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DMCA Takedown Case Study - Bailey

DMCA Case Study: Digitally Purposed

Bailey Profile

Since we’ve launched our DMCA takedown service, we’ve gotten our clients indisputable results.

One of these is Bailey and her course Digitally Purposed, for which we have issued hundreds of DMCA takedown notices to pirates who have stolen her content.

Let’s take a look at Bailey’s problems, how we solved them, and how to whole process has worked for her.

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Bailey Case Study Finds

The Client

Our client is Bailey, creator of the online course Digitally Purposed.

Digitally Purposed is designed to help digital product sellers on Etsy scale their business and create a more profitable stream of income.

The Problem

The problem was that content from Bailey’s course was being stolen and redistributed online without her consent. Obviously, this is an issue. Bailey made this course and she’s the only one who should get to profit off of it.

But tracking down every offending site that’s illegally distributing your content is daunting, if not impossible. So she reached out to us, and we came up with a solution for her.

Our Solution

Our solution? To get her content off of the sites using it without her consent.

We did this by meticulously combing through every corner of the internet, identifying the offending content, issuing DMCA takedowns and cease and desist letters, and following up until her content was removed from infringing sites.

Our team began by scouring Google, Bing, Yandex, and our growing list of 200+ websites known to steal content. We know where course stealers lurk, so we know which sites to look into for stolen content.

Then, we informed Bailey of how many infringing URLs we were able to come across, which, in her case, was an amazing 209.

We then used our niche expertise and knowledge of what wording gets the best results to draft cease-and-desist letters for infringing sites and DMCA takedown notices for host sites and Google.

Within two weeks, we began seeing some of the infringing content removed. Sites that didn’t remove the content received another nudge, and we continually comb through our known sites and issue more DMCA takedowns and cease-and-desist letters as new offenders emerge.

We sent 207 cease and desist letters to the 209 offending sites. We also sent 114 DMCA takedowns to hosting providers, 181 to Google, and 181 to Bing.

The Results

Bailey Case Study Results

Both Bailey and ourselves are pleased with the results here.

All in all, we were able to take down 131 infringing URLs, deindex 178 URLs on Google, and deindex 178 URLs on Bing.

Our Takedown Service

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