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My Honest Review of ManyPixels in 2024
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ManyPixels is a great option for businesses in need of graphic design services, but don’t want to deal with the overhead of an in-house graphic designer. In fact, this need is why many unlimited graphic design services are popping up.

But how is ManyPixels different, and would their service work for you?

In my ManyPixels review, I’m going to lay out the facts from my own experience and let you decide for yourself.

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Is ManyPixels Worth It?

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In my opinion, yes, ManyPixels is worth it. It’s right in the middle, price-wise, and the quality of the designs is pretty darn good.

It also couldn’t be easier to use. If you’ve ever used any unlimited graphic design service before, you’ll have no problem getting used to ManyPixels’s setup.

Their dedication to getting it right and giving us only the highest quality designs no matter what is admirable.

If you need a constant flow of top-quality designs with quick turnaround times, ManyPixels is definitely worth the money.

ManyPixels Review

Scoring Metric

Our Rating (Out of 5)

Customer Support
Communication/Project Management
Quality of Designs
User Interface/Dashboard
Variety of Services
Consistency & Brand Alignment
Feedback/Revision Process
Bonus Tools

Overall, I think ManyPixels is a solid unlimited graphic design choice for businesses looking for a simple platform to get some high-quality designs back in a short timeframe.

The onboarding process was easy and the whole process was straightforward with no fluff, so, while I always appreciate an onboarding video, it seemed like it wasn’t necessary here.

Categories and Products

They work tirelessly until they give you the highest-quality designs and even explain the reasoning behind their design choices, which offers an interesting insight into the process.

They gave me multiple iterations of designs without me asking, which made revisions a breeze and allowed us to incorporate elements from different designs to create the final product.

You can also request different file formats if necessary, and they will do their best to accommodate every request.

Create a Request Page 1

The process of submitting requests is easy and straightforward and they even have a little floating box next to every request outlining what you need to include.

I do wish this was streamlined and broken down more in the actual form for submitting requests.

Create Request Page 2

I got two requests back in one day on a couple of separate occasions (a nice surprise).

You have the option to record Loom videos right on the screen, which is helpful when you’re trying to explain changes that you want on more complex designs.

Finished Requests

The biggest downside here is the level of output. They can only do one task a day (depending on your plan, you can always add designers) and it often takes up to the full 24 hours for a turnaround, with GIFs and animations taking 48-72 hours to complete.

ManyPixels Pros

  • They excel in website and mobile design, delivering impressive UI designs in our tests.
  • Feature to quickly download the latest folder of deliverables.
  • Ability to duplicate requests for tweaks.
  • Occasionally received two completed requests in one day.
  • Commitment to high-quality designs; they reassign tasks if feedback is neutral.
  • Plans are scalable, allowing 1 to 10 professional graphic designers per account.
  • Helpful examples and a side window guide during the request process.
  • Proactive communication for additional information, without delaying other tasks.
  • Provides design rationale and multiple options, even if unrequested.
  • Allows direct recording of Loom videos for detailed design discussions.

ManyPixel Cons

  • Request submission process could be too open-ended, confusing for those new to graphic design.
  • Make the ability to leave annotations on designs more prominent.
  • Basic plan allows only one task per day; GIFs take 48-72 hours, which is lengthy.
  • For complex tasks, only partial deliverables are provided initially, delaying completion, but that means your designs are more in line with your vision.

ManyPixels Examples

The proof is in the pudding, as they say (do they say that still?).

Here are some real examples of the work ManyPixels did for us.

Request Type

# of Revisions

Total Turnaround Time

4 hrs
Animated GIF
9 hrs
33 hrs
Social Banner
9 hrs
Blog Images
24 hrs
6 hrs
YouTube Thumbnail
10 hrs
Web Design
36 hrs
Presentation Design
16 hrs
Custom Illustrations
48 hrs
35 hrs

Sample Logo Design

For the logo design, they provided the deliverables in different layouts for each design which is unique and shows that special care and consideration were taken into account.

They also provided “stories” or reasons why elements of the logo (font, etc) convey aspects I requested in the brief. Most other providers just say “Here’s version 1 let me know what you think.”

And they nailed it. This one was spot on the first time, no revision was needed.

ReviewCynic Logo-2

Sample Infographic

Again, they went above and beyond. For this test, they updated an infographic, all in the same theme and style, and they followed the prompt to a T.

They even found extra data on their own to be able to make better visuals. For example, I only asked for a statistic for 2024, but they found a stat from 2023 to incorporate into the visual. Super nice touch!

Graphic Design Infographic 2024

Homepage Redesign Sample

For this one, they delivered it as a Figma file and as a normal PNG, which was helpful.

Unfortunately, they only delivered half of it to get approval before working on the rest (most other UGD services do the whole deliverable, but again, that means the final version will be more inline with your initial vision).

DDIY Homepage Redesign - V1

Check out the bottom of this review for more samples from ManyPixels.

ManyPixels Overview

You begin your journey with ManyPixels by signing up and creating a profile.

You can create multiple brand profiles, which is super helpful if you own multiple sites.

ManyPixels Create a Brand

Once you submit your first request, they match you with a graphic designer. That graphic designer then works on your request and delivers your first draft in 1-2 business days.

All of this is for a flat fee starting at $549/month, with no contract.

How Does ManyPixel's Unlimited Graphic Design Work?

Under their Pricing Plan, you can submit as many requests and revisions for all of your projects at no extra cost.

One drawback is that with the base plan, you get one Daily Output of work per day. ManyPixels describes a Daily Output as a significant update on one request (1 logo, 2-3 social media graphics, 1 web page) and one small revision on another request.

If you want to get more done on a daily basis you need to upgrade to their Business plan ($999/mo).

Annotations on Designs

How Many Daily Designs Will I Get from ManyPixels?

Designs vary in complexity so measuring output is somewhat subjective.

Here is their rough estimate of what you can expect to receive from a single designer on a daily basis, i.e. the daily output:

  • 2-3 social media graphics
  • or 1-2 custom illustrations (more if they are not too complex)
  • or 2-3 display ads
  • or 4-5 pages of a brochure, e-book, report or slide deck
  • or 1 GIF (2-3 sec)
  • or 1-2 flyers
  • or 1 logo
  • or the first draft of a landing page

If you would like to receive more, you can always add more designer(s) to your account.

Request Options

Who Is ManyPixels Good For? Who Uses It?

  • Start-ups who need help with email marketing, branding, social media graphics
  • Bloggers/podcast hosts who need icons for their channel
  • Marketing/ creative agencies who need event graphics, email campaign designs or T-shirts
  • Corporations in need of business reports, e-commerce graphics & infographic illustrations

ManyPixels designers will work on a range of projects, including:

  • Social Media Graphics
  • Website and mobile app design
  • Landing Pages
  • Business Reports
  • Infographics Illustrations
  • Icons Podcast Graphics
  • Event Graphics
  • T-Shirts
  • Ecommerce Graphics
  • Logos & Branding
  • 2-3 sec GIFs

Delivered Files

Is ManyPixels Legit?

Yes, ManyPixels is a legit company founded by Quentin Gillon. We have worked with them quite a few times over the years and interacted with real people, so we can say firsthand that they are a legitimate company.

Rating a Finished Request

ManyPixels Features & Services

Here’s an overview of the features and services that ManyPixels has to offer.



Unlimited Graphic & Web DesignOffers a wide range of design services including social media graphics, websites, logos, and more.
Fast & ReliableDesign tasks are completed in 1-2 business days, ensuring quick turnaround times.
Fixed Monthly RateProvides services at a flat monthly fee, making budgeting predictable and straightforward.
Professional DesignersAccess to vetted, battle-tested professional designers for high-quality work.
Flexible & ScalableNo long-term contracts, allowing scaling up or down as needed.
Simple PlatformEasy-to-use platform to submit and prioritize requests, manage brands, and communicate with designers.
Collaborative EnvironmentOption to invite team members for collaboration on the platform.
Dedicated Designer PlanOffers a dedicated designer for personalized and consistent design work.
Slack IntegrationAt higher levels.
Optional Chat FunctionalityAllows you to talk to the project manager.

ManyPixels Pricing

ManyPixels has 3 pricing plans for every budget.

ManyPixels Pricing

They are:

  • Advanced ($549/mo)– 1 daily output, 1-2 day delivery, graphic design, web design, and custom illustrations included.
  • Business ($999/mo)– 2 daily output, next day delivery, graphic design, web design, custom illustrations, and motion graphics included.
  • Dedicated Designer ($1,299/mo)– Dedicated designer, same-day delivery, real-time Slack communication.

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Where Do I Enter the Manypixels Promo Code?

Pick a plan on their pricing page and click “Start Trial,” then once you sign up they have an “Enter coupon” option. You can paste “DDIY20” there.

Alternatives to ManyPixels

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who started the company ManyPixels?

Quentin Gillon is the brains behind ManyPixels. He dreamed of a service that would make high-quality logo design available to all kinds of businesses.

What does unlimited graphic design mean?

Having unlimited graphic design is like having a magic lamp that can do any design you want. For a flat monthly fee, you can make as many design requests and changes as you want. This is incredibly helpful for ensuring that your marketing and branding materials are all the same.

Why does logo design cost so much?

Graphic design is a very skilled and creative job that combines art with smart communication. The cost usually goes up because of this complicated process and the need for one-of-a-kind patterns that people want.

Does ManyPixels let you try it out for free?

They don't have a normal free trial, but they do have a 14-day money-back promise, which is better. You can try their service without any risk and make sure it fits your design needs.

More ManyPixels Examples

Custom Illustration – Coloring Book

Coloring Book MP 1

Coloring Book MP 2

T-Shirt Design Sample

Tshirt Design MP

Animated GIF Sample

Animated GIF MP