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Earn up to $300 per month recurring for the lifetime of every referral with the Content at Scale referral program.

It’s rare to find a big-ticket affiliate program that is super easy to promote and high converting.  And that’s why we’re so excited about it.  

Content at Scale is a much better alternative to Jasper, and you can be one of the first few affiliates.

Key Takeaways:

  • Content at Scale is an advanced AI writing tool that produces full, long-form blog posts from just a single keyword. 
  • Content at Scale's affiliate program offers up to $300 per month as a recurring commission for each referral.
  • As an affiliate you promote a high-quality, easy-to-sell tool, making it an attractive option.
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Get a 15% recurring commission on any of our products. This means $75 to $300 per month for each referral.

    ✓ Lifetime recurring commissions mean 15% for each new referral every month

    ✓ Best AI content creation tool we've ever used (so it's an easy sell)

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What Is Content at Scale?

What is Content At Scale Affiliate Marketing

Content at Scale is a great example of how AI writing tools could be.

It produces a full, long-form blog post with only a single keyword as input.

We’ve been blown away by the quality of the output. It’s better than any other AI tool we’ve tested.

The whole point of this particular AI tool is to help businesses crank out more content than they could with just a human writer. To help them scale faster.

Hence the name Content at Scale.

How Does Content at Scale Work?

If you’d rather see a video tutorial, check out this walkthrough of Content at Scale.

Here’s a brief rundown of how it works:

  • Begin Your Project: To work its magic, Content at Scale requires some key information to get started.
  • Enter Project Details: Users only need to start a new project and give it a name, a URL, some context, and a number of monthly posts. Then add keywords you want the post to rank for and provide additional context or upload a file to import multiple keywords in bulk.
  • Create Content: Once you hit “create content,” it may take up to five minutes since this particular tool uses multiple AIs to generate content (it’s worth it, I promise.) The content created can contain thousands of words, multiple links, and numerous headings.
  • Edit: You can play around with editing tools to tweak the text, formatting, layout, and overall content of the work.

Remember to always proofread, fact-check, and humanize AI content!

Why Become a Content at Scale Affiliate?

Why Become a Content at Scale Affiliate

Sounds like a great product, but why become an affiliate instead of just a customer?

  • Big recurring commission opportunities for a high-quality product
  • Affiliates enjoy a recurring 15% commission on any of their products. This amounts to up to $75-$300 per month.

How to Apply for the Content at Scale Affiliate Program?

Content At Scale is a quality AI-writing platform that can streamline your content needs. We’ve been highly impressed by its quality and ease of use.

Better yet, you can earn a bit of money from genuinely promoting their service with their affiliate program.

Are you sold? 

We’ve got you covered. Click the link below to join the affiliate program!

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What is Content at Scale?

Content at Scale is an AI writing tool designed to produce full, long-form blog posts with just a single keyword as input. It helps businesses create more content efficiently to scale faster.

How does Content at Scale work?

Users start a new project by providing a name, URL, context, desired monthly posts, and keywords for ranking. The tool then uses multiple AIs to generate comprehensive content. Edit and format as needed from there.

Why should I become a Content at Scale affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate offers the opportunity to earn a significant recurring commission (15% on any product, amounting to $75-$300 per month) for promoting a high-quality, easy-to-sell AI content creation tool.

What makes Content at Scale better than other AI writing tools?

Content at Scale provides superior output quality compared to other AI tools. It's designed to produce more comprehensive and high-quality content.

How can I apply for the Content at Scale Affiliate Program?

Applying is easy and only requires a few details. Click the link below to apply! [ add button]