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Online Course Platform Comparison Guide [Infographic]

Online Course Comparison Guide Infographic

So you want to build and start to sell courses online.


Beyond developing content that provides tremendous value, you are going to want to choose a great online course platform.

We've evaluated the best online course platforms and have compiled some of our favorite tips to narrow down your decision making process.

Ultimately, it's not always a black and white decision. Compare online course platforms and eliminate the noise by asking yourself these seven questions:

  1. What features and benefits are available and how do they differ from other solutions?
  2. How much control do you have?
  3. Is the front-end user experience seamless and does it enhance learning?
  4. Is the software easy enough to use that a fifth grader or your Grandma can figure it out?
  5. Does the course platform play nice with other applications?
  6. Can you afford it?
  7. What type of support is available? Is it easy to get in touch with a real human being?

Check the boxes and test multiple online course platforms out at once and early on. Don't put too much time into course development first. You may find that a certain platform has tools that can expedite development.

The last thing you want is to put a lot of time and money into developing your course content for a specific platform. Once you get into the weeds you may find something that bugs you. Then, you're stuck and have to do a full 180.

Avoid migrating course platforms. Put in the necessary research and testing time up-front.

Best Online Course Platforms – Updated for 2021

If you have a course idea you think will sell, then picking the right online learning platform is the first step.

We’ve analyzed dozens of online course platforms and boiled the list down to five top contenders:

  1. Thinkific – Read our full review
  2. Kajabi – Read our full review
  3. Teachable – Read our full review
  4. Podia – Read our full review
  5. Udemy – Read our full review

Looking for a detailed comparison of the above list? Check out our full online course platform comparison to quickly analyze features, pricing, and support.