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13 Blogs Freelancers Need to Be Reading

This is a guest post from Briana Myricks, the founder of Engaged Media, a new media company that provides freelance content services.  If you want to guest post, check out my guidelines here.

As a freelancer, it's no secret that you're pretty much on your own. You're your own boss, you make your own rules, you charge your own rates. As liberating and exhilarating as that may be, there are going to be moments when you need some assistance. One of the downsides of being a freelancer is that you don't have a network of coworkers you can turn to if you have a question or concern. So where do you turn to for help if you're not even sure how to be a freelancer? These 13 blogs are a great resource for every freelancer, and should be added to your reader immediately.

#1. Entrepreneur

Top Freelance Blog#1A no brainer, right? As a freelancer, you are an entrepreneur, so this will be one of your best resources. You can find everything from how-to guides to extensive articles on bookkeeping and finding clients. You'll learn what software and applications are hot and can help your freelancing business succeed. Entrepreneur is one of the most trusted magazines in circulation, so it's no questioning the authority their blog has.

#2. Startup Nation

Top Freelance Blog#2Your freelancing business can also be considered a startup, so Startup Nation is going to give you plenty of information. Their tagline is “everything you need to build a business” and the blog is precisely that. With a community of interest groups and a forum full of like-minded individuals, you may find yourself on Startup Nation quite often.

#3. Duct Tape Marketing

Top Freelance Blog#3Every freelancer is going to new marketing skills, and Duct Tape Marketing is the blog for the beginners and the power users. Duct Tape Marketing has a network of consultants, a weekly newsletter, and a variety of products and services to help you learn the best marketing tactics. On the blog, John Jantsh explains what has and hasn't worked for him, allowing his learning curve to be your advantage.

#4. Women Entrepreneur

Top Freelance Blog#4A subsidiary section of Entrepreneur, Women Entrepreneur is for the female freelancers. A community in its own right, Women Entrepreneur gives tips and news specifically for women. With sections for leadership, trends, and managing home based businesses, this is a great blog to visit for inspiration and ideas.

#5. Chris Brogan's blog

Top Freelance Blog#5Chris Brogan is a well known consultant who has worked with Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies, such as Pepsi, General Motors, and Microsoft. It's safe to say he knows a thing or two about being a successful freelancer. Chris gives the scoop about business, social media, blogging and more. He's a fantastic educator, and someone all freelancers should emulate.

#6. Seth Godin's blog

Top Freelance Blog#6Seth Godin is a best-selling author and well known marketer. He's written books like Small is the New Big and Tribes. Seth's posts are short, sweet, and to the point, so you'll know exactly what the lesson is and how to apply it to your business. His entrepreneurial background gives him marketing clout unlike any other marketer you may know.

#7. Tim Ferris' blog

Top Freelance Blog#7You probably know Tim Ferris, another best-selling author, who's most known for his hit The Four Hour Workweek. On his blog, he talks about lifestyle design, essentially taking your freelancing business to the next level. Tim brags about all the things he's been able to do in his life by being location independent, and he'll certainly inspire you to do the same.

#8. Freelance Switch

Top Freelance Blog#8Looking for clients, podcasts and tips? You can find all of that at Freelance Switch, a blog that eases you into freelance life. They break down everything you need to be a successful consultant, like accounting information, web development tutorials, forms and agreements, and project management suggestions. Bookmark this site right away!

#9. Zen Habits

Top Freelance Blog#9I'm sure you're wondering how Zen Habits can help you become a better freelancer, but the fact of the matter is, freelancing is an extremely stressful job. The freedom you have can translate into lack of time management. Clients can prove to be more trouble than they're worth. You may feel compelled to rejoin the rat race! Zen habits give you advice on running a clutter free, sane, and relaxed business.

#10. Mashable

Top Freelance Blog#10Mashable is arguably the largest and strongest social media community on the Internet. Constantly updated with information on the latest tools, technologies, and businesses, you won't want to overlook this blog. They are usually the first to break news of updates from Apple, Android, and Facebook. Their expansive coverage makes this blog a secret weapon in every freelancer's feed reader.

#11. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Top Freelance Blog#11Where do some of the best ideas come from for your business? The bathroom of course. This appropriately named blog is named after the book by Mike Michalowicz who built three multimillion dollar businesses. Makes sense to listen to him, doesn't it?

#12. Freelance Folder

Top Freelance Blog#12Freelance Folder will give you a step by step guide to starting and being successful in your freelance business. You can get started as a freelance writer or designer, find clients, and participate in the forums with other freelancers.

#13. Create Hype

Top Freelance Blog#13Created for women, by women, gives creative women tips on how to utilize social media and other Internet marketing tactics to succeed as an entrepreneur. Not only is the blog helpful, but the weekly e-mail is a ton of help as well.

Now you know the 13 blogs you should be reading, so start reading them! Soak up the knowledge and prepare to take your freelancing business to the next level.