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The Best Freelance Websites to Hire Writers (in 2024)

Best Freelance Websites for Writers

Crappy writing sucks. 

It can make someone leave your website within seconds. Trust me, I know. I've operated a few different types of sites, and the quality of writing was a critical factor in how we ranked.

Especially as more AI-generated content is being produced, we always recommend having human writers to separate yourself from the pack.   

Here’s where I turn when I need some quality written content.

Top Pick for Quality Writers

PandaCopy Logo Small

Panda Copy

  • Best for ongoing, high-quality content needs
  • We experienced very well researched posts
  • Surfer and Frase optimization included
  • Great for agencies, small businesses, and established blogs

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Our New Favorite AI Writing Tool

ContentAtScale Logo

Content at Scale

  • Highest quality AI output we have seen (minimal editing required)
  • By far the best AI writer for long-form blog content
  • Single-click output - no learning curve

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Whether you are searching for a business writer, a medical writer, a staff writer, a ghost writer, or any other type of content writing services, these sites will help you narrow down your overall search for the perfect freelancer. In this article, we’ll be breaking down the 10 most reliable platforms for finding freelance writers.

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Best Freelance Websites for Writers

The below list is a collection of the best websites to find and hire freelance writers. We've tested dozens of freelance platforms, content writing services, and writing agencies. Here are our favorite freelance websites for hiring writers.

1. Panda Copy

Best for hiring for ongoing content needs

PandaCopy Logo Small

Panda Copy offers a flat rate every month accompanied by an unlimited amount of content and revisions. In this way, customers looking for a copywriting service (such as yourself) can get great service for lower writing and editing costs. One unique differentiator is that they offer two monthly plans. They also have a lot of experience with writing short copy.

An advantage to using Panda Copy is that it can help companies with plenty of marketing ideas but not enough manpower. Panda Copy allows you to write as many different blogs, articles, copies, social media content, and stories as you want. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about extra charges regarding the number of revisions or word count since this is all included in their service.

Panda Copy was built by a team of dedicated specialists in the marketing industry who have been perfecting their craft for 15 years. And while the brand itself has just come to fruition this year, the company has provided a solution to the same problem over and over again: by creating great content through qualified copywriters. In consideration of the current pandemic, every writer they hire is currently working from their homes and are based in the USA.

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  • Unlimited requests and revisions offer a flexible copywriting solution
  • Fixed monthly rate helps with budget management
  • Access to a team ensures varied writing styles and ideas
  • Good for ongoing content needs with consistent quality
  • Easy to use and straightforward service request process


  • May not be suitable for businesses needing one-off projects
  • The service could be less responsive during peak times due to demand
  • Plans may have a word limit which can restrict content volume

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2. Content Refined

Best “done for you” full-service writers

Content Refined Logo

Content creation from freelancers is never just about writing. Things like SEO, keyword research, and even formatting and posting in WordPress are all aspects of content creation that require a whole other skill set, which can take time for freelancers to master.

For folks who don’t want to do the background work of doing keyword research and creating SEO strategies, Content Refined is your best hands-off option when it comes to freelance sites for writers.

When given assignments, the writers at Content Refined do all of the work for you, including keyword research, SEO strategizing, and even posting content to your site for you. Writers also utilize the practice of interlinking, building topical authority.

They will even do their research on your brand and replicate the voice present in other blog posts you have on your site. The team of freelance writers at the company are all native English speakers from the U.S. and Canada, which is a huge timesaver when it comes to editing.

Read our Content Refined review.


  • Tailored content marketing services enhance online presence
  • A data-driven approach for content strategy and creation
  • Each project is managed by a dedicated project manager
  • High-quality content with a focus on SEO performance
  • Services include market research and competitor analysis


  • Services may be too specialized for general writing needs
  • A higher price point may not fit all budgets
  • Longer turnaround time due to in-depth processes

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3. SEOButler

Best writers for one-off projects

SEOButler Logo

SEO Butler is a content creation site that allows clients to submit requests for written content, guest posts on other websites, social signals, and citations. All clients have to do is choose which type of content they want while specifying other details such as word count.

Their content writing service allows clients to choose from a range of different topics, from blog posts to affiliate reviews and even product descriptions. After providing specific details such as word count, users receive their written content in about 6 days.

SEO Butler also provides guest post writing. Clients communicate which category of sites they want to be featured on, and SEO Butler then conducts online outreach to find a site that matches those descriptions. They then produce unique guest posts based on client specifications. The content is then submitted to the guest site and an email will be sent to the user when it’s published.

They even provide social signals, which are essential backlinks created when a user shares your site URL on their social media. Clients provide the URL they want people to flock to and specify the total number of signals they want to purchase and SEO Butler takes care of the rest.

SEO Butler is great for businesses looking for SEO-focused content that brings organic traffic into their sites. They have an excellent staff of writers who consistently provide high-quality content.

Read our SEOButler review.


  • Specializes in SEO optimization for content
  • Offers a range of services beyond writing, like on-page optimization
  • High-quality writing from experienced SEO professionals
  • Positive reputation for customer service and reliability
  • Bulk order options available for larger content needs


  • Premium pricing may deter smaller businesses or budgets
  • Focus on SEO may not cater to creative writing requirements
  • The service might be more procedural, less flexible for quick, custom orders

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Our New Favorite AI Writing Tool

ContentAtScale Logo

Our Rating - 4.9/5

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We spent over 90 hours testing a dozen AI tools and were blown away by Content at Scale. Nothing else even came close to the final output and simplicity. Enter your keyword and in one-click, get a high quality, SEO-optimized post. 

  • Highest quality AI output we have seen (minimal editing required)
  • By far the best AI writer for long-form blog content
  • Content does not get detected as AI generated

4. Fiverr

Best general freelance website for writers

Fiverr Logo Main

With over a thousand dedicated writers using the site to find work, Fiverr is one of the best platforms to connect with prospective freelancers. Fiverr’s name comes from the original price for all services being just $5, and the site aims to streamline the process of connecting writers with clients in a way that’s efficient for both sides.

Clients look through the site’s list of freelance writers by using its robust filter tools to find the right fit. You can filter writers based on their price range, body of work, language, style of writing, and much more.

You can contact a writer by simply selecting their profile if you think you’ve found a good fit. Once the terms for a project has been finalized, clients pay the writer upfront. You have about three days to read over the finished product and decide whether to accept a project submission or reject it to get a refund.

Fiverr is great for finding writers with a specific niche, as the site has categories for practically any type of online writing service. Whether it be translation, screenplay writing, resume writing, or podcast scripts, if someone can write it, you’ll probably find someone on Fiverr who can write it for you.

Read our Fiverr review.


  • Extensive network of writers across all niches and price ranges
  • User reviews and ratings provide insight into writer quality
  • Flexible hiring options from one-time gigs to long-term contracts
  • Secure payment system with funds released upon project completion
  • Offers services for various content types, from blog posts to technical writing


  • Quality can vary significantly between low and high-cost writers
  • Fiverr's service fee increases overall project costs
  • The sheer number of available writers can make search and selection daunting

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5. WriterAccess

Best freelance website for experienced writers

WriterAccess Logo Main

WriterAccess is a platform where you can commission your writing project and gain access to experienced freelance writers. They heavily vet their writers to make sure they can live up to high writing standards, ensuring that no matter who you hire, you’ll receive a quality product.

WriterAccess utilizes keyword search, casting calls, and AI Style Matching technology to find the right fit for clients. They also provide an advanced writer search engine with over 300 categories and skillsets to filter through, as this is an excellent site for hiring technical writers and copywriters.

For a small monthly fee, you receive access to all of these writer search tools while managing all of your projects through WriterAccess’s content management portal. If you want to build a reliable team of strong, properly vetted writers, this might be the platform for you.

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  • A large pool of writers screened for quality
  • Platform features make it easy to match with suitable writers
  • Transparent pricing with membership options for different needs
  • Offers a range of content services including translation and strategy
  • Cloud-based software for convenient collaboration and management


  • Membership fee required for access to the full pool of writers
  • May have a learning curve for new users to navigate the platform
  • Some advanced features and services may only be available at higher membership levels

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6. Upwork

Upwork Logo Main

Upwork, formerly known as Odesk, is one of the most popular freelancing sites for not just writers, but web developers and graphic designers as well.

You start by posting a job with all of your desired specifications in the description. Upwork then analyzes your needs and sorts through their thousands of freelancers to select the right fit. You’ll then receive a shortlist of Upwork’s best candidates for you to choose from.

Upwork lets you view each candidate’s profile and overall rate, which makes checking each freelancers’ qualifications much more efficient. You have the power to reach out to a freelancer of your choice, and communicating over the browser and mobile app is very intuitive.

Freelancers can either be paid by the hour or per project. Writers typically use the site for short-term jobs, recurring work with a specific client, or even full-time contract work. This means you’ll be able to find writers looking to be paid for a variety of different assignments.

Read our Upwork Review.


  • Access to a global pool of freelance writers with diverse skill sets
  • Detailed profiles with work history and client feedback help in making informed hiring decisions
  • Escrow payment protection and dispute resolution services add security to transactions
  • Flexible hiring models support both short-term and long-term projects
  • Robust search filters to find freelancers for niche writing tasks


  • Upwork fees can add to the cost of projects
  • Competition for top writers can drive up prices
  • Time-consuming proposal review process

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7. SEO Content Hero

SEO Content Hero Logo Main

SEO Content Hero is a writing service based in Port St. Lucie, Florida that specializes in search engine optimized content. As a tight-knit team of writers, researchers, and marketers, there are few other content writing services that are more experienced at delivering SEO content.

Clients select from three different writing styles – Authority, Professional, and Elite – then specify how many words they want their article to be. They can also add on extra SEO tools like Surfer SEO for an added price.

Clients send a list of instructions either by filling out a template from SEO Content Hero, or write one themselves. They’re then sent to SEO Content Hero via email, then receive their content in about 4 to 6 days. SEO Content Hero produces SEO keywords for their clients, making sure that each project submission is adequately written to boost their web traffic.

SEO Content Hero is undoubtedly an excellent choice for marketers looking for a reliable writing service. Their excellent customer service along with the comprehensive editing process that every project is subject to ensures that you’ll be getting quality written content for every dollar you spend.

Read our SEO Content Hero review.


  • Specializes in SEO content with a scalable approach for businesses
  • Offers a team of U.S.-based writers for quality assurance
  • Turnaround times are competitive for content delivery
  • Provides keyword optimization and content strategy services
  • Easy ordering process with a focus on customer service


  • May not be the best fit for highly specialized or technical writing
  • Pricing may be higher than some other content service providers
  • Limited to English language content, which may not suit all businesses

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Freelancer Logo Main is similar to Guru in that it allows you to post jobs and receive bids from the site’s freelancers. You can see each bid and select which one is the right fit for your specific needs, or reach out to writers through their job board.

Whether you run a small business or work for a large corporation, posting one-time gigs or long-term projects, offers a dedicated list of freelance writers willing to take on any work.

You can communicate and collaborate with your writer on both the desktop and mobile apps to ensure you’re getting the best possible product. also provides secure transactions through its own dedicated payment system.


  • One of the largest platforms with a vast number of freelancers available
  • Free job postings with competitive bidding keep costs low
  • Milestone payment system for project security
  • Freelancers available for a wide range of writing tasks and projects
  • User-friendly interface with robust support features


  • Service fees are added to freelancer bids
  • Quality of work can vary widely among freelancers
  • It may require significant time to vet and manage freelancers


9. Constant Content

Constant Content Logo Main

Constant Content offers over 100,000 expert writers who can produce high-level web content for your social media and blogs. They’ve worked with the likes of CVS, Uber, and Home Depot, meaning their writers are held to a high professional standard.

Whether you’re searching for technical writers that provide quality product descriptions or bloggers who can write about lifestyle topics, Constant Content delivers the right kind of SEO-friendly content that’s sought after by most modern businesses.

You can either order high-quality content and let the agency connect you with reliable writers, or look through their writers list to find a freelancer that’s perfect for you. You can even search through their catalogue of pre-written articles and purchase those if you don’t have the time to hire a writer.

Constant Content provides dedicated writer support and allows you to connect with high-level writers. You’ll save plenty of time when trying to assemble a team of reliable writers by using this site.


  • A unique model where you can buy pre-written content or commission custom work
  • High standards for writer acceptance ensure quality
  • Wide variety of content types and niches available
  • Allows for direct negotiation with writers
  • Strong focus on quality control and originality


  • The platform takes a significant commission on sales
  • Pre-written content may not meet specific custom needs
  • Prices for custom content can be higher than average

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10. The Writer Finder

The Writer Finder is a growing agency that connects clients with freelance blog writers to produce high-quality content. Clients provide information about their site or business, and the Writer Finder provides three freelance candidates for you to choose from. If you don’t like any of the candidates, the site keeps searching for better ones.

Similar to sites like Upwork or Fiverr, clients looking for writers who specialize in niche topics can benefit from using the Writer Finder. Because the agency connects you with prospective freelancers, it saves plenty of time while benefiting both you and the writer. You get writers who are knowledgeable in your desired field, and writers get to write about topics they’re comfortable with.

Writer Finder’s writer search takes no more than 72 hours, and their services only cost $250 a month. This agency is perfect for clients looking for dedicated and skilled blog writers for an affordable price.


  • Matches clients with writers based on specific project requirements
  • Quick turnaround time for finding a writer
  • Access to a network of vetted writers
  • Service includes three writer matches to choose from


  • Limited control over the selection process beyond initial matches
  • Service fee for matching with writers
  • May not be ideal for clients preferring to browse and choose writers independently

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How to Find a Freelance Writer

The first step in hiring a freelance writer is to think about what your needs are. Do you need someone to come up with social media captions for a few posts? Or do you want a copywriter who can regularly create new content for your site.

Next, decide how much you can carve out of your budget to spend on one, keeping the magnitude of your request in mind.

Once you have that number in mind, begin your search. If you need to find someone who can work with your tight budget or only want to hire someone for a short-term project like an item description, look to a site like Upwork or Fiverr.

If you want a whole team of writers to churn out content regularly, consider an unlimited service like Panda Copy.

Once you find the right writer for the job, use the platform you found them on to draw up terms and rates that you can agree on.

Make sure to meet with your writer and communicate what your needs and expectations are.

Ready to Find Your Next Freelance Writer?

As we’ve shown, there’s no shortage of sites that you can use to find the right freelance writer. While each platform offers a diverse set of writers experienced with producing a wide range of written content, most provide the right tools to narrow down the right hire based on your specific needs.

Leverage this list to find the right platform to build a reliable team of writers and boost your company’s online notoriety today.

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Top Pick for Quality Writers

PandaCopy Logo Small

Panda Copy

  • Best for ongoing, high-quality content needs
  • We experienced very well researched posts
  • Surfer and Frase optimization included
  • Great for agencies, small businesses, and established blogs

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Our New Favorite AI Writing Tool

ContentAtScale Logo

Content at Scale

  • Highest quality AI output we have seen (minimal editing required)
  • By far the best AI writer for long-form blog content
  • Single-click output - no learning curve

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Best Freelance Websites by Category

Looking for more of the best freelance websites but need to browse by category? Check out our below freelance website reviews to either expand your portfolio or hire a freelancer for your next project.