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Entrepreneur Spotlight Series: Lane Rizzardini

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     Entrepreneur Spotlight

Lane Rizzardini – Founder of Sleep Apnea LeadsLane Post Profile

  • Favorite Tools & Services: Jotform, CallRail, Agency Analytics, Keap, Proposify (why?)
  • Where He Finds Talent: Upwork and Facebook Groups
  • You May Not Know: Lane used to be a fantasy sports writer and won the “Newcomer of the Year” award from Fantasy Sports Writers Association.


“As a business that deals exclusively with medical, having HIPAA-compliant tools is critical for our business.”

Lane Rizzardini is the co-founder of Sleep Apnea Leads, a company dedicated to connecting sleep apnea clinics with folks diagnosed with sleep apnea that are looking for solutions.

“We help sleep apnea clinics and those in dental sleep medicine get more patients without having to chase doctors’ referrals.”

The most important factor when Lane is selecting marketing tools is a unique challenge: HIPAA compliance.

“As a business that deals exclusively with medical, having HIPAA-compliant tools is critical for our business.”


Entrepreneur Interview Background

“Eventually, I liked the marketing more than staying up late, writing blurbs about Clayon Kershaw, and I went full into marketing.”

In order to connect patients with dental sleep medicine, oral appliances, and sleep apnea clinics, Sleep Apnea Leads executes a top-to-bottom revamping of each client’s branding.

This includes a 3-step process in which Lane and his team help clients get their marketing health in check.

Step one is to help build their brand to establish a stronghold in their market.

Then, clients can select a playbook that includes an array of marketing strategies, including lead rating and qualification, Google business page optimization, website and social media management, and on-site SEO. This is the key to driving qualified leads to each client’s site and services.

Lastly, they will handle the marketing side of things so that clients can focus on their new patients.

More About Lane

“I originally wanted to be a fantasy sports writer.”

Lane spent a good bit of time writing articles and creating content for some of the big hitters (pun intended) in the fantasy sports realm.

“I wrote for Bruno Boys, RotoWire,, and”

And he was darn good at it.

“I actually won an award, “Newcomer of the Year” by the Fantasy Sports Writers Association.”

While Lane obviously loved this passion of his, he eventually found that he preferred the marketing side of things.

“It was kind of what I was doing at night [during] my first marketing job. Eventually, I liked the marketing more than the staying up late, writing blurbs about Clayton Kershaw, and I went full into marketing.”

Finding Talent

Entrepreneur Interview Background

Favorite Place to Find Talent: Upwork and Facebook Groups

“…but Upwork we found just gives us a really high level of quality.”

Upwork Logo

“We're looking for usually implementation or execution people, so content writers is a huge one, we’re looking for graphic designers, we’re looking for website help.”

“Upwork is usually our first go-to. Sometimes Fiverr, but Upwork we have found just gives us a really high level of quality.”

“We also use Facebook groups quite a bit. I tend to stay in local Facebook groups. There are a lot of virtual assistant groups that we can post in.”

Lane's Toolkit

Entrepreneur Interview Tools and Services

Favorite Form Builder Tool


Jotform Logo

“Jot form is a HIPAA-compliant form tool that we use in all of our clients' sites and ours.”

“It's really adaptable. It allows us to add callback appointment calendar widgets on the form… which really increases the conversion rates for our clients. It integrates with everything. It’s just been a really flexible tool for us to track leads and make sure we’re optimizing around them well.”

Favorite Lead & Call Tracking Tool


CallRail Logo“CallRail has been invaluable for all of our clients. They're also HIPPA compliant [which] allows us to record every phone call our clients get, and know where they came from. We know how that person reached our client and are able to report results.”

Favorite Email Marketing & Automation Tool


Keap Logo“We use [Keap] with our clients on the back end after a patient fills out a form on our client's website.”

“It’s one of the most affordable HIPAA-compliant email systems. Once someone books an appointment, it sends the patient a series of emails and text messages reminding them when they should expect a call so that they don't ghost our clients. After that our clients get a form that asks them how did the call go.”

Favorite Reporting Tool

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics Logo“Our clients get robust reporting dashboards. It integrates everything and makes reporting setup really easy, syncs with everything, and allows us to provide transparency to our clients”

Favorite Proposal Software


Proposify Logo

“We can make branded templates, have signatures made or received, and have all our contracts in there.”

“It's really streamlined what used to be a really time-consuming process where we can get proposals out really quickly and focus on serving clients rather than having to do too many sales.”

Where to Find Him

You can reach Lane Rizzardini through his company site.

You can also find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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