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Digital and Online Coaching - Everything You Need to Know

Digital and Online Coaching – Everything You Need to Know

Providing people with mentorship, advice, and guidance is a fulfilling part of any profession. Giving people the tools they need to succeed improves their lives and the lives of the people around them.

So whether you're an executive looking to improve company culture or you're a full-time wellness professional, you can help others around you. Does this mean you're limited to assisting them face-to-face in the same room? Not anymore. Thanks to advancements in technology and software, digital coaching is easier than ever.

Ready to see what online coaching can do for your company employees, business, or clients? Learn all about how to get started in digital coaching.

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The Basics of Digital Coaching

The realm of digital coaching isn't limited by industry or niche. Becoming a mentor, leader, instructor, or advisor can come from many spaces such as wellness, executive team building, professional lives, and personal lives. No matter how you want to help people, some professionals learn how to provide the skills and advice others need.

If you're interested in helping others achieve their goals, then coaching may be right for you. But don't limit yourself to only in-person interactions. Take coaching to the next level with online services. Here's what you should know about the profession.

What Is a Digital Coach?

What Is a Digital Coach

When you have insight into a field or subject, coaching allows you to share your knowledge and strategies for success. Traditionally, coaching has been done in an in-person setting. Now, there is software that allows us to book appointments, meet, and communicate online.

A coach can be anyone who provides help to someone else. This could be in different spheres of people's lives, including personal, professional, and even physical wellness.

Here are some examples of coaches:

  • Life
  • Wellness
  • Personal Fitness
  • Financial
  • Executive/Leaders
  • Business
  • Team
  • Career
  • Group
  • Residential

These are just some examples. But you can become a coach and mentor for any industry imaginable as you help people accomplish their goals.

All of these can be done in person or online. Video calling has greatly improved over time. People are using this type of software more, and therefore becoming more comfortable with the entire process. This opens up a whole new world for connecting with people.

How Do You Become a Digital Coach?

How Do You Become A Digital Coach?

Depending on the industry you're looking to enter, the path may look different. Some may require certain credentials, or it may just be recommended. For example, life coaching is not regulated by state or local departments. However, clients are more likely to trust those with training.

Seek out opportunities to learn more about the craft of coaching so that you can better help your clients.

Once you have the preparations to be a coach, it's time to go digital. This could be done either by teaming up with a digital company that hires coaches. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can start your own company online and offer your services there.

There aren't any additional requirements to go digital. However, you may want to practice your online presence to better master video calls. You could do this with an online communications skills course or through practicing with friends and family.

How Does Digital Coaching Work?

How Does Digital Coaching Work

The digital way is done much like its offline version. It's all about helping clients get from point A to point B. But instead of the professional and the client being in the same room, sessions are carried out online.

Sessions are typically done in a video call. This way, both parties can see each other, read body language, and better understand meaning than it might be understood over just an audio phone call.

Sessions can be scheduled within a company between mentors and mentees. Professionals can also advertise their services online, schedule sessions on a website, and then carry out the sessions through video calls. Coaching software and platforms help guide professionals through the process to create an efficient, streamlined system.

Making the Move to Digital Coaching

Perhaps you already are a coach. Maybe you're currently in a completely different field. No matter where you are now, you can start taking steps toward digital coaching. Not sure if the digital space is right for you? Here are some things you should know about taking your coaching to the digital world.

Is Online Coaching a Good Idea?

Is Online Coaching a Good Idea

With the way everything stands now, it's clear that we are in a digital age, and technology isn't slowing down. More than ever, most of our everyday services are going online. Even doctor appointments are being done online. So it only makes sense that advising also goes digital.

It's of course, important to note that digital coaching isn't an all-or-nothing choice. You can take care of some clients online while others you may only see in person. You can also give it a try and decide to go back to the offline system.

However, most find that implementing an online option brings so many benefits that there may no longer be a need for in-person visits.

What Are the Benefits of Online Coaching?

Online Coaching Benefits

If you're wondering about the benefits of coaching online, here are some to keep in mind:

  • Easier to schedule. Without the need to commute to a location, clients can have more time spent on their sessions and less on traveling. This is one more reason for clients to schedule appointments and remain consistent.
  • More comfort. Many clients may feel vulnerable in coaching, whether it's discussing their professional or personal life. By doing sessions in their own space online, they can maintain their physical comfort and focus on opening up.
  • Can be done from anywhere. This goes two ways. On one hand, this means you can find clients around the world. This also means that local clients can always attend appointments, even when they're traveling.
  • Connect with your niche. Perhaps you specialize in one very specific set of skills. This may make you the perfect fit for certain clients or companies. But this may be a tiny number where you are located. With online coaching, you can sell yourself to all your possible clients without a crazy commute from one side of the world to the other.

Start Your Online Coaching Business

Ready to jump into the digital world of helping others? There's never been a better time to start!

If you're interested in online coaching, chances are that you are interested in connecting to more people without the constraints of commutable distances. However, there is more to consider than just the conveniences. Here are some things you should think about when starting your digital coaching business.

How Much Does Online Coaching Cost?

How Much Does Online Coaching Cost?

Hourly rates for coaches vary wildly. However, most coaches earn several hundred dollars an hour. Often, the rate may depend on factors such as location. For example, professionals in larger cities may be able to charge more than those in rural areas.

In the digital space, this becomes less of an issue. Suddenly, professionals can provide their services all over the world, changing their prices to suit demand. Depending on a professional's qualifications, specialization, and desired characteristics, they may be able to charge more than others.

For example, multilingual professionals who can advise teams around the world for a global organization may save a company time and money in finding multiple hires. Others may be extremely well-versed in helping someone's specific needs than others. If you're fulfilling a small niche, you can typically charge more.

Do Online Coaches Make Money?

Do Online Coaches Make Money

Like many other professions, online coaching can provide a solid base of income or supplemental income. What's great about online coaching is you get what you put into it.

Also, those who work in digital coaching can make just as much money per hour as their offline colleagues. However, there are ways that you can make more.

When you think about setting up a business, you often need to set up a professional space such as an office. However, the overhead costs will mostly just come from investing in the right software and platforms in the digital space. Other than that, it can be done from any space.

It's of course, best to have a professional-looking space serve as your backdrop. And you want a private space so that people feel comfortable sharing with you. But even with these requirements, sessions can be held from your home office.

Additionally, you may be able to make more money online as you can reach more clients. We of course mentioned above that some places may be able to charge more than others. But even more than that, with a commute not being a factor for you or the client, you can simply find more interested people around the world.

How Do I Set Up Online Coaching Classes?

How Do I Set Up Online Coaching Classes?

You've done the research to set your price. Now it's time to get some clients and offer appointments. First, it's important to determine whether you'll be offering one-on-one sessions or group appointments. This will determine what software you should get and how to advertise.

To find clients for digital coaching, you will need an online presence. This can be done easily through a website and social media platforms. Make sure you share what kind of online coaching you're offering, explain your qualifications such as credentials and previous experience, and provide any other relevant information.

Having a website or social media posts for potential clients to discover will be an essential part of the process. Firstly, it will tell share your services. Second, it will convince them that your online coaching could be exactly what they need to find success.

Online Coaching Platforms and Apps

You may be ready to start coaching, but that doesn't mean that you have the right equipment for digital coaching. Every business needs the right tools and equipment. When you're guiding and advising others, you may think all you need is yourself. But while you may not be selling physical products, there are some investments you'll need to make for your business to succeed.

For an online business, you need the proper platforms and apps. This will streamline every step of the process for both you and your clients while giving off an air of professionalism. This is not only best for attracting clients but gaining trust.

Your platforms should:

  • Simplify the scheduling process online. Allow clients to book appointments.
  • Provide a video conferencing platform.
  • Offer clear communication to both yourself and clients.
  • If applicable, you can join platforms that connect you with potential clients around the world.
  • For certain industries, apps that give assessments to see progress may also be beneficial.

There are different platforms and apps out there for digital coaching. Some are better suited to certain industries, so it will depend on what services you offer. So don't just jump into the first software you see online. Do a little research and see which platforms may be best for your business.

One online course platform that has worked diligently to cater their software to online coaches is Kajabi. They have a dedicated coaching accelerator plan that provides you with all the tools, education, resources, and support you need to build a rewarding and profitable coaching business.

For more information, read our full Kajabi review.

Is Online Coaching Better than Offline Coaching?

The beauty of online coaching is that it can be as effective as offline appointments without the hassle of a commute or being limited to only potential clients in your city. However, if you aren't committed to getting the right tools for your business, it may not be the right choice.

Some people may feel very vulnerable during a coaching session. In that case, they may look for any reason to avoid sessions. For that reason, online is often better because it's faster and easier. But if you have outdated software and difficult platforms, it may turn clients away.

Always make sure you are offering the best products for your clients. This way, they'll feel just as comfortable as if they were seeing you in real life. And when the process runs smoothly on updated technology, they'll want to keep coming back for your digital coaching.

How to Start an Online Coaching Business

Ready to start helping people around the world achieve their goals? Then it's time to start your online coaching business. All it takes is an investment in yourself by taking the time to get the right credentials, establish your online presence, and gather the right tools for your platform. With all of this in place, you're ready to leap into your own online coaching business.