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Claire Fountain

Claire is seasoned writer, marketer, and business analyst based in Fort Worth, Texas, y’all. She’s been a part of the freelancing world for years and knows exactly how to hire and get hired on all the major platforms. She loves getting her hands on new technology and testing SaaS tools for small businesses. When she’s not writing about the latest software applications, Claire is busy writing, acting in, and directing plays and films (or hanging out with her very vocal feline friend, Ophelia.)
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Best UI UX Agencies

6 Best UI/UX Agencies

If people can’t use your app… they just won’t. If you have a brilliant idea for the application, software, or site that the world needs, you need a team to help bring that vision to life. A UI/UX agency is the best way...

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DMCA Takedown Case Study - Bailey

DMCA Case Study: Digitally Purposed

Since we’ve launched our DMCA takedown service, we’ve gotten our clients indisputable results. One of these is Bailey and her course Digitally Purposed, for which we have issued hundreds of DMCA takedown notices to...

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DMCA Alternatives

8 Best Alternatives

Look, we get it, you see a name as official-sounding as “,” the site commands a level of authority and a level of trust. And they do offer a valuable service that helps protect your original content online...

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Virtual Assistant Stats & Trends

51 Virtual Assistant Stats & Trends for 2024

Hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to save time and money, but what does the industry look like right now? As a company that would be lost without our virtual assistants, we were dying to know what the outlook...

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Best SMS Software for Enterprises

7 Best SMS Software for Enterprise

If you’ve reached the enterprise level, it’s more important than ever to foster a strong relationship with your customers. But not all SMS service providers can keep up with the high demand. Trust us, you don’t want to...

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Key Web Design Stats and Trends

61 Key Web Design Stats for 2024

If you have ever had the unique displeasure of having to use a government website that looks like it’s straight out of 2004, you know firsthand how important website design is to your experience. But just how important...

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