Don't Do It Yourself

Analyzing Small Business Tools (so you don’t have to)

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GeoffHi, I’m Geoff Cudd, creator of Don’t Do It Yourself (DDIY).

My wife will tell you I’m too picky, but I prefer to think of myself as a “critical thinker”.

I'm the guy who will spend hours researching new electronics…I'll only select a new credit card after creating a spreadsheet of sign-up bonuses and annual spend to determine which has the best rewards…and I even developed an RFP process for buying a car!

I mention this because I take an analytical approach to all my decisions.   Whether that’s picking software tools, the best rewards credit card, or even a box of cereal.

I like to be informed before buying things, but…

Product websites are biased!

For almost any product or service you’ll find at least five competitors pitching the same thing, “We make the best widgets!”?

critical thinker

But they can’t all be the best, so it’s up to us to be skeptical and cut through the hype.  Which means.…

  • Scouring reviews (and filtering out the b.s.)
  • Analyzing lists of features
  • Trying to compare “apples to apples” between different pricing plans

I take a cynical look at every new tool and service.  I want to make sure I’m getting the best product at a good value.  And if it’s useful to other entrepreneurs, I’ll often share my analysis on this website, like my experience searching for a digital PR agency.

Why take MY advice?

For over 20 years, I’ve advised executives at Fortune 500 companies, launched SaaS software products, and managed a business consulting and software development firm.

I’ve always been in the start-up world bootstrapping and scaling companies.  But it’s usually been on a tight budget and I’ve had to be selectively frugal when picking out tools.

I’ve developed an eye for hiring freelance talent and evaluating tools for small businesses.

Now I’m the managing partner for Grant Spark, a new kind of digital agency with a dual mission to help entrepreneurs scale their business and socially conscious organizations make a positive impact.

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So why…Don’t Do It Yourself?

Years ago, entrepreneurs had to do everything themselves or hire a full-time IT guy, accountant, HR, and more.

hiring freelancersFortunately, small businesses can now find freelance experts and online tools to accomplish almost anything.  You can focus on your core business and outsource the rest.

But where do you start?  That’s where I can help.

If you want a freelancer, I’ve outlined the best places to find them and created guides on how to interview and hire.

But if you need a serious, marketing or software development partner, my agency can help.  We specialize in growth marketing, SEO strategy, affiliate marketing, and course marketing.

How to reach me

I just started offering unlimited, free business coaching here.  You can pay me in likes and shares.

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But if you really want to work with me or share your own analysis of a small business tool, send me an email at Geoff [AT]