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6 Best Blog & Content Writing Services [Updated for 2024]

Mediocre freelance writers are so easy to find. Trust me, I’ve hired dozens over the years.

But if you want engaging, well-researched blog content that converts and boosts SEO….well, that’s a little more challenging.

Fortunately, after being forced to rewrite volumes of poorly written blog content, I’ve become much better at vetting writers and writing services upfront. I have personally tested dozens of blog writing services and will share my findings to save you the trouble.

Here’s my breakdown of the top content and blog writing providers.

Best Blog and Content Writing Services at a Glance

  • Panda Copy: Best for ongoing content writing
  • SEOButler: Best for single or bulk orders
  • Clockwork Copy: Best for SEO-optimized content
  • Content at Scale: Best AI content tool
  • Content Refined: Best “hands-off” blogging service
  • Content Cucumber: Best for unlimited, flat-rate services
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Comparison of Blog Writing Services

Blog Writing Company Comparison

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Best AI content tool for creating low cost content at scale.
Best for ongoing, high-quality content needs at a fixed monthly price We've experienced very well researched posts that work well for agencies and established blogs. Surfer and Frase optimization included.Best for single or bulk orders (50K-100K words). Good for blogs, affiliate content, product reviews, and buyer's guides focused on search engine optimization. Best for bulk orders, great price per word for top-quality content without a recurring financial commitment. Highly vetted writers and stringent plagiarism checks.Best "hands-off" blogging service. They do all the keyword research, a six month content plan, interlinking, plus publishing directly to your site.
Blog post image included?
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Primarily the United StatesUnited States & UKUnited StatesUnited States, Canada, & UK
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Business model
Pay per month starting at 20 posts/month
Fixed monthly fee (recurring)Pay per 100/wordsPay per 1,000/words (10K word minimum order)Fixed monthly fee (recurring)
Starts at $500/month
Starts at $499/month$0.05-$0.10/word depending on content type ($.035/word extra for Surfer optimized content)$.08/wordStarts at $329/month. Bulk orders available.

We've highlighted our favorite provider or service in the table above.

Best Blog Writing Services

Here are the best blog writing services in 2024.

1. Panda Copy

Best for ongoing content writing

PandaCopy New Banner Badge

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Panda Copy offers a flat rate every month accompanied by an unlimited amount of content and revisions. In this way, customers looking for a copywriting service (such as yourself) can get great service for lower writing and editing costs. One unique differentiator is that they offer two monthly plans. They also have a lot of experience with writing short copy.

An advantage to using Panda Copy is that it can help companies with plenty of marketing ideas but not enough manpower. Panda Copy allows you to write as many different blogs, articles, copies, social media content, and stories as you want. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about extra charges regarding the number of revisions or word count since this is all included in their service.

Panda Copy was built by a team of dedicated specialists in the marketing industry who have been perfecting their craft for 15 years. And while the brand itself has just come to fruition this year, the company has provided a solution to the same problem over and over again: by creating great content through qualified copywriters. In consideration of the current pandemic, every writer they hire is currently working from their homes and are based in the USA.


  • Flat-rate pricing for unlimited content requests
  • Offers a dedicated writer, ensuring voice consistency
  • Revisions are unlimited, promoting client satisfaction
  • Responsive customer service for support and inquiries


  • Monthly limits on word count could restrict content volume
  • Not ideal for highly specialized content without additional guidance
  • Turnaround times may not be as fast as services with larger teams

2. SEOButler

Best for single or bulk orders

Best Blog Writing Services - SEO Butler

Visit SEOButler

SEOButler strives to provide content that falls outside of what most writing services specialize in, such as blog posts or product descriptions. Their catalog of services ranges from guest posts on other websites to citations and even social signals. All of these products are offered with search engine optimization in mind, meaning they’ll help your site get traffic through organic activations.

Users can order a regular blog article under their specifications. SEOButler also offers a guest post service where they conduct outreach with other sites that may want to feature a client, and produces quality guest articles on the user’s behalf. In addition to writing articles, SEOButler offers services aimed at directing traffic to user websites, such as social signals and citations.

SEOButler is therefore an excellent service for businesses and websites looking to increase their client base. Independent businesses and online marketing agencies will benefit the most from SEOButler’s diverse services.

For articles, SEOButler charges per word, about $0.05 to $0.13 depending on the category. Guest posts vary in price, and users pay a flat fee for each guest post requested. Social signals and citations are also charged similarly, as SEOButler charges $14 for every 200 signals and $1 for every citation.


  • Specializes in SEO and content marketing services
  • Provides a range of content types, including localized SEO
  • High-quality content creation with a focus on deliverables
  • Offers additional services like citations and press releases


  • Premium services come at a higher price point
  • May not be the best fit for quick, one-off content needs
  • The ordering process can be complex due to the breadth of services

3. Clockwork Copy

Best for SEO-optimized content

Clockwork Copy Banner

Visit Clockwork Copy

From digital marketing expert Mushfiq Sarker and business partner, Jimmy, comes a new content service: Clockwork Copy.

“Offended” by the current state of crappy copywriting services, Mushfiq and Jimmy created their own service that promises not only SEO optimization but also quality content that engages the audience, answers their questions, and keeps them coming back for more.

They hold their team of native English-speaking writers to the highest standards, ensuring that every piece of content is well-researched and fact-checked. They have a zero-plagiarism guarantee, checking each post with two different checkers to ensure originality.

The team at Clockwork Copy also ensures a personalized experience, matching each writing request to the writer on their team who has the right expertise for the piece.

Each piece is crafted with best-practice on-page SEO optimization and is handed off to the client, ready to be published.


  • Fast delivery suitable for content on tight deadlines
  • Content written by native English speakers
  • Adaptable writing for different brand tones and styles
  • Direct communication with writers is often possible


  • Limited scalability for very large or rapid content needs
  • Relatively new on the market with a smaller pool of writers
  • Fixed plans may not align with fluctuating content demands

We have an exclusive discount for Clockwork Copy:

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4. Content at Scale

Best AI content tool

Content at Scale Post

Visit Content at Scale

For businesses who are serious about scaling up their content output, Content at Scale is our favorite AI writing option.

Content at Scale (CAS) leverages 3 different AIs and 2 natural language algorithms to give you some of the best AI writing we’ve seen. (And we’ve been testing numerous AI writing tools.) The output requires minimal editing to be publishable. Writing articles has never been easier. All CAS needs from you is a longtail keyword and a click of a button. It will produce an article (nearly 1,800 words for us) within about 5 minutes. If you do a bulk order by entering a spreadsheet of keywords, the time to create an article goes down.

This tool is still in beta testing, and it already has a lot of great features like SEO and SERP optimization, a Google Docs-style text editor, and a plagiarism checker. From the ground up, Content at Scale aims to create content that ranks. At the moment, CAS only caters to long-form content, but with regular updates to their software, they seem to be working hard to be the best at creating articles.

Overall, Content at Scale is built for businesses who want to do exactly that: scale up their long-form content.


  • AI-driven process for large-scale content creation
  • SEO-optimized content to improve organic reach
  • End-to-end solution from content planning to publishing
  • Saves time on content research with automated insights


  • Higher price point due to sophisticated technology
  • Potential learning curve for new users
  • Content may still require human editing for personal touch

5. Content Refined

Best “hands-off” blogging service

Content Refined Banner

Visit Content Refined

Content creation for your successful website is never just about writing. Things like SEO, keyword research, and even formatting and posting in WordPress are all aspects of content creation that require a whole other skill set, which can take time to master.

For folks who don’t want to do the background work of doing keyword research and creating SEO strategies, Content Refined is your best hands-off option.

When given assignments, Content Refined does all of the work for you, including keyword research, SEO strategizing, and even posting content to your site. Writers also utilize the practice of interlinking, building topical authority.

They will even do their research on your brand and replicate the voice present in other blog posts you have on your site. The team of writers at the company are all native English speakers from the US and Canada, which is a huge timesaver when it comes to editing.


  • Emphasizes a data-driven methodology for content strategy
  • Offers a dedicated project manager for each client
  • Tailors content to the latest SEO best practices
  • Focuses on long-term content performance and analytics


  • Services may be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses
  • Turnaround time can be longer due to in-depth research and editing
  • Not all content types may be covered under standard packages

6. Content Cucumber

Best for unlimited, flat-rate services

Best Blog Writing Services - Content Cucumber

Visit Content Cucumber

Following the “unlimited business services” model pioneered by companies such as Design Pickle, Content Cucumber allows clients to request an unlimited number of blog posts, emails, newsletters, and other written media for a flat monthly fee. By charging a fixed price for an unlimited number of written materials, clients can avoid hiring freelance blog writers to produce their content.

Clients are paired up with one of Content Cucumber’s writers who produce content, discuss any revisions, and suggest possible topics. All clients have to do is submit a request describing the topic and the desired word length, at which point your writer receives the request and begins working. The turnaround time for articles is 1 day for every 400 words, meaning shorter articles take about one business day, while longer ones take closer to a week

Although Content Cucumber specializes in writing blog posts, newsletters, and other longform web copies or emails, they can also produce product descriptions for Amazon listings. If clients have questions about a project that doesn’t lie within those boundaries, they can consult with their writer on the best approach. Agencies can request projects on behalf of their clients, and users can utilize Content Cucumber for as many brands as they would like.

For all of these services, clients pay $599 a month with a 14-day money-back guarantee. By using Content Cucumber instead of hiring freelance writers, businesses can save thousands of dollars a month for an unlimited number of content requests and revisions. To get the full value of Content Cucumber’s services, however, users will have to request a relatively heavy workload. Although requesting articles with higher word counts is considered a bargain, they do have longer turnaround times. It’s also worth noting that while each of their writers is SEO trained, clients have to make SEO recommendations themselves.


  • Provides a consistent team for writing and editing tasks
  • A flat monthly rate allows for predictable budgeting
  • Unlimited content requests within the subscription's scope
  • Good for ongoing content needs with a regular publishing schedule


  • Fair use policy may affect those with high-volume needs
  • The monthly subscription model is not ideal for project-based needs
  • May not specialize in technical or highly niche content areas

How to Choose a Blog Writing Service

How to Choose Blog Writing Service

There are many things to consider when you are evaluating a blogging service. Our suggestion is to work through the list below to help your decision-making process.

Your specific projects

  • How often do you need blog posts written? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?
  • How long are your blog posts?  Short and concise (500 words)? Or researched and extensive 2000-4000 words.  Try to estimate the amount of content you need.
  • What types of content do you need?  Will a writer with common sense and the ability to interpret Google results to work?  Or are you a subject matter expert with a background in your niche?
  • Are you writing blog posts, product descriptions, email nurture series, lead magnets, or something else entirely?
  • Do you need new content or a copywriter to improve existing content to make it convert?
  • Can you edit content yourself, do you need to hire an editor, or are you looking for someone to produce content that doesn’t need to be edited?
  • Do you need SEO expertise or can you provide keywords, post structure, and guidelines?
  • Do you want the writers to provide blog images?


  • What do you typically spend on blog content every month? Do you have a monthly budget for content?
  • What is the cost of time of managing your current/past writers?
  • Do you have the budget to bring on a full-time employee or would a fixed cost be more beneficial? You should also consider the cost of time of bringing on a contractor or employee.

What Do Blog Writers Cost?

Average blog writers typically charge 5-20 cents per word. So a 1,000-word blog post could cost between $50-200.  Prices typically go up based on writing quality and the amount of research and expertise required.

While many writing services charge by the word, some new companies like Panda Copy offer a fixed monthly fee for unlimited content.  However, there’s always a limit for this type of service, which typically results in about 400 words per day.

My #1 Blog Writing Mistake to Avoid

The core mission behind Don't Do It Yourself is to find great options to delegate and outsource work to save time and money.

I was lucky to understand the benefits of blog writing to increase impressions and generate web traffic via search early on in my professional career. After quickly realizing that there was no way that I could realistically do all of this on my own, especially as I added more websites to my portfolio, I turned to hiring freelance writers.

While working with freelancers was rewarding (I made some great friends along the way), it wasn't super profitable. Like at all.

Paying writers hourly

The biggest mistake blog writing mistake I made was paying freelancers hourly. On average, I paid good freelance writers around $40 per hour. I paid more than the going market rate because I found that lower rates typically translated into lower-quality content. It was six of one, half a dozen of another. For a well-researched blog article, I found that most talented writers took approximately 5 hours. So, my cost of an article would be around $200. Just for the article.

What I then found was that a lot of the articles weren't plug-and-play, even the good ones. I had to edit them. I had to coach the writers on best practices for SEO. I even found myself sometimes rewriting the article myself. I pretty much lived in Google Docs.

All of this time ultimately added up and killed my ROI. It also made it especially challenging to sell content development and SEO services from an agency perspective. After it was all said and done, I was finding my fully loaded article cost creeping up to $500-$700. As a general rule of thumb, an agency needs to bill around 3x the cost of goods to make a good profit. Selling a single blog post for $1,500-$2,000 isn't a walk in the park, I'll tell you that. You either need to get really lucky or have a client with deep pockets and immense trust in your strategy.

Negotiating a fixed rate for a consistent deliverable is key. You'll notice that all of our recommended blog writing services provide predictable pricing models. This allows you to better forecast what your true investment will be on a per article basis. Depending on how you plan to monetize the inbound traffic coming from the blog post, you should be able to calculate what your expected return is. This will make scaling out your blog way more feasible.

What is the Best Blogging Service?

Blog Writing Company Comparison
Winner of Best Blog Writing ServiceOur top choice for content development and blog writing is Panda Copy.

Their service offering is the most straightforward – you pay a fixed monthly fee and get access to unlimited blog articles from professional kick-butt writers.

Panda Copy offers some of the best and most experienced writers in the industry.

Panda Copy logo

The best way to determine if Panda Copy makes sense for you and your business is to give it a try. They have a 30 Day Satisfaction Promise, which provides enough time to dig into their services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is unlimited blogging?

Unlimited blogging is a service provided by some content creation companies where you pay a flat monthly fee in exchange for a certain amount of blog content, which can include articles, posts, and sometimes other forms of written content.

This service typically allows for a set daily word limit (like 400 words) and offers unlimited revisions, so you can fine-tune your content until it meets your satisfaction.

It's designed for businesses that require a steady stream of blog content without the hassle of per-article charges or the need to hire a full-time writer.

This model is particularly beneficial for maintaining a consistent blog presence, improving SEO, and engaging with your audience regularly.

What should I look for when hiring a writer?

You should determine whether you need a generalist or a subject matter expert, a blogger's writing style, what type of content you need, and of course cost.

What does a blog post cost?

The cost of a blog post can vary widely depending on the writer's experience, the complexity of the topic, and the research required.

Generally, for a well-crafted, 1,000-word blog post, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200.

Pricing structures differ among writers and services: some charge per word, which can range from $0.05 to $0.20 or more, while others set a rate per post or offer monthly packages with a set number of posts included.

The variation in pricing reflects not just the length of the content but also factors like SEO optimization, the inclusion of images or multimedia, and the level of expertise in the subject matter.

It's important for clients to consider the value of high-quality content against the cost, as engaging and authoritative blog posts can significantly drive traffic and lead generation.

Do any blog writing services offer a free trial?

Yes, some blog writing services provide a free trial period or a complimentary sample post to potential clients.

These trials typically last around 14 days or may include one free sample blog post, allowing you to evaluate the quality of the service and the writing before committing to a purchase.

This risk-free option is beneficial for gauging how well a service understands your content needs, tone, and style preferences.

However, the specifics of what's included in a free trial, such as the word count, the number of revisions, and the scope of topics available, can vary from one service to another.

It's advisable to review the terms of the free trial upfront to make sure it aligns with your content goals and to ensure there are no hidden costs should you decide to continue with the service.

Do blog writing services require contracts?

Most top blog writing services operate without binding their clients to long-term contracts.

They typically offer flexible arrangements where you can pay on a monthly basis or per piece of content and have the freedom to cancel the service at any time.

This flexibility is designed to accommodate the varying needs and levels of commitment of different clients, from small businesses to large enterprises.

It allows customers to scale their content up or down as needed without the worry of being locked into a contract.

However, it's always important to read the terms of service before starting with any provider, as policies can change, and there may be terms regarding notice periods for cancellation or changes in service levels.

What can blog writing services write about?

Many services specialize in blog posts, newsletters, and long-form web copies or emails. They can also provide product descriptions for e-commerce stores and online shopping sites. Many of these sites employ writers equipped to handle most writing challenges. If you are unsure about how to approach a project, writers are often eager to lend a helping hand.

Can I dictate the writing output?

Yes, to varying degrees. For unlimited writing services, the turnaround time for articles depends on the word count for the requested documents.

For example, 400-word articles will be produced in one day, meanwhile, 1600-word articles will take 4 days. Some services allow their writers to create a posting schedule on your behalf, meaning you can collaborate with companies to find the best timeframe for controlling your output.

Do blog writers offer revisions?

Yes, most blog writing services offer revisions. For unlimited writing services, revisions are done at no additional cost to the client.

Companies will also use revision processes to judge whether a specific writer is fit for a certain client, as too many revisions will result in a writer change.

Do blog writing services offer SEO?

Yes, although the type of SEO may depend on the service. Some claim that their writers are SEO trained, but require the client to supply SEO keywords.

Other more personalized services try to identify potential questions that a business’s clients may have, and construct SEO strategies around that.

Do I own the copyright on the content I request?

Yes, blog writing services allow clients to retain the copyright on any content they request. Furthermore, clients do not own copyright on products that they disapprove of or send back for revisions. Businesses can then publish, sell, and distribute their purchased content in any way they see fit.

Can I use photos for my blog posts?

Some blog writing services provide photos that clients can use to bolster their content. These photos tend to be royalty-free images or free to use with attribution. More complex services allow clients to access Shutterstock and Getty images for a higher monthly fee.

If I handle multiple brands, can I still use these services?

Yes, as long as you have content that needs to be produced, they can be written. Unlimited writing companies allow clients to use their accounts for as many brands as they want. Agencies can also use these services to request projects on behalf of their clients.