Don't Do It Yourself


Editor's Review

vWorker has a very detailed job posting process called a “Requirements Wizard”. The wizard is designed to help you come up with an actionable and thorough job posting so that you end up with quality results from your freelancer. Unfortunately, if you are non-technical and seeking technical advice, the wizard may prove a little challenging.

However, for the non-technical entrepreneur looking for some assistance, vWorker has a very cool concept called the Tech Sherpa.  A Tech Sherpa is essentially a pre-screened and approved technical project leader that can make technical decisions for you.  You give them your budget they can actually hire and manage other technical resources on your behalf.  I personally have not tried out this concept as I usually hire programmers and designers directly, but I’m very intrigued.

I’d suggest using vWorker in either of these scenarios:

  1. You need some technical guidance and like the idea of hiring a tech sherpa to help you.
  2. You are technical and are comfortable spending the extra time going through their requirements wizard to get a good result.

News Update: vWorker recently got acquired by  My experiences with were very poor (much, much worse than vWorker), so I'm not sure what direction vWorker will take.  I'll take another look after the dust settles.