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My Honest Review of

The goal of any company’s website is to drive traffic and get people to buy your product or service. If only there was a way to figure out exactly how to do that…

Increase revenue and traffic. Get access to 120+ battle-tested strategies to optimize your website!


Website flipping expert Mushfiq claims to have made a step-by-step checklist guaranteed to make your website user-friendly, more optimized for search engines, and, most importantly, capable of generating more money.

The site is called

Is this checklist actually all that it promises to be? Is it really the answer to your website’s needs?

Here is my honest opinion on this new tool to drive traffic to your website.

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EasyWins Preview

I think EasyWins is a great way for a company to make sure that they’re checking all the boxes (literally) that they need to when building or updating their site.

It’s pretty easy to use and I appreciate that everything is clearly laid out.

You get a straightforward path to success without having to figure out on your own what to do next. Not sure when to update older posts? It’s on the list. Not sure why you need to add video ads to your site? It’s on the list. Not sure what is considered a “distraction” on your high-earning pages? You guessed it, it’s on the list.

Increase revenue and traffic. Get access to 120+ battle-tested strategies to optimize your website!


One thing to note about the list itself is that it covers the what and the why, but not the how. You either have to already have the knowledge to implement the changes listed or outsource it to a professional.

As for functionality, if you’ve never used Airtable, you might have a slight learning curve. I had to click out of each task to get to the next. If I had viewed on a bigger monitor, I’m sure this wouldn’t have been a problem.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend EasyWins. There's actually a lot of hidden gems in there and even the most experienced website operators should find it of value.

It's not uncommon to get “too close” to your website and EasyWins is a great reference to find low-hanging fruit to increase traffic and revenue. I plan on keeping this list nearby to optimize the handful of sites I own and manage.

Easywins Pros

Pros: Here’s what I like about

  • It's filled with incredibly useful, actionable tips that I will be implementing on my own sites. Even as an experienced operator, I learned (and was reminded) of a few changes that should make a big impact on my website's profitability.
  • Multiple ways to tackle the list like level of effort, priority, etc.
  • Each task is ranked by level of importance and “win type”
  • Instructions are clear and easy to digest
  • Backed by years' worth of proven strategies and industry experts 

EasyWins Cons

Cons: Here are the only things I don’t like about

  • If you’re using a laptop, you have to click out of each task entirely to see the next one.  This could just be inexperience on my part. If you’ve never used Airtable, you may find navigation tricky.  Quick tip for Airtable newbies: Just click the diagonal blue icon to the left of each Easy Win to view all details at once.
  • There’s a lot of content, so it may seem overwhelming at first (but I promise, it’s worth it.)
  • If you own a smaller website, you may not have the funds or bandwidth to tackle everything. I suggest prioritizing high-impact items. Overview

How Does EasyWins Work?

Once you purchase one of two plan offers, you immediately gain access to an AirTable checklist of over 120 easy wins, or tips for creating a successful, profitable website.

Sample EasyWins Task

Each task comes with a description of what to do and why it needs to be done. In the boxes next to the task, you can find details, examples, win type (revenue, traffic, off-page SEO, site traffic, etc.), and win impact (how much completing the task will impact your website’s overall success).

To complete tasks in the checklist all that you need to do is read the description and, once you implement it on your website, check it off.

You can prioritize what you want to do (or what you have time to do) by clicking on the tab on the left that groups tasks by effort, or you can work through the checklist from top to bottom on the “grid” setting which prioritizes very high-impact wins.

In the Database + Custom Teardown package, you get access to this checklist as well as a personalized video teardown of what easy wins your site, in particular, should prioritize.

Who Uses EasyWins?

EasyWins is designed to be simple to use, so any website owner that wants to improve their site can use it.

Alternatively, those who are getting into (or already successfully pursuing) website flipping can find it to be a good tool to use when flipping undervalued sites for a profit. (Mushfiq also has a website flipping and an aged domain course, which I recently did a review on as well.)

What Does EasyWins Cost?

Increase revenue and traffic. Get access to 120+ battle-tested strategies to optimize your website!

Visit offers two plans, each with a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • Easy Wins Database – $279 one time (currently on sale for $229) includes 120 strategies (and growing), ability to sort by category, effort, and impact, and lifetime updates.
  • Easy Wins Database + Custom Teardown Video – $479 (currently on sale for $429) includes everything listed in the Easy Wins Database plus a custom website teardown with recommendations on which easy wins to start with.

Is EasyWins Worth It?

So you want me to pay for a “checklist”?  But what if I want a video a course?

Well, in my opinion, this is better than a course and worth every penny.

Like a course, it has plenty of actionable tactics, but its much easier to digest and execute.  After you've read through all the steps in detail (took me about an hour and a half while taking notes), you can quickly revisit tactics for every new website property you acquire.

I consider myself an experienced SEO and website operator and I still found plenty of new ideas that would quickly provide a payback for the cost of this digital product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does EasyWins charge a recurring fee?

Currently, EasyWins charges only a one-time fee for unlimited access to its database.

What is site optimization?

Site optimization is a process of using tools to improve a website’s visibility and success.

How do I optimize my website?

Things like improving SEO, using video advertising, and cleaning up high-traffic pages can optimize your website. Or you can just check out the checklist.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is utilizing data and keywords to make sure your site comes up high on the list when people are using search engines.

Who is Mushfiq?

Mushfiq is an expert in the website flipping industry with years of experience improving websites.