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My Honest Review of Kimp’s Unlimited Graphic Design Service [+ Video Review & Walkthrough]

Kimp is an unlimited graphic design platform. Let's review what exactly that means and compare their business model to the competition.

We break down the pros and cons so you can see if their monthly graphic design service makes sense for you.

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Kimp Overview

Kimp is one of our top picks for best unlimited graphic design services.  Kimp's design team will work on an unlimited number of designs and revisions for a fixed monthly fee.

Kimp also has an affordable video editing service to make your videos look professional grade.  More on that below.

How does Kimp and unlimited graphic design work?

For their fixed monthly rate, you have a 3 person graphic design team and manager that will help with all your graphic design needs. Most designers are from India and Sri Lanka but their support team is located in Ontario and is available via phone, email, or video for your convenience. You are not locked into a contract and plans are month to month.

Typically, you get 2-3 designs every business day. That's double the output of competitors' plans.  They only offer one plan to choose from that allows for unlimited requests and revisions. The nature of the projects ranges from logo design to infographics and billboard designs.

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How Does Work?

Who is Kimp good for?

Kimp is for startups, bloggers, marketers, creative agencies, freelancers, entrepreneurs – just about anyone who needs cost-effective, high quality graphic design services, on an ongoing basis. Some industries they've worked with include:

  • Service Centers
  • Spas & Salons
  • Printing Companies
  • Churches
  • Not-For-Profits
  • Charities
  • E-Commerce and Retail Shops
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Restaurants
  • Law Firms
  • Educational Institutions
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Mortgage Agents
  • Insurance Agents
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Social Media Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Amazon & Other Ecommerce Merchants

Who uses Kimp?

Kimp is used by both new entrepreneurs as well as established businesses. Here are a few brands they’ve worked with that you may recognize: Clients

What does Kimp cost? (Kimp Pricing)

Kimp charges a fixed fee of $499/month for unlimited design requests and revisions.  Unlike their competitors, Kimp works on two tasks at a time instead of one so you get roughly double the output of comparable plans.

Kimp keeps their pricing dead simple.  Everything is included, even custom illustrations and stock photos.

If you are an agency and need a higher output of work you can simply stack multiple subscriptions.

Kimp has also introduced a new video editing service for $599/month.  This includes professional editing, custom graphics, and stock images, videos, and audio.

You can bundle together graphics and video for $895/month.

Kimp Pricing 2021

Kimp Review 

My favorite thing about Kimp is they work on 2-3 tasks at once.  This results in about double the output of their competitors' comparable plans.

Another thing I love about Kimp is that they stand out in a crowded unlimited graphic design marketplace. Maybe it's the monkey mascot, but they have a fun MailChimp vibe. Branding seems to be important to them. Their website looks sharp and was one of the first things I noticed. Frankly, it's what compelled me to write a review about them.

Kimp is unique in that it offers three designers assigned to tag team your account. Each of the three designers has specialties in at least one of these graphic design styles: illustration, print, or digital. You can put your requests through to their team via email or through Trello, which they have seamlessly integrated with their team. If you’ve never used Trello, they give you a step by step video guide on their FAQ page.

Even though Kimp only offers one plan, they provide a higher output of designs than any other comparable unlimited graphic design” plan we've reviewed.  And if you still want more output you can stack multiple subscriptions.

Let's look at all the pro’s and con’s of using Kimp:

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Kimp Pros

Pros: Here’s what I like about Kimp

  • You are given a design team of 3 people with different areas of expertise: illustration, print, or digital
  • Unlike all other base level unlimited plans, Kimp designers will work on two tasks at once instead of one.  This roughly doubles the output you get from other providers.
  • Kimp schedules their designers's working hours to have some overlap with your time zone, all around the world (see Kimp's business hours for different countries in their FAQs).  Smaller requests and revisions are often turned around same day if you make them in the first half of a designer's shift.
  • Kimp has the most straightforward pricing plan.   There is only one graphic design option and everything is included (except video editing).  If you are an agency and want more output you can stack plans together.
  • Their video editing chops are outstanding.  Check out the video they edited for us down below.
  • No add-on pricing for extras like other providers.  This includes free stock photos, custom illustration, and animated gifs.
  • Kimp is integrated with Trello's task management system to easily manage requests and revisions.  And you can share Trello access with your team to give everyone visibility.
  • Great customer support.  You'll get an onboarding phone call and follow-up from a customer experience pro to help you get started and you can escalate to a project manager for complex requests.
  • The design of Kimp's website actually looks good and is unique; doesn't look cookie cutter like some competitors
  • The clients they work with are impressive – we're often judged by the company we keep for a reason

Kimp Cons

Cons: Here are the only things I don’t like about Kimp

  • You must use Trello to manage tasks and design files are stored in Google Drive (separate links for each task).  I'd like to see design files presented right in the task management system to save a couple clicks (but this is not a huge deal).  I'd also like to have access to a library of all of your past designs in one file system or Google Drive.  Although in fairness, I have not seen any other provider offer this.
  • If you don’t consistently need design work, you may not get the full value every month.  Kimp is worth it if you average at least 8-10 hours per month in design work.
  • Designers work in a different time zone than the U.S. so requests are completed overnight and in the morning (up until 11am EST)
  • Custom illustration takes longer than the typical graphic design requests which is to be expected.

Kimp Video Review and Walk Through

In the video below I share my full review.  I walk through the Kimp service and share some of the actual designs they created for us.

But what's really cool is that I tested out Kimp's new video editing service to polish up my video.  I was blown away by the results, but see for yourself!

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Alternatives to Kimp

If you’re looking for more options, we've reviewed the top alternatives to Kimp:

Also check out our Unlimited Graphic Design Services Comparison which breaks down each of these providers and our top 2 picks.

Trying out each of these platforms is your best bet to finding which works best for you. You are still saving hundreds if not thousands by going through these online services depending on your project needs.

In 2020 graphic designers made on average $50,000/year. That's over $4,000/mo. out of your pocket. So take a chance and try these platforms out. Most of their basic plans average about $400/mo. That’s just good business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is unlimited graphic design?

You get an unlimited number of graphic design projects and revisions for a fixed monthly fee. The only limitation is that designers fulfill requests one at time, unless you pay a little extra for more than one designer. Learn more about Kimp and get a coupon here.

How much is Kimp?

$499 per month. No set-up fee, no minimum terms, and no cancellation penalties. Learn more about Kimp and get a coupon here.

Is there a contract?

No. You can cancel anytime. Learn more about Kimp and get a coupon here.

Who owns the rights to the designs?

You own and control the Intellectual Property to the designs. Learn more about Kimp and get a coupon here.

What is the typical turnaround time?

24-48 hours. Learn more about Kimp and get a coupon here.