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Entrepreneur Spotlight Series: Zach Zorn

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Zach Zorn – Owner of Money Nomad and Digital Asset BrokerZach Circle Profile Picture

  • Favorite Tools & Services: Ahrefs, Canva, and ClickUp (why?)
  • Where He Finds Talent: Upwork
  • You May Not Know: Zach spends his days as a yacht broker.


I've been able to take those business skills that I've learned through that brokerage business and bring it into Money Nomad.

Owner of hybrid personal finance site/digital marketplace Money Nomad Zach Zorn shares his wealth of financial expertise with the masses.

From lead gen sites to yacht brokering, this entrepreneur has experience in a diverse range of buying and selling assets.


Entrepreneur Interview Background

I say that I'm a yacht broker by day and then I do the website stuff by night.

Personal finance site Money Nomad has helpful information for niche site owners, site flippers and brokers, and folks who earn their income through digital marketing and similar online businesses.

But that’s not all of what Money Nomad has to offer.

“Money Nomad also has a section to it called Money Nomad Marketplace, which is a brokerage for digital assets that range from content websites to KDP businesses merch, drop shipping, etcetera.”

Money Nomad Marketplace is a partner to Empire Flippers, a company dedicated to helping people buy and sell online businesses.

“That marketplace is a partner of Empire Flippers, where I handle some of the smaller deals that their marketplace cannot take on.”

When he’s not giving financial advice, managing multiple sites, and running an online marketplace for brokering deals, Zach keeps himself busy doing a different type of business: being a yacht broker.

“Apart from owning Money Nomad and a plethora of other content and lead gen websites, I'm also a yacht broker.”

Zach spends most of his time brokering and… well… brokering.

“I say that I'm a yacht broker by day and then I do the website stuff by night.”

And he’s good at it. Like, millions of dollars good.

“Typically I’ll oversee 10 to $20 million in vessel sales annually.”

Zach likes to bring his experience on the docks to his experience on the web, using his extensive knowledge of the brokerage business to improve his online work.

“I've been able to take those business skills that I've learned through that brokerage business and bring it into Money Nomad and specifically the Money Nomad marketplace.”

Finding Talent

Entrepreneur Interview Background

I found everything I need on Upwork.

Upwork Logo FeaturedFavorite Place to Find Talent: Upwork

“Most of the talent that I'm looking for or outsourcing for has to do with web development [and] the writers that I have found are through Upwork. Same with the programmers that I've been using for five or six years to handle everything from python scripting to WordPress design, and server management, everything I need. I found everything I need on Upwork.”

Zach's Toolkit

Entrepreneur Interview Tools and Services

Favorite Workflow App


ClickUp Logo Small

“I use click up a lot in my e-commerce business to manage flows of designs and how things are getting done. So it moves from stage to stage so that different employees and VAs can work on different aspects. I also use it a little bit in my content websites to make sure content is being written and staying on track.”

Favorite SEO Tool


Ahrefs Logo“Grammarly does more than just spell check. It's really good for finding repetitive sentences and rewording sentences to flow, removing fragments and run-ons, and we've just found that the output we get is much better when we use it.”

Favorite Graphic Design Tool:


Canva logo“I like to do a lot of my own graphics designs partly because it saves money, but also because I enjoy doing it, and Canva is an easy-to-use tool that can pretty much turn anybody into a graphic design artist. It's free to start so I highly suggest using Canva and coming up with some of your own designs.”

Where to Find Him

You can reach Zach through his agency website, or follow Zach through Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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