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The Best Freelance Websites for Graphic Designers

Best Freelance Websites for Graphic Designers

A quick Google search will show you just how many graphic design freelance platforms are available. However, it's important to know that not all of these websites are reliable sources to find graphic designers.

The last thing you want to do, aside from attempting to handle your own graphic design, is to waste your time or money by hiring the wrong freelance designer.

If you want to get the best value for your money, find a talented graphic designer with years of experience, and receive consistently high-quality graphic design work, you need to know where to hire.

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  • Graphic design, web & mobile design
  • Great for agencies and digital marketing teams

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  • Graphic design and video editing
  • Great for small businesses and bloggers

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We've scoured the web to round up the best freelance websites for graphic designers in different categories, from generalized platforms to design contests and even unlimited design platforms.

Below, we're sharing what we've found about these types of platforms, who they're best for, and the differences between them. If you want to find your next great graphic designer, read on.

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Best Freelance Websites for Graphic Designers

1. Kimp

Best option for unlimited graphic design

Freelance Websites for Graphic Design - Kimp

Kimp isn't a freelance website per se. But they are a great alternative for businesses looking to hire a freelance graphic designer. Kimp is a graphic design company that provides unlimited revisions and requests for a low monthly rate. While you usually can only take on one project at a time, Kimp gives you the flexibility to get exactly what you want each time, no matter how long it takes.

Kimp lets you work on up to 3 tasks at one time, which can create double the output of other unlimited design platform options. If you need even larger output, you can purchase additional subscriptions to up the ante.

With Kimp, you work with a team of 3 designers in at least one of three graphic design styles (print, illustration, or digital). You also get full rights to your designs once complete.

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2. Fiverr

Best freelance website for small graphic design edits and task

Freelance Websites for Graphic Design - Fiverr

Fiverr is a great option for anyone looking for freelance work on a budget. The name came from their initial offer, which was all services priced at just $5. While they don't have that same pricing model any longer, it's still possible to find low prices while retaining quality work. Fiverr lets freelancers create their service offerings, tiered packages, and rates for clients to browse and choose from.

If you want something turned around quickly without breaking the bank, Fiverr is an option worth checking out.

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3. Upwork

Freelance Websites for Graphic Design - UpWork

Upwork was created under a different name, Elance oDesk. As one of the world's most popular freelancing sites for both freelancers and clients alike, Upwork is a great place to find skilled designers for your next project. It's easy to post a job listing that you need to fill and find freelancers. You can sort through the applications manually and reach out to anyone you're interested in.

Upwork has some great features, like:

  • Search filters that help you narrow your talent pool
  • Work diary that tracks hours spent on the project
  • Online workspace to communicate and share feedback
  • Mobile app so you can manage your project on the go

4. Toptal

Best freelance website for the top graphic design talent

Best Freelance Websites - Toptal

For those looking for the best graphic designers that the web has to offer, Toptal is likely the place to find them. The site proclaims to house the “top 3%” of talent, hence their name.

They’re known for their rigorous screening process when selecting graphic designers for their hiring staff, with various skill reviews and test screenings dwindling their candidates to the top 3% of all qualified designers. This means if you choose to go with Toptal, you’ll be getting the best of the best.

Toptal works with each client personally and connects them with the right candidate or team of candidates based on specific needs. These could include the time frame for a project and the cost of the overall project.

Toptal also has a robust job board that lets you search and contact candidates based on their expertise. Whether you want a flexible freelance graphic designer, a web design specalist, or an experienced UI/UX, Toptal has you covered with the best candidates available.

5. ManyPixels

Freelance Websites for Graphic Design - ManyPixels

ManyPixels is similar to Kimp and provides unlimited graphic design. On the ManyPixels basic monthly plan, you get a dedicated designer and unlimited project requests, as long as you take things one project at a time.

There's a drawback to only working with one designer, as your turnaround will only be as fast as they can work. However, you'll never have to pay extra for requests or revisions. ManyPixels is a little more expensive than Kimp and they don't complete as many projects each month. However, if you are looking for web and mobile app design, ManyPixels is the way to go.

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6. 99designs

Freelance Websites for Graphic Design - 99designs

99designs is a platform that lets clients either choose from multiple applicants or chose one individual designer to work with from the start.

To get started, you'll choose from over 90 different kinds of design work. Then, you'll post a brief for the project you need to complete. Designers will come up with their best ideas for the finished project.

You'll view the designers' options and have the ability to view their full profile, including information about their repeat customers and how many other design contests they've won.

One great thing that people notice about 99designs is it guarantees you'll be happy with your design! So while you may pay a slightly higher ticket price, there's sure to be a smile at the end of the road because of the company's satisfaction guarantee. The designers won't stop until they capture your vision.


Freelance Websites for Graphic Design - OnlineJobs is the best place to find talented designers from the Philippines. Founded back in 2008 by John Jonas, has since become the largest online marketplace to find Filipino VAs or specialized talent.

This platform is unique because it only highlights the skills of remote workers in the Philippines, which comes with several benefits. Most Filipino workers speak English, which makes it easy to communicate about projects. They're also some of the most hard-working talents you'll find and often have much lower rates than some US freelancers.

While is known as a virtual assistant site, it also has members that are skilled in areas like SEO, graphic design, and CRO.

If you're interested in working with talented Filipino designers, be sure to give a look.


Freelance Websites for Graphic Design -

Founded back in 2009, is one of the oldest freelancing websites that brings a huge population of talented graphic designers to one location online.

To hire on, you can use search filters to ensure the candidates will be qualified for the exact job you need. You can reach out to designers directly or post a job listing to allow for open applications. As an added bonus, there's also the option to host contests where freelancers pitch their ideas so you can choose the best one. allows designers to create detailed portfolios, which gives you more content to screen as you make your selection. They also conduct exams to verify the freelancers' skill sets and relay that back to you. If you ever have a dispute, there's a streamlined system designed to resolve issues quickly.

9. DesignCrowd

Freelance Websites for Graphic Design - DesignCrowd

One 99design alternative is DesignCrowd. For good design at a good value, look no further than DesignCrowd. If you've found yourself somewhere between the budget graphic design crowd and the higher-ticket platforms like 99designs, DesignCrowd could be a happy medium.

While you won't get to see as much detail on designer profiles as you would on something like Fiverr or 99designs, you'll still get a good idea of each person's style and abilities.

You'll love the wide range of categories that will help you narrow in on the right designer as well as how easy it is to create a designer wishlist and start designing immediately.

10. Design Contest

Freelance Websites for Graphic Design - DesignContest

Design Contest is a crowdsourcing design platform that lets clients launch a contest in one of 35 different design categories along with a creative brief for the assignment. Then, designers choose a contest they have an interest in and submit their innovative ideas. Most clients get to choose between 200 or so entries.

11. Design Pickle

Freelance Websites for Graphic Design - Design Pickle

Of all the unlimited design site options, Design Pickle is the largest and most established platform. While you'll only work with one designer like with Many Pixels, most clients see revisions requests met rather quickly (typically overnight).

This is a good option for companies that want to increase their design capacity without large additional overhead, bloggers who want to improve their brand design, and entrepreneurs who want to build successful marketing campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which freelance website is best for graphic designers?

In general, Upwork and Fiverr are great places to start. Because they are both publicly traded, they garner a lot of attention, so there's no shortage of available opportunities. With that being said, there is a lot of competition that comes from other freelance graphic designers. Toptal is a great option for experienced freelance graphic designers that are looking to work with more established businesses that value high-end graphic design talent.

Where can I find freelance graphic designers?

Finding freelance graphic designers is a breeze. You can find graphic design freelancers on various freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. There are also a variety of other service based options where you can outsource your graphic design work. Contest based platforms like 99designs, for example give you access to a number of talented freelance graphic designers for a fixed rate. This gives you more options to choose from and keeps costs down. Another popular cost saving option to find freelancers is unlimited graphic design, a monthly subscription model where you pay a monthly fee for graphic design output.

Ready to Find the Right Freelance Design Site For You?

While the above is not an exhaustive list of all freelance graphic design sites out there today, it reflects what we've found to be the best freelance websites for graphic designers available.

Depending on how quickly you need work turned around, what your budget is, and the type/frequency of the work you need doing, you should be able to find the right freelance design site for you.