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Create a Profitable Online Store: Course Walk-Through

Profitable Online Store PreviewToday I’m going to give you an inside look into one of the more in-depth ecommerce training courses on the market, Steve Chou’s Create a Profitable Online Store.  I’ll unbox each section of the course so you can try before you buy.

And if you want my opinion on the pros, cons, and whether this course is worth the money, check out my review of Create a Profitable Online Store.

Profitable Online Store: Course Walk-Through Video

Profitable Online Store: Course Curriculum

The course is broken up into 15 different sections and contains over 300 videos.

Lesson 1- Find a Niche MarketModule 1: Find a Profitable Niche Market (25+ videos)

  • Using software tools to find products to sell
  • Evaluate the niche for profitability
  • Assess competition
  • Choosing the right ecommerce business model for you

Lesson 2- Sourcing Your Products

Module 2: How & Where To Source Your Products (25+ videos)

  • Dropshipping vs Wholesale vs Private Label
  • How to find legitimate vendors to source products to sell online
  • How to buy wholesale from domestic vendors or import products from overseas
  • How to setup manufacturing
  • How to negotiate and import products from China
  • Managing inventory and working with fulfillment vendors

Lesson 3- Online Store Set Up

Module 3: Set Up Your Online Store (70+ videos)

  • Choosing the right shopping cart software
  • Configuring your store Webhosting, securing online transactions with SSL, and credit card processing
  • Optimizing product images on your website
  • Creating high-converting landing pages

Lesson 4- Selling On Amazon

Module 4: How To Sell On Amazon (40+ videos)

  • Optimizing your product listings
  • Attracting reviews
  • Validating your niche
  • Launch strategies and growth hacks
  • Preventing copycats, getting hijacked, and removing negative reviews

Lesson 5- Sales Funnels

Module 5: How To Create Sales Funnels (5+ videos)

  • Combining sales funnels, ads, email, and social media marketing
  • Example funnel that works
  • Techniques to increase conversions and get repeat customers

Lesson 6- Online Store Legal and Intellectual Property Steps

Module 6: Make Your Business Legal (5+ videos)

  • Corporate structures, licenses, insurance, and permits
  • Tax strategies
  • Accounting and HR
  • Protecting your IP (trademarks, patents, and copyrights)

Lesson 7- Online Store Marketing

Module 7: Market Your Online Store For Free (10+ videos)

  • Generate traffic using free marketing techniques
  • Upselling and cross-selling your products
  • Influencer marketing and finding guest post and PR opportunities

Lesson 8- Email Marketing

Module 8: Email Marketing (20+ videos)

  • Growing your email list
  • Writing high converting email autoresponder sequences
  • Recovering abandoned shopping carts
  • GDPR compliance
  • Increasing email deliverability

Lesson 9- Google Ads

Module 9: Using Google Adwords And Google Shopping (25+ videos)

  • Launching profitable Google Shopping ads
  • Setting up Google Ads campaigns, ads, and bidding strategies
  • Optimizing Google Ads campaigns for better conversions
  • Using remarketing to bring customers back

Lesson 10- Facebook Advertising

Module 10: Running Facebook Ads (15+ videos)

  • Launching profitable Facebook ad campaigns
  • Sales funnels for Facebook ads
  • Setting up retargeting for repeat visitors

Lesson 11- Facebook Messenger Marketing

Module 11: Facebook Messenger Marketing (5+ videos)

  • How to run Facebook Messenger Ads
  • Facebook Messenger funnel strategy and successful flows
  • Running giveaways to build your email list

Lesson 12- Optimize Your Store for Search Engines

Module 12: Optimize Your Store For The Search Engines (20+ videos)

  • Optimizing your website and online store for search
  • Strategies to rank blog posts
  • How and where to obtain high-quality backlinks
  • Implementing rich snippets and schema

Lesson 13- Product Pricing

Module 13: Pricing Products (2 videos)

  • Different types of pricing strategies
  • Setting the optimal price for your products
  • Psychological pricing strategies
  • Dealing with competitors that undercut your price

Lesson 14- Advanced Website Optimization

Module 14: Advanced Website Optimization (15+ videos)

  • Fundamentals of effective website design
  • Improving your store search function
  • How to speed up your website (compression, caching, and page speed optimization)
  • Optimizing your store through split testing
  • How to properly use coupon codes
  • Preventing security issues

Lesson 15- Customer Service and Reputation Management

Module 15: Customer Service And Managing Your Online Reputation

  • Handling customer support with little or no staff
  • Reducing unnecessary support phone calls
  • Handling returns and chargebacks

Bonus Lessons

Bonus Lessons

  • How to mitigate risk when starting your online store
  • How to run a business while working a full time job
  • How to test the market before you launch your store
  • How to pick the right type of product to sell
  • A checklist for everything you should include on your website

Profitable Online Store: Course Details

Let’s preview some highlights of the Create a Profitable Online Store course.


When you access the course for the first time you are taken to an orientation video.

Course Introduction

And right when you get started, Steve will get you into a small focus group of your peers and into the private Facebook group.  More on those items later.

Course Navigation

Steve has 3 different ways to guide you through the 300+ videos in the curriculum to get you to the information that's most important for your specific situation.

#1 – Course Learning Paths based on the current stage of your business

  • If you are a beginner: Steve will give you a lesson plan to walk you through selecting a niche and setting up your store
  • If you already have a store: Steve will give you a lesson plan to move you to profitability
  • If you want to sell on Amazon: Steve will give you a lesson plan to get setup and optimized for conversions

#2 – To Do Lists and videos based on Topics

Course Navigation - Finding a NicheCourse Navigation - Product Sourcing

Course Navigation - Selling on Amazon

Course Navigation - Setting up an ecommerce store

#3 – Course categories – which match the modules listed in the previous section

Course Preview

Inside each course category or module, you'll find a list of related video topics.

Preview of course module

Each of these topics opens up a video plus an accompanying outline.

Preview of course video

When you play each video you'll see Steve in the bottom right corner and he'll move between slides and hands on tutorials with the different software programs you will utilize.

Preview of course video while playing

Preview of course video 2

Access to the Teacher

Steve Chou makes himself very accessible to his students to help them launch and grow their stores.  He does this in 3 main ways:

#1 – Weekly Office Hours

Every Wednesday Steve holds office hours where he does a lecture and holds a live Q&A via chat

#2 – Website and Online Store Critiques

Steve regularly critiques and provides recommendations for improvement on his students' websites.  The critiques are available for any student to review.

To encourage class participation and engagement, Steve sets milestones for each of his students to earn points.  If you earn enough points, Steve will personally critique your website as well.

Online Store Critique and Suggestions

#3 – Regular Content Updates & Speakers

In addition to updating his course content weekly, Steve also publishes interviews and webinars with other industry experts.  Below is just a small sampling of the guest speakers Steve has interviewed.

Guest Speakers - Online Seller Experts

Community of Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Steve doesn’t just teach the course, he builds a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that support each other.  There are 2 main community elements

#1 – Profitable Online Store: Private Facebook Group

The Facebook group is very active and questions are answered every single day by Steve or other expert online sellers.

Profitable Online Store-Private Facebook group

#2 – Profitable Online Store: Focus Group (mastermind)

Being an online entrepreneur can be lonely.  So Steve decided he wanted to build a community that collaborates and supports each other.

When you start the program you have the opportunity to join a 4 person focus group, run like a mastermind group.  Each group meets virtually once a week for an hour to bounce ideas off each other, stay motivated, and be held accountable.

Tools for Online Store Owners

Steve has created a variety of tools to help online shop owners.  You'll find a curated list of recommended free and paid tools and service providers.  Steve has used the vast majority of these himself and shares the pros and cons along with explanations of why he has switched from one tool to another.

In addition, Profitable Online Store comes with:

  • Spreadsheets to help you find your niche
  • Worksheets to apply what you've learned
  • Checklists to make sure you don't miss any details prior to launch
  • Questionnaires to you help you choose a shopping cart
  • Pre-negotiated discounts on popular tools and services used by online sellers

Checklists and spreadsheets for online sellers

Some of the discounts Steve has negotiated are below with more being added regularly.

Discounted tools for online sellers

Profitable Online Store: Summary of Course Features

For free, you can try the Profitable Online Store mini-course that is packed with value.

For a one-time fee (no recurring subscription), you’ll get lifetime access to the full Create a Profitable Online Store course and related features including:

  • 300+ video tutorials (with new videos added each week)
  • Weekly live office hours and online webinars
  • Get matched up into a small mastermind group of your peers (Steve calls these “focus groups”)
  • Private Facebook group and exclusive member forums
  • View critiques of student’s websites (Steve will personally critique your website as well if you hit participation milestones in the class)
  • Interviews and webinars with industry experts
  • Spreadsheetsto help you find your niche
  • Worksheetsto apply what you've learned
  • Checkliststo make sure you don't miss any details prior to launch
  • Questionnairesto you help you choose a shopping cart
  • Pre-negotiated discounts on popular tools and services used by online sellers