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Kimp Graphic Design Service Discount (50% OFF)

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We want you to be able to test Kimp out at a lower price point, so we’ve negotiated an exclusive discount of 50% off your first two months.

Read on to get your coupon for 50% off the first two months. This active promotion is valid for 2024 and is available to anyone who uses our link.

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Kimp Discount

Here you can claim a special Kimp coupon for a limited time, valid in 2024. You can use this offer to save 50% on your first two months of services at Kimp.

Click the button below, select your preferred plan, and enjoy your savings at checkout.

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Get 50% Off Your First Two Months Using the Link Below

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Understanding Kimp Coupon Code Terms & Conditions

You can use this link for 50% off your first two months. The offer may expire at any time but is currently valid in 2024.

You can use the discount on any of the three plans but it will only apply to the first two months of service. After that, you will be billed the full price for your selected plan.

How to Use Kimp Promo Codes & Coupons?

First, choose a pricing plan: either Graphics, Video, or Graphics and Video.

You will then be prompted to begin a free trial. To create your account, enter your name, email address, and phone number, and select a password. You will also enter a board name for your account.

At checkout, you will see the discount applied. Simply enter your card information and checkout.

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Why Use This Kimp Promo Code?

Kimp’s unlimited graphic design service produces more content than other unlimited services by working on two tasks at a time.

Kimp is integrated with Trello’s task management system, making it easy to get your team on the same page and track the progress of your various projects.

With straightforward pricing and stellar customer service, Kimp is definitely worth a try, especially with a 50% off deal like this.

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Get 50% Off Your First Two Months Using the Link Below

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