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My Favorite Small Business Tools

For those that know me, researching and reviewing small business tools is what I do!  Since I’m often asked to share my recommendations, I’ve curated some of my favorites below.

Before digging into these resources, an important disclosure:

Some of the links below are affiliate links, but that does not impact my recommendations.  I have either used each of these tools myself or analyzed them in great detail.  If you visit a website through one of my links and ultimately make a purchase, you pay nothing extra, but I earn a small commission which helps me provide all this content to you for free.

Website Hosting

SiteGround web hosting

SiteGround: I use SiteGound to host this website.  Google now considers pagespeed a major ranking factor for search.  When I switched from Bluehost to SiteGround the time it took for my page to load was literally cut in half.  Click a few links and you will see just how snappy this website loads.  SiteGround is specifically optimized to run WordPress websites fast.

Finding Developers


Toptal: Toptal is like Upwork on steroids.  They do the recruiting for you and all technical talent is put through a rigorous screening process.   If you need to hire a REALLY good developer, let Toptal find a match and do the legwork for you.  Here’s my full review of Toptal.

Finding Graphic Designers


Penji: Penji offers unlimited graphic design for a flat monthly fee ($369/month) with no contract.  That’s one month’s work for less than the price of a single logo.  You get a dedicated web designer at a very good price.  Here’s my full review of Penji.

Get 15% off your first month with coupon code: GEOFF15 (enter at checkout).

Starting an Ecommerce Business

create a profitable online store

Create a Profitable Online Store: My friend Steve Chou has made his students millions of dollars teaching them every detail of how to build an ecommerce store from scratch.   And his free mini course is jam packed with actionable steps.  Here’s my full review of Create a Profitable Online Course.

Online Course Platforms


Thinkific: I’ve done a deep analysis of all the major online course platforms and my favorite value is Thinkific.  You can launch an extremely professional course for free with a ton of features and easily expand as you start selling courses.  Here’s my full review of Thinkific.

Getting a Deal on a New Car

New car deals - Find The Best Car Price  Need to buy commercial vehicles or a company car (or a personal one)?  I’ve created a simple RFP process that anyone can do to negotiate the best car deal.   And I’ve got tips for buying more than one car at the same time as well.

Marketing & Software Development

Grant Spark

Grant Spark: If you need help with anything above, my agency, Grant Spark can help.   We are a creative team of marketers, software developers, and online course creators.  To apply to work with us, send me, Geoff, an email (Geoff AT with a brief summary of your goals.