR list so that you don’t have to make our mistakes.

Our Favorite Digital PR Agencies

For "Niche Edits"

WeOutReach Logo


  • High-authority, niche-relevant links to boost your search traffic
  • Typically DR 50+ links
  • Links from highly vetted sites with organic traffic (no PBNs or link farms)

What are niche edits?

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For "HARO (Connectively) Outreach"

Reporter Outreach Logo

Reporter Outreach

  • Promote your website with links from mainstream news & media
  • Leverage existing relationships with journalists
  • Pay-for-Performance Pricing - only pay for links above DR 40

What is HARO (Connectively) outreach?

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Advertising Disclosure

How We Evaluate And Test Each Agency

All of our best service roundups are written by our expert editors.

They’ve spent time using and testing the service. After many hours of research (and many wasted dollars coming from our own failed digital PR efforts), we decided to publish our own Digital PR list.

The below post includes some of the best Digital PR experts on the planet. We've personally vetted these companies and are confident in their abilities to obtain quality links that will deliver clients a high return on investment (ROI).

Best Digital PR Agencies

For Digital PR agencies in a specific city, check out:

1. Reporter Outreach

Best for HARO – 5.0/5 Rating

Reporter Outreach Logo Main

5 of 5 Stars

With a laser focus on securing clients only the highest-quality do-follow links, Reporter Outreach is our top pick for HARO link-building services.

The key to their success is the connections that they have built over time with high-quality, respected publications. By leveraging these existing relationships, Reporter Outreach is able to provide clients with high DR links.

Their approach to link-building is strategic and intentional. They place links editorially, working with clients to identify keywords and target phrases that will benefit the company’s goals best.

Using extensive knowledge of HARO, placing links in trusted, relevant sites, and providing reporting is how Reporter Outreach is able to help eCommerce, SaaS, and tech companies rank.

  • High-quality, do-follow link building.
  • Strategic link placement for SEO enhancement.
  • Pay-for-performance pricing model.


  • Specializes in HARO link-building.
  • Strategic link placement for SEO enhancement.
  • Pay-for-performance pricing model.
  • Strong connections with high-quality publications.
  • Expertise in eCommerce, SaaS, and tech industries.


  • Focus primarily on HARO may limit other PR strategies.
  • Pay-for-performance model might be costly for high DR links.
  • May not suit all business types beyond their expertise areas.

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2. Shout Bravo

Best for creative campaigns and content – 4.0/5 Rating

Shout Bravo Logo Main

4 of 5 Stars

Formerly Bednar Communications, Shout Bravo was founded by Public Relations Wizard, Hana Bednarova.

Shout Bravo is a small team of creative professionals based in Macclesfield, which is about 1.5 hours from London. Their focus is primarily on building creative PR campaigns directly on their client's websites, then using their industry experience and relationships to do outreach and drive media attention.

Shout Bravo Campaign - Ski slope tester

Shout Bravo In Action

Shout Bravo earned 153 media links for this creative campaign for Altitude Ski School.

They collaborated with the client to create an actual job that garnered international media attention.

(if we had known about this we would have applied ourselves!)

Unlike many Traditional PR Firms, Shout Bravo has a strong technical understanding of SEO. They also are former journalists. This is a perfect blend for effective Digital PR. Technical understanding of what Google likes and relationships to obtain links is invaluable.

Where Shout Bravo really excels is with content development. Many Digital PR agencies fall short in this department. Shout Bravo places an emphasis on creating viral, evergreen campaigns. These macro efforts provide more opportunity to clients to cast a wider net that attracts a lot of high-quality links. With Shout Bravo, you don't have to worry about being responsible for content creation. This is not only a huge time save, it ensures that the right stories and content is created to gain massive media attention.

  • Expertise in Digital PR and content marketing.
  • Focus on creating strong, press-loved content.
  • Comprehensive services, including campaign creation and influencer marketing.


  • Expertise in creative campaigns and content.
  • Comprehensive services including influencer marketing.
  • Strong technical understanding of SEO.
  • Experience in generating viral, evergreen campaigns.
  • Emphasis on content development.


  • Small team size could limit resource availability.
  • Based relatively far from major business hubs.
  • Focus on creative content might not align with all business strategies.

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Best for linkbuilding – 4.0/5 Rating

DoFollow Io Logo Main

4 of 5 Stars is a privately held Digital PR agency based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Most of their team, however, is based in the United Kingdom. They are another small team, which means that you'll get dedicated focus and priority support.

When it comes to Digital PR, Dofollow's bread and butter is to provide premium quality link building services for content driven businesses. In terms of strategy, Dofollow primarily uses a proprietary HARO outreach approach. They also do competitive outreach, which is similar to Brian Dean's famous Skyscraper link building technique.

One of the most attractive aspects of Dofollow's Digital PR agency model is that clients pay per link. There is a minimum budget of $3,000 per month, but the budget is tracked against a performance based pricing model. In essence, the higher the domain rating (DR) of a link, the higher the price of that link will be. As a client, you are provided with a custom portal where you can see links as they are built. This gives you the ability to review them for quality assurance, and if you ever have any issues with link quality, you can address this directly with their support team.

  • Specializes in link building for B2B and SaaS.
  • AI-powered, relevance-focused link strategy.
  • Fully managed, high-quality backlink service.


  • Specializes in link building for B2B and SaaS.
  • AI-powered, relevance-focused link strategy.
  • Fully managed, high-quality backlink service.
  • Performance-based pricing model.
  • Custom portal for quality assurance and review.


  • Minimum budget requirement may exclude smaller businesses.
  • Primarily focused on B2B and SaaS, less diverse industry coverage.
  • Pay per link model can become expensive.

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4. Digital Olympus

Best for obtaining guest posts – 4.0/5 Rating

Digital Olympus Logo Main

4 of 5 Stars

Digital Olympus is a relationship-based link building agency that has worked with top brands including G2, edX, and Credo.

Digital Olympus also runs a conference for digital marketing professionals. They gather the best industry experts from all over the world to marketers learn more about various aspects of digital marketing: SEO, Link Building, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Digital PR.

When it comes to their Digital PR services, Digital Olympus uses a 5-step link building process. They typically aim to secure links within existing content and newly published pieces such as guest posts. They stay away from traditional email outreach services and do not acquire any links from sites that might be a part of PBN or a link farm.

Their current pricing model is based on the domain authority level or domain rating. The higher the domain authority is, the harder it is to get a link on this specific site, and as a result, the price per link goes up based on the amount of effort invested in receiving it. Digital Olympus will work with varying budgets and typically, their clients are receiving from 7 to 20 links depending on their monthly retainer budget.

  • Relationship-based link building expertise.
  • Strategic, results-driven link acquisition.
  • Comprehensive five-step link-building process.


  • Relationship-based link building expertise.
  • Strategic, results-driven link acquisition.
  • Comprehensive five-step link-building process.
  • Experience with top brands.
  • Runs a conference for digital marketing professionals.


  • Pricing based on domain authority can be costly.
  • Focus on guest posts and existing content might not suit all strategies.
  • May not offer as broad a range of PR services beyond link building.

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5. MacNaught Digital

Best for building linkable assets – 4.0/5 Rating

Macnaught Digital Logo Main

4 of 5 Stars

MacNaught Digital is a small SEO and content marketing consultancy based in Saddleworth, Greater Manchester. Founded by Stacey MacNaught and husband, Michael MacNaught, this Digital PR agency is focused on more tactical link building efforts.

They pride themselves on link building without outreach. This is what truly distinguishes them from other top Digital PR Firms. While MacNaught uses a wide range of tactics to acquire links, they do a lot of work producing image assets under Creative Commons (to win links back through usage). In addition to image link building, MacNaught's team will also create unique, resource-based assets on client sites to help secure links in bulk.

MacNaught is very objective based and selective about the clients they take on. They don’t do PR if they don’t need to. Another key selling point for MacNaught is that they are very flexible with how they structure their relationships. They can provide a completely done-for-your service, or they can train in-house teams to build links at scale.

  • Bespoke SEO and content marketing strategies.
  • Focuses on driving organic revenue and growth.
  • Customized training for in-house teams.


  • Bespoke SEO and content marketing strategies.
  • Focus on driving organic revenue and growth.
  • Customized training for in-house teams.
  • Unique approach to link building without outreach.
  • Flexible relationship structuring with clients.


  • Small team may limit scalability.
  • Highly tactical approach might not align with all PR needs.
  • Selective client acceptance could exclude some businesses.

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6. BibiBuzz

Best for targeted link outreach – 4.0/5 Rating

BibiBuzz Logo Main

4 of 5 Stars

BibiBuzz, founded by Bibi Raven, a well-respected link building guru and SEO expert, views link building as a content marketing strategy that will accelerate the process of natural link earning.

For high-quality, relevant links BibiBuzz follows a process based around creating truly great content first. From there, they conduct highly targeted out reach to acquire valuable links to build rankings in search.

BibiBuzz's focus lies on finding out what will make you stand out from your competitors, and how to motivate a site owner to give you that link. They obtain links in a variety of ways including guest posts, sponsored posts (no link hubs), collaborations with related businesses, professional and industry organizations, linkable assets, viral posts, broken links and more.

For a typical campaign, BibiBuzz will deliver 10 links for $5000 USD from relevant, quality sites. This includes content costs, for instance for guest posts and linkable assets. If it’s a complicated or giant linkable asset, there will be additional costs (discussed beforehand).

  • Content-driven, natural link building approach.
  • Personalized, audience-relevant link connections.
  • Transparent, real-time reporting, and 24/7 access.


  • Content-driven, natural link building approach.
  • Personalized, audience-relevant link connections.
  • Transparent, real-time reporting, and 24/7 access.
  • Focus on high-quality, relevant links.
  • Diverse link acquisition methods.


  • Higher cost for typical campaigns.
  • Additional costs for complex linkable assets.
  • May not be ideal for businesses seeking lower-cost solutions.

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What Is a Digital PR Agency?

What Is A Digital PR Agency

A Digital PR Agency is a type of digital public relations agency that is focused on helping businesses build brand awareness online. More specifically, Digital PR Agencies will employ a mix of talented in-house staff and contracted resources to build campaigns online that will ultimately attract some type of measurable result for clients.

Most businesses that are seeking the expertise and services of a Digital PR Agency are primarily concerned with building links for direct traffic and organic SEO benefits. This differs from the approach of other PR agencies, where the goal is primarily to create brand awareness and return on investment (ROI) isn't as heavily scrutinized.

Read our detailed guide for more information on the Digital PR vs Traditional PR.

How Digital PR Agencies Can Help Grow Businesses 

How Digital PR Agencies Grow Business

Digital PR firms are pivotal in boosting a business's online reputation, and improving brand perception and reach. They drive targeted traffic to online platforms by securing coverage in digital publications and working with influencers, thus increasing brand visibility and potential sales.

These agencies also generate engaging, SEO-friendly content to draw organic traffic and improve search engine rankings. They manage a business's social media presence, fostering positive customer relationships. Through these strategies, digital PR agencies contribute significantly to business growth by increasing brand awareness and customer engagement. 

How to Choose a Digital PR Firm

How to Choose Digital PR Firm

Digital PR agencies and firms differ in the type of services they offer, their prices, expertise and level of experience. The first step to choosing a link building partner is defining your link building goals and coming up with a budget. It's important to keep in mind that Digital PR is not “cheap”. On average, most of the agencies list here will charge at least $2K-$5K per month.

Your top priority should be finding an agency that will work with you for long term results, one that wants to build a lasting relationship not just sell you links on day one.

Avoid using firms that promise immediate results, as those are likely to cost more money than necessary and could even harm your website's search engine ranking in the end (for example sites downgrading from DoFollow links to NoFollow ones). Further more, avoid agencies that charge by volume or prefer volume over quality. Instead focus on Digital PR Firms who have established track record and credible link building results.

Pay careful attention to case studies and ask an agency about their existing clients. The value in hiring a Digital PR agency is often in their existing relationships. If they have a positive track record in your industry or niche, this could expedite the process to obtaining links and even increase the amount of links that they are able to acquire for you.

Check out detailed guide for more information on Digital PR, the differences between Digital PR and Traditional PR, and how to avoid wasting a lot of money on poor quality links.


Now, you have the foundation to find a great Digital PR agency for link building.

If you’d like to find out about Digital PR, check out this detailed guide for more information on Digital PR, the differences between Digital PR and Traditional PR, and how to avoid wasting a lot of money on poor-quality links.