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Claire Fountain

Claire is seasoned writer, marketer, and business analyst based in Fort Worth, Texas, y’all. She’s been a part of the freelancing world for years and knows exactly how to hire and get hired on all the major platforms. She loves getting her hands on new technology and testing SaaS tools for small businesses. When she’s not writing about the latest software applications, Claire is busy writing, acting in, and directing plays and films (or hanging out with her very vocal feline friend, Ophelia.)
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Best Warehouse Staffing Agencies

9 Best Warehouse Staffing Agencies

Warehouses have a notoriously high turnover rate, so if you're here, then you need to find qualified warehouse workers pretty quickly. So we've done the research for you and created a shortlist of the best places to...

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Justin McGill Video

Entrepreneur Spotlight Series: Justin McGill

See more entrepreneur interviews here >>      Entrepreneur Spotlight Justin McGill – Founder of Content at Scale Favorite Tools & Services: Slack, GitHub, Content at Scale, ClickUp (why?) Where He Finds...

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Best HARO Alternatives

9 Best HARO Alternatives for Link Building

While I do love HARO (I promise I do), I have to admit it’s just not that easy to navigate. In my occasional bouts of frustration, I’ve done some research into HARO alternatives that might prove to be less of a...

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Jamie IF Featured Image

Entrepreneur Spotlight Series: Jamie I.F.

See more entrepreneur interviews here >>      Entrepreneur Spotlight Jamie I.F. – Owner & Operator of Favorite Tools & Services: Ahrefs, Google Sheets, Canva, and GeneratePress (why?) Where He...

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