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Entrepreneur Spotlight Series: Jason Malone

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     Entrepreneur Spotlight

Forrest Webber – Founder of We OutreachJason Post Profile Picture

  • Favorite Tools & Services: Asana, Mailshake, Ahrefs, (why?)
  • Where He Finds Talent: Recruiter Mill, LinkedIn
  • You May Not Know: Jason represented Ireland on the Junior International Team for clay pigeon shooting when he was younger.


“We help businesses succeed with their SEO strategies…but backlinks are only one part of having a successful SEO strategy.”

Jason Malone, the founder of We Outreach, is committed to filling one crucial gap in many successful companies’ SEO strategies: link building.

“We help businesses succeed with their SEO strategies by building great backlinks to their website from other websites out there, [but] backlinks are only one part of having a successful SEO strategy.”


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“…it all comes together to result ultimately in traffic increase for our clients.”

To make sure all of his clients get the most out of his services, he vets each one carefully to make sure they already have a successful SEO strategy that they want to build on.

“We like to make sure that our clients will see success from the links that we build. That's why we only work with clients who also have all of the other components of a successful SEO strategy in place, so they understand their content strategy.”

We Outreach’s clients need to know who they are and what they want and have a solid foundation of onsite optimization.

Malone says this of his ideal clients: “They know what keywords they're going for and they have the onsite optimization for all of the content that they publish on their website.”

This allows Jason to augment and supplement his clients’ already successful strategy by adding high-quality links from relevant sites.

When his clients have a solid SEO strategy in place, “It means that when we can come in and build good links and add those into the mix of the rest of their already solid SEO strategy, it all comes together to result ultimately in traffic increases for our clients.”

Editor's Note: We've personally used We Outreach for one of our other websites with great success.  Here's a full review of their service.

More About Jason

“My father is into a sport called clay pigeon shooting and was actually in the Olympics for this sport in Sydney in the year 2000, representing the Irish team.”

Following in his father’s footsteps, Jason found a love for the sport himself.

“I myself have also been into this sport from a young age on was quite active as a teenager and into my early twenties on.”

Not only was he active in clay pigeon shooting, but he was also pretty successful, making an international team himself.

“I also was on the Junior Irish International team way back when.”

Finding Talent

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Favorite Place to Find Talent: Recruiter Mill

“…the best indicator is that they have a career history of success in roles that are similar to the role that you're tyring to hire for.”

recruitermill logo“I use my friend who is a recruiter to hire everyone at We Outreach. His name is Ugis, he runs a business called Recruiter Mill. You can find him at”

“Once we understand who we want to hire at We Outreach, we work with Ugis and he goes and sources the candidates, interviews them, and ultimately helps us to choose the best candidate for the role and get them hired on.”

“I think he mostly uses LinkedIn. He's looking for people who match this kind of profile that we've come up with on LinkedIn, then sending them a message, organizing interviews with them, then just taking him through the interview and qualification process.”

Jason's Hiring Methodology: The “Who” Method

“The framework that I like for hiring is called the Who methodology or top grading. It's basically about getting, firstly, a very clear understanding of the role that you're trying to hire for and how that fits into your business, what the responsibilities are of that role in the activities of that role are, then working backward to understand what type of person is going to be a good fit with that role.”

“You decide on that type of person by having some understanding of their characteristics and personality. But also the best indicator is that they have a career history of success in roles that are similar to the role that you're trying to hire for.”

Jason's Toolkit

Entrepreneur Interview Tools and Services

Favorite Project Management Software



“We have quite a large team now and also work with a lot of clients at one time. We have a lot of link-building campaigns running all the time and it's very important that we have somewhere to keep all of this information organized together.”

“Asana really helps to centralize the information for each project, each campaign, and each client, and also centralizes the conversations between the team back and forth for each of these clients as well. Also things like keeping track of our link targets, our progress towards hitting those targets, due dates, and everything like that.”

Favorite Email Marketing Tool



“We build all of our backlinks for clients using some sort of cold outreach, mostly cold email. Mailshake is what we use to send all of those emails.”

“We've been using Mailshake for years since We Outreach started. I remember getting a good lifetime deal on an account many years ago. We're still using that account to this day, and as we get bigger and have more clients and more email accounts, we’re really getting good value from this lifetime deal, and also just good value from Mailshake in general.”

“We have tried to use other email-sending tools over the years, but none of them really compared to the features of Mailshake, and I think it's just overall a super solid tool.”

Favorite Keyword Research Tool


Ahrefs Logo

“It's the best SEO analysis tool that I've used for research and analysis. The whole We Outreach team uses this and has for many years now.”

“I think the quality of their data, the usability of their tool, and the user interface are really good. We use it not just within the website itself, we also extract the data and do some of our own analysis of this data using Google sheets or other types of scripting and building custom databases.”

Where to Find Him

You can reach Jason Malone through his company site.

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