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I Tried Out Design Pickle in 2024 | My Honest Review

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Design Pickle is the 800-pound gorilla of the outsourced graphic design world.  They are the largest and most established player.

But all these years later, are they still the best? In short: yeah! But you probably want to know more about the why.

See Design Pickle in action for yourself: I tested Design Pickle and will show some of their example output below.

Design PIckle Logo Main

We tested Design Pickle and thought they were the best all-around option for unlimited graphic design

  • One of the most established and largest graphic design providers
  • Most professional systems, design and support teams; great communication
  • Most comprehensive suite of services and extra tools offered

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Is Design Pickle Worth It?

In our opinion, yes, Design Pickle is absolutely worth it, but primarily for more advanced designs.

Starting at $649 per month for the basic graphics package, Design Pickle falls right in the middle of pricing compared to other unlimited services.

Still, Design Pickle is one of the heavy hitters in the game for good reason. The quality of their output is excellent, and they move fast, with most of my requests being produced with a 24-hour turnaround.

You also have options to level up for better plans that include video tasks and custom illustrations, as well as team plans where your whole team can submit tasks.

Design Pickle Review

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In general, I’m very pro Design Pickle.

The biggest selling point for me is the quality of the designs and the customer service. Everyone I interacted with was happy to help and great at helping when needed. They also delivered the most aesthetically pleasing, vibrant, and just well-done designs of any unlimited graphic design provider we’ve tried before.

Design Pickle Sign Up Form

From the top, signing up, creating an account, and onboarding couldn’t be easier. You can use Google, Outlook, LinkedIn, or email (I opted for email.) We then filled out basic information, chose the Graphics Premium plan, and set a preferred file type. Our Customer Success Manager sent us an email to set up an onboarding call.

Design Pickle Sign Up - Pick Plan

Creating a brand profile is pretty consistent with other unlimited graphic design services and you can create multiple ones. All I did was give very basic info, target audience, company description, and logo, as well as some words on our company – “relatable yet professional.” We also included further descripts like “Prefer full-width images” “Prefer illustrations over photos” and “Like flat, simple designs w/ uniform look.” You can also select “inspiration” to put in.

Design Pickle - Build Brand Profile

You can start submitting tasks immediately upon signing up. For this review, I tried to submit requests from someone who doesn’t know much about graphic design.

Design Pickle - Submit New Request

They have a Request Assist which is a neat feature that allows you to use AI to write design briefs – super helpful to people who are doing this for the first time. The text part also works great if you just put a basic prompt in, but the “generate an image based on text and image” is not so great.

Design Pickle - Request Assist - Beta

The dashboard is super clean and simple, not overwhelming you with options and settings while offering plenty of options with examples of services. It’s easy to find where to submit new requests, see current requests, or even if you’re not sure, browse “Request Types.” That said, it would be nice to have an “I don’t know” option for people brand new to graphic design.

Design Pickle Dashboard - Cutoff Times

When it comes to submitting requests, it’s super easy and doesn’t require too much work. Very soon after submitting, I got assigned to a designer. It’s also very easy to change priorities and move requests around or duplicate a task.

DesignPickle - Submitted Request

The communication level was also great. I received an email around 9 AM EST about daily updates regarding what the team is currently working on. I was also invited to a Slack group with a dedicated team coordinator. Another standout was my super-friendly success manager.

Another thing I really liked about Design Pickle's dashboard is you can leave annotations or notes right on the delivered graphic. Makes it very easy to give accurate feedback. This is a feature that I wish every graphic design service provided.

Design Pickle Annotation

Design Pickle Pros & Cons

Design Pickle Pros

  • Easy signup for a comprehensive unlimited graphics service
  • Ideal for advanced designs such as motion graphics, custom illustrations, logos, video editing, and web design
  • Effortless request submission, supported by helpful staff and AI tools
  • Designers engage proactively for clarity, delivering satisfactory results from minimal briefs
  • Suitable for graphic design beginners, with a user-friendly platform
  • High-quality outputs assured
  • Accessible guides and resources available online
  • Zapier integrations for smooth workflow integration
  • Consistent daily updates on project progress

Design Pickle  Cons

  • Reopening a request requires duplicating it as a new task
  • Use AI tools judiciously, complementing them with manual checks
  • Design Pickle is optimal for more than just blog posts and simple images*
  • The text-to-image feature requires refinement

*Our pick for blog images is Kimp

Design Pickle Overview

Design Pickle Overview

Design Pickle is a premier, well-established unlimited graphic design service that offers a huge menu of services including everything from blog image design to landing page design and even animation and merch design for things like t-shirts, tote bags, and more.

Design Pickle now offers video editing in their Graphics Premium plan (used to be only available on custom Power Plans).

They have a variety of packages available to suit different businesses' needs at different price points.

How Does Design Pickle’s Unlimited Graphic Design Work?

The steps to using Design Pickle couldn’t be easier.

Here’s what it looks like:

  1. Sign up for an account. You can sign up for more than one plan, if needed.
  2. Get set up with a Customer Success Manager for an onboarding call.
  3. Create brand profiles with things like style guides, inspiration images, and descriptions to explain your brand and what graphic design style you’re going for.
  4. Begin creating requests using their AI-assisted request feature, text request feature, or text and image request option.
    1. It's important to note the cutoff times for requests, which differs depending on what plan you're on
  5. Receive daily updates from your team about how things are going and what they’re working on.
  6. Review images and animations and submit requests for revisions.
  7. Enjoy your high-quality graphic designs!

Who Is Design Pickle Good For? Who Uses It?

Who Uses Design Pickle

Design Pickle is in the Inc 500 and used by thousands of customers. These include companies like UPS, RE/MAX, Cross Fit, and many more.

We find that it’s great for people with little knowledge of graphic design and folks who are newer to using unlimited graphic design services since they make it so easy.

We also think it’s best used for businesses with higher-end requests like animations since this is something the service excels at that you likely won’t find elsewhere.

Is Design Pickle Legit?

Yes, Design Pickle is legit, they have been in the game for a while, offering a wealth of different unlimited graphic design services for one flat monthly fee.

The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, though they have designers all over the world in Philippines, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia. The company was founded by Russ Perry in 2015.

It has an average 4.1-star rating across 255 reviews from real companies and clients on Trustpilot.

Also, we worked directly with them and never suspected scams or suspicious practices.

Design Pickle Features & Services

Design Pickle Settings - Zapier

Design Pickle is an unlimited graphic design services that really takes the term “unlimited” to a new level.

A comprehensive list of the services and features included (depending on the package and level of service you select) includes:

  • Logos
  • Websites, Landing pages, and Mobile Apps
  • Swag and promotional materials
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Business cards
  • Clothing design and t-shirts
  • Social media graphics
  • Infographics and Illustrations
  • Self-serve knowledge base
  • 24/5 customer support
  • Webinars & guides
  • Quality control
  • Request and create assist features
  • Access to their creative management platform
  • Unlimited brands and users
  • Markup & annotation tool
  • Version control
  • Email notifications
  • Unlimited file shortage
  • File types supported: Adobe Illustrator (AI), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD), PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS, SVG, GIF, Canva, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Apple Keynote, Figma, MOGRT, MOV, and MP4
  • 24-48 hr turnaround time
  • Presentation design
  • Zapier integration
  • Dedicated designers
  • Slack communication
  • Collaboration tools
  • Motion graphics
  • Dedicated CSM
  • Video editing

Design Pickle Pricing & Plans

Updated Design Pickle Pricing w Video Editing

  • Graphics ($649/mo)– All of the basics!
  • Graphics Pro ($1,249/mo)– Everything in the basic Graphics package plus presentation design, Zapier integration, dedicated designers, Slack, collaboration tools, and Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote file types supported. 24-hr turnaround for everything but presentation design.
  • Graphics Premium ($1,949/mo)– Everything in Pro plus motion graphics, onboarding support, premium customer support, a dedicated CSM, and Figma, MOGRT, MOV, and MP4 file formats. They now offer video editing services.
  • Power Plans (custom pricing)– Custom solutions for businesses, including video editing services.

Check out our more detailed breakdown of Design Pickle's plans here >>

Design Pickle Examples

Here is a quick summary of the type of tests I put in and how long it took to get the final deliverable from submitting the initial request:

Type of Request
# of Revisions
Total Turnaround Time
24 Hours
Motion Graphics
9 Hours
Animated GIF
6 Hours
8 Hours
Social Banner
24 Hours
Blog Images
24 Hours
4 Hours
YouTube Thumbnail
48 Hours
Web Design
72 Hours
Custom Illustrations
72 Hours
6 Hours

Sample Blog Images

AI Writing Tools Example

How Does AI Writing Work Example

Sample GIF

Subscribe Gif

Sample Web Design (Portion):

Homepage Redesign

Custom Illustration Sample – Coloring Book

Hot Air Balloon Coloring Book

Hot Air Balloon 2

Design Pickle Promo Code

Design Pickle is the largest and most established unlimited design company and gets a lot of customers because of their well-known brand.

As a result, they don't currently need to offer a coupon to attract clients.  However, we have exclusive discounts (20% off) for most of the top unlimited graphic design providers.

Alternatives to Design Pickle

Design Pickle Alternatives

We’ve evaluated several alternatives to Design Pickle.

The best way to really get a feel for different providers is to try more than one and see who you like best.

Design PIckle Logo Main

We tested Design Pickle and thought they were the best all-around option for unlimited graphic design

  • One of the most established and largest graphic design providers
  • Most professional systems, design and support teams; great communication
  • Most comprehensive suite of services and extra tools offered

Visit Design Pickle

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Design Pickle's biggest competitors?

Design Pickle's biggest competitors include Penji, Kimp, ManyPixels, and Graphically.  Read about Design Pickle Alternatives and who’s currently offering discounts.

Who is the best unlimited graphic design provider?

It depends on your budget and the type of requests you will be submitting.  Here are my picks for the best unlimited graphic design providers.

What is Design Pickle’s turnaround time?

Requests on the Standard plan typically get turned around next business day.  Requests on the Pro plan get turned around much quicker, often same business day depending on the nature of the request and how early it is submitted.

Does Design Pickle offer a coupon code?

They do not currently offer any coupons.  However, if you are looking for a discount, several Design Pickle competitors are offering coupons.