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4 Design Pickle Alternatives [Updated for 2020]

If you're an entrepreneur or marketer, it seems like you can't go on Facebook or Instagram without seeing a Design Pickle ad. There's no doubt about it, Design Pickle has been crushing the unlimited monthly graphic design space.

But that begs the question: who are Design Pickle's competitors?

In the below post, we'll take a look at 4 of the Top Design Pickle competitors and provide our opinion on the best alternative.

Why You Should Consider an Alternative to Design Pickle

One service may integrate with your current operations and workflow better than the others.

So how do you know which will fit with yours?

You need to look at these 4 factors: 

  1. Pricing: Starting prices vary and some plans offer different payment options. 
  2. Process: Different services process your requests a little differently and offer different mediums for communication.
  3. Work offered: Many services can give you the standard design types, but others offer certain design work with their higher tier plans.
  4. Value of plans: Different plans provide increased value that may fit your exact needs and operations more cohesively and/or allow you to grow in the future. 

Let’s first take a look at Design Pickle itself…

The Baseline: An Overview of Design Pickle

Design Pickle



Pricing: Design Pickle’s standard plan costs $399/mo. You can save 5% when you pay quarterly ($379/mo when paid quarterly) and you can save 10% when you pay yearly ($350/mo when you pay yearly). Design Pickle offers a 14-day free trial.  See our analysis of Design Pickle pricing.

Process: With Design Pickle, you can request designs in two ways: 1) email request, and 2) the Design Pickle Platform. Design Pickle also has Zapier integrations so you can connect the Design Pickle Platform to other programs that you use (like Google Sheets and Trello). Revision requests are done within the Design Pickle Platform, and they have a 24/5 live chat support.

Work offered: Design Pickle offers most standard types of designs. These include custom illustrations, brochures, flyers, infographics, print materials, and designs for online ads. Advanced infographics, animated GIFs, and PowerPoint/Google Slide decks are offered with their second plan

Value of plans: Design Pickle offers a second, “Pro” plan which costs $995/mo. This plan includes the features of their “Standard” plan plus collaboration via Slack, same-day delivery, API integration, and has a 21-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Top 4 Design Pickle Alternatives

We've laid out a side-by-side breakdown of the top 5 unlimited graphic design service plans in this recent article.

Today, we compare Design Pickle to its top 4 competitors from an operations standpoint — which one will integrate best with your day-to-day operations, your company values, and your personal workflow?

Here are your top choices:


Design Pickle Alternatives Penji



Penji was created to offer increased efficiency for those in the startup world. Penji pledges 10% of their monthly profits to help those who are helping others. They also offer discounted rates to qualified non-profits and social-impact startups.  ->Read our review of Penji.

Penji vs Design Pickle

Pricing: Penji starts at $369/mo when paid monthly. You can save 15% if you pay quarterly ($313/mo when paid yearly). When paid yearly, you save $37 compared to Design Pickle’s yearly payment. 

Penji offers a 15 day 100% money-back guarantee.

Process: With Penji’s first plan option ($369/mo), real-time collaboration of Design Pickle’s Pro plan is built into their platform with their instant messaging. Design requests are also sent through this platform, similar to Design Pickle’s Platform. Penji also offers additional support through email. They also provide shareable design links for your review/approval process.

Work offered: Penji offers much of the design work that Design Pickle offers. Penji’s work includes: custom logos & branding, t-shirt & merch designs, social media design, custom illustrations, and print materials. When you use Penji’s higher tier plans, you can also request designs for websites & apps.

Value of plans: Penji offers 3 different plans. In addition to their first plan described above, Penji offers a $479/mo plan and a $698/mo plan (you can pay for both yearly and save 15% by doing so). Their $479/mo plan offers the additional benefits of unlimited brands, day time designers, and access to a larger team that includes UX/UI designers and a dedicated account manager.

Penji’s $698 plan offers those same benefits with prioritized support, the ability to have your designers work on 2 projects at a time, and the ability to have 10 of your team members with their own Penji account.

Get 15% off your first month with coupon code: GEOFF15 (enter at checkout). Visit Penji


Design Pickle Alternatives Flocksy



Created in 2016, Flocksy was founded by three lifelong entrepreneurs. Brothers Sam, Charles and George Ryan founded the company to offer a team focused, internet-based creative platform that was affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Flocksy vs Design Pickle

Pricing: Flocky’s pricing starts at $349/mo, saving you $50/mo compared to Design Pickle’s starting plan. All of their accounts come with a 14-day money back guarantee.

Process: Flocksy uses intuitive project briefs for your design requests. After you post your design details, a timer shows the expected turnaround time. You also get a dedicated Project Manager to answer your questions quickly.

Work offered: Like Design Pickle, Flocksy’s specialties span across most standard graphic designs including Facebook ads, brochure designs, and book covers. 

Value of plans: Flocksy offers two additional plans compared to Design Pickle’s one. Flocksy’s $420/mo plan also gives users access to a copywriting team, animated gifs (that are only available with Design Pickle’s $995 plan), custom Illustrations, and video editing team.

Similarly, Flocksy’s highest tier plan gives users access to a third team: their web development team. For $720/mo, this plan offers help with your front end coding projects as well as converting PSD to HTML.

Get 10% off your first month with coupon code: GEOFF10 (enter at checkout). Visit Flocksy


Design Pickle Alternatives ManyPixels



The ManyPixels team prides themselves on offering high quality design work through a team effort. With 30+ full time designers, ManyPixels strives to make the highest quality design accessible to everyone. ->Read our review of ManyPixels.

ManyPixels vs Design Pickle

Pricing: Similar to Design Pickle, ManyPixels starts at $399/mo. They offer a 14 day money back guarantee. 

Process: Once you submit your graphic design requests through ManyPixels, you'll receive your first concepts in 1-2 business days (similar to Design Pickle). Your designer makes as many revisions as you need, and you get all source files when your final design is ready. 

Work offered: Like Design Pickle, ManyPixels’ design work spans all standard designs. These include display ads, flyers, posters, business cards, t-shirt graphics, and print materials.

Value of plans: Similar to Design Pickle’s second tier plan, ManyPixels second plan offers users gifs and presentation designs. It also includes landing page designs and light website design. ManyPixel’s second plan is $549/mo, saving you $446 compared to Design Pickle’s $995 plan.

Get 15% off your first month with coupon code: GEOFF15 (enter at checkout). Visit ManyPixels


Design Pickle Alternatives Kapa99



The mission of Kapa99 is to save people the frustration that often comes with graphic design work. The company’s highest values are customer commitment, quality, teamwork, accountability, and punctuality.

Kapa99 vs Design Pickle

Pricing: Kapa99’s plan is $399/mo, the same as Design Pickle’s starting plan. They offer a 15 day trial as well as a 100% money-back 30 day guarantee. Additionally, Kapa99 lets you claim $15 for every delay that is encountered.

Process: Similar to Design Pickle, users submit their design needs to Kapa99 via e-mail. Alternatively, users can also submit requests through Trello.

Work offered: Kapa99 offers many of the standard types of designs. Designs offered include logos, blog images, flyers, podcast covers, email signatures, billboards, web ads, and t-shirt designs.

Value of plans: Since all of Kapa99 designs fall under their sole $399/mo plan, all designs fall under this price. This means you get Powerpoint templates with this plan where you may be paying $995 with Design Pickle to get similar designs.

Visit Kapa99 here

Winner: Best Alternative to Design Pickle

With 3 different plans, multiple pricing options, and a high degree of collaboration capabilities, Penji is our number 1 pick for best alternative to Design Pickle. With their lowest pricing at $313 (“Pro” plan when paid yearly), Penji gives the most bang for your buck.

Get 15% off your first month with a Penji promo code