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Unlimited Design Website Tips

How to Use an Unlimited Design Company to Design a Killer Website

Web design is essential to virtually any business. Generally, it is your company's first impression to a potential customer, and can be the most critical asset in generating new business.

Many of the best unlimited graphic design companies can provide you with web design concepts. But if you don't prepare properly, you can find yourself in an endless loop of frustrating iterations with your design team, burning time and resources. The below steps will show you how to simplify the web design process while working with an unlimited design company. In addition, you'll learn how to properly prepare your finished web design for development and marketing.

Step 1 – Branding

Make sure you have your branding in place, this is an essential starting point to any project or website. You are the expert and the one with a vision, now your goal should be to communicate that vision as effectively as possible.

What color scheme are you following? What keywords do you need included? What theme should the web layout follow? I would recommend using an unlimited design service that can handle logo designs and brand identity kits.

Having the vision and the tools readily available is the foundation of any good website.

Step 2 – Clarity

Develop a clear goal for your website – what is the action that you want users to take? Is it to buy a product? Request more information on your services? Sign up for a newsletter?

You'll want to begin with and end in mind. The architecture of your website and behavior flow that you want users to take is critical to nail down before you start the design process.

Step 3 – Assemble content

Get your content together.

Bonus Tip: Coming up with good content is one of the biggest pitfalls when it comes to designing a website. It's time consuming, and if you're not an experienced writer, it can set your website up for failure. Consider hiring a ghostwriter to expedite the content development process and ensure that your web design is dense with valuable information.

Having all of your text and an outline of your pages ready prior to design will be critical.

Without it, an unlimited web design team is going to fill in your web design with lorem ipsum and placeholder images, which will make it difficult to imagine what your website should look like.

Step 4 – Create a list of do’s and don’ts

Find three websites that you absolutely love and three websites that you hate. Then, put together clear notes on what you like vs. don't like.

What websites are easy to navigate? Are there things that your competitors are doing well? Or are their things that you think they are missing? Call out specific elements. For example: (sliders, fonts, page transitions, buttons, etc).

Often times, it helps to look at designs outside of your industry. When looking at competitors, you might see yourself already as “better than them”, so you might subconsciously look at their websites with indifference.

Step 5 – Hone in on the homepage

Start with the homepage design and universal elements (header, footers, general styling).

A lot of the elements that you nail down here can be used to create inner pages such as products and service templates, blog index and post templates, contact pages, etc.

This keeps your site looking clean and uniform. It also gives you the opportunity to broadcast your contact info or call to action button at the bottom or top of every page that the potential customer looks at.

Step 6 – Collect feedback

Take designs and circulate them to friends and family to collect feedback.

Sometimes we're too close to our own projects and don't know when to get out of our own way. Collecting real world feedback and fresh perspectives on the completed design will make the final product more polished and well-rounded.

Step 7 – Code your design

Start to look into hiring a web developer, search engine optimization expert, and digital marketing guru to work for you.

Have you ever wondered “What makes a good web design?” Here's a little secret: it's not just a couple pretty pictures, colors, and fonts. A good web design gets results, most often in leads and/or sales. To get the most results for the biggest bang for your buck, hire the best freelancers to help you promote your products and services.

Ultimately, having a cool looking design is only half the battle. You'll need someone to ultimately code your design, mark it up for search engines, and promote it so you can achieve your goals.

Consider Hiring an Unlimited WordPress Developer

Best Unlimited WordPress Services

If you're looking at building your design out on WordPress, consider utilizing an Unlimited WordPress Company like WP Tangerine, RipplePop, or UnlimitedWP. Like unlimited graphic design companies, these providers have developed a monthly subscription model around their services.

Now you can get Unlimited WordPress development and support, centralizing your development work and saving on monthly costs.