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18 Interview Questions to Ask a Freelance Google ads specialist

Freelance Google ads specialist

You determined which marketer you need, posted a job description, and found a few potential candidates. The next step is an interview; navigating this crucial step requires a solid understanding of the role to ask the right questions.

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What is a Freelance Google ads specialist?

A Freelance Google Ads specialist is a professional who manages and optimizes pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google for various clients. When hiring them, asking insightful questions is crucial to ensure they have the skills and experience needed to effectively boost your online advertising efforts.

General Interview Questions

1. What industries do you specialize in?

What You'll Learn: From the first response, you'll understand the candidate's expertise and whether they have a track record in sectors relevant to your business. This knowledge can indicate if they're likely to understand your target market.

2. How do you bill for your services?

What You'll Learn: The second answer will give you insight into the specialist’s payment structure, helping you determine if their fees align with your budget and if their billing practices fit your financial operations.

3. What questions do you have about our company?

What You'll Learn: The third response reveals the candidate's interest and initiative in learning about your company, which can suggest their level of commitment and strategic approach to ad campaigns.

Technical Skill-Based Interview Questions

4. Can you outline the process you follow for keyword research and selection for a new Google Ads campaign?

What You'll Learn: This response reveals the candidate's approach to one of the most critical aspects of PPC marketing. It shows their understanding of relevant keywords, their ability to analyze search terms, and their methods for identifying the terms most likely to drive traffic and conversions.

5. How do you structure your ad groups and campaigns for optimal relevance and Quality Score?

What You'll Learn: The answer to this question will indicate the candidate's proficiency in organizing campaigns to achieve the highest possible Quality Score, which can reduce cost per click and improve ad placement. Their response should reflect knowledge of aligning ad group themes tightly with relevant keywords and ads.

6. Could you describe your experience with conversion tracking and how you ensure accurate tracking of campaign performance in Google Ads?

What You'll Learn: Through this inquiry, you can assess the candidate's technical capabilities in setting up and interpreting conversion tracking. The response should demonstrate their grasp of Google Ads' tracking mechanisms and their commitment to leveraging data for informed decision-making on campaign performance.

7. What strategies do you employ to optimize campaigns for better ROI, and how do you adjust bids and budgets accordingly?

What You'll Learn: Understanding a candidate's optimization tactics offers a glimpse into their ability to analyze data and make informed decisions to enhance campaign efficiency. A good answer would demonstrate the candidate's process for making adjustments to bids and budgets to maximize return on investment.

8. How do you stay updated with the latest Google Ads features and updates, and can you give an example of how you've implemented a new feature to improve campaign performance?

What You'll Learn: This question helps you understand how the candidate keeps pace with the evolving digital advertising landscape. A solid response will include specific examples of how they've integrated new features into their campaigns, showing their commitment to leveraging the latest tools for improved performance.

Scenario and Experience-Based Interview Questions

9. Describe a time when you had to adjust a Google Ads campaign due to budget cuts, and how did you maintain or improve its performance?

What You'll Learn: This response lets you assess the candidate's problem-solving skills and their ability to work with limited resources. It reveals their strategic thinking and prioritization when faced with budgetary constraints.

10. Can you tell us about a particularly challenging Google Ads account you managed and how you turned its performance around?

What You'll Learn: The answer to this question will show the candidate's experience with troubleshooting and their ability to analyze and improve underperforming accounts. It also highlights their perseverance and technical skills in managing complex ad campaigns.

11. Share an experience where you had to interpret complex campaign data to a client who was not familiar with Google Ads. How did you ensure they understood the campaign's value?

What You'll Learn: The way a candidate communicates technical information to clients who may not be savvy with Google Ads metrics is crucial. Their explanation will demonstrate their communication skills, patience, and ability to convey the importance and effectiveness of a campaign in simple terms.

12. Recall a situation where you had to handle a sudden drop in traffic or conversions from your Google Ads. What was your diagnosis process and how did you remedy the situation?

What You'll Learn: Understanding how the candidate addresses sudden negative shifts in campaign performance will give you insight into their analytical abilities and knowledge of Google Ads. It also shows their crisis management and problem-solving capabilities.

13. Tell us about a time when you tested different ad copy or landing pages. What was your approach, and how did the changes impact the campaign results?

What You'll Learn: This question sheds light on the candidate's willingness to experiment and innovate with ad content. Their approach to testing and the impact of their changes will tell you about their analytical thinking and understanding of user engagement.

14. Describe an experience where you had to manage a Google Ads campaign with strict compliance or regulatory guidelines. How did you navigate this?

What You'll Learn: The candidate's answer will reveal their awareness of and experience with industry-specific regulations and their ability to implement compliant campaigns. It also shows their attention to detail and risk management strategies.

15. Can you provide an example of a time when you had to rapidly scale a Google Ads campaign due to unexpected success? How did you manage the scaling process to ensure continued performance?

What You'll Learn: Here, you can gauge the candidate's capacity for scaling campaigns effectively. Their management of a rapid increase in demand will show their strategic planning skills and their ability to optimize campaigns for growth while maintaining performance.

16. Tell me about a time when you had to work with a difficult client on a Google Ads project. How did you handle the situation and what was the outcome?

What You'll Learn: From the first question, you'll get insights into the candidate's interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities. You can gauge how they manage conflict, maintain professionalism under pressure, and their approach to achieving customer satisfaction even when faced with challenges.

17. Describe a scenario where you had to balance multiple Google Ads projects with tight deadlines. How did you prioritize your tasks and ensure all clients were satisfied with the work delivered?

What You'll Learn: The response to the second question reveals the candidate's time management and organizational skills. It also shows how they handle stress, prioritize tasks, and communicate with multiple clients to meet expectations without compromising the quality of work.

18. Can you discuss a situation where your Google Ads recommendation was not implemented by the client and how you responded to that decision?

What You'll Learn: The third question allows you to understand the candidate's resilience and adaptability. Their answer will highlight how they handle rejection, maintain a positive relationship with the client, and possibly provide alternative solutions or accept feedback.

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In choosing your next freelance Google ads specialist, let these questions guide you to find a candidate who is not just skilled, but also a perfect fit for your team's ethos.

Happy hiring!