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Best DMCA Takedown Services

8 Best DMCA Takedown Services to Handle Stolen Content

We all remember those old-school piracy warning commercials that would come before movies, right?

But what do you do if you suddenly become a victim of a pirating scheme? It's happened to us with our online course, and we found success with these takedown services.

Here are the best DMCA takedown services available when someone steals your content.

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What Is a DMCA Takedown?

What Is a DMCA Takedown

A DMCA takedown occurs when someone steals your stuff and you use the law (or one of the services on this list) to convince them to remove the stolen content from their unauthorized site.

It’s not just for copyrighted content; DMCA takedowns can happen to any content that you can prove was your original idea and is being used for unauthorized purposes.

8 Best DMCA Takedown Services

1.) Don't Do It Yourself

DDIY Logo Cropped

Yup, that's us! We're now offering DMCA takedown services, especially for stolen OnlyFans content and pirated online courses.

Some of the services we offer include:

    • Exhaustive research for all stolen versions of your content (even hard-to-find places)
    • De-indexing of offending sites from search engines
    • DMCA takedown notices to website owners and hosting providers
    • Report infringing content on social media platforms and video-sharing websites
    • Ongoing weekly reporting on progress

Here’s what a happy client had to say about our work (or check out our case study):

“I’m impressed with it and the process he’s going through to try and take down these pages and sites.

It’s the analytical and out-of-the-box thinking that I’d expect from someone offering these services. It’s also why I couldn’t just give it to any of my VAs and did it myself for some time.

He’s definitely worth the money and taken a load off my hands. Gives me some motivation to keep adding new materials to the course.”


  • Specializes in takedown services for stolen and pirated online courses
  • Offers exhaustive research and de-indexing of offending sites
  • Provides DMCA takedown notices across various platforms
  • Includes ongoing weekly reporting on progress
  • Tailored approach for analytical and comprehensive takedown strategies


  • May be more focused on online courses, potentially less versatile for other content types

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2.) DMCA Desk

DMCA Protected Badge Transparent - Large

DMCA Desk is our runner-up choice when it comes to takedown services.

They offer various services that will help you maintain control over your intellectual property and brand.

DMCA Desk will handle:

  • DMCA Takedowns – remove infringing content
  • Trademark Infringement – protect brand identity
  • Counterfeit Removals – remove counterfeit products and protect brand image

They will also work in many different verticals, including digital courses, eCommerce, and software applications. They are also ideal for digital artists and video content creators.

You can get started with a free consultation with one of their experts.


  • Broad range of services including DMCA takedowns, trademark infringement, and counterfeit removals
  • Versatile for different verticals like digital courses and eCommerce
  • Offers a free consultation with experts
  • Ideal for digital artists and video content creators
  • Comprehensive approach to intellectual property control


  • May not be as specialized in certain niche areas
  • The broad scope of services might not cater to specific individual needs

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3.) Red Points

Red Points Logo Main

Red Points is one of the biggest names in DMCA takedown services, and for good reason.

This site uses proprietary software to offer the most thorough search and takedown of stolen content possible.

Their bots scour the internet far and wide to find any evidence of stolen content, sending DMCA takedown rules automatically wherever the piracy occurs. They offer robust reporting services and follow-up removal, double-checking to make sure your pirated content has been removed.

These bots will continually monitor for new instances of content piracy, performing the takedowns as often as necessary to keep your content safe.


  • Uses proprietary software for thorough search and takedown
  • Automated bots for continuous monitoring and takedown
  • Offers robust reporting services and follow-up removal
  • Specializes in a wide range of content types
  • Proactive in finding and addressing new instances of content piracy


  • Automated approach may miss nuanced cases of infringement
  • Might be less personalized in service due to scale and automation

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4.) Rulta

Rulta Logo Main

For personal content creators, we recommend Rulta.

If you’re a content creator on Instagram, Patreon, TikTok, OnlyFans, etc., Rulta is a trusted source that specializes in getting personal content taken down from unauthorized locations.

They specialize in scanning, DMCA takedowns, delisting, and impersonation for creators. Their specialty in OnlyFans makes them a great option for OF creators who need to protect their bodily autonomy and risk having their likeness used for unauthorized purposes.


  • Ideal for personal content creators on platforms like Instagram, Patreon, TikTok
  • Specializes in DMCA takedowns, delisting, and impersonation issues
  • Focused on protecting personal content and bodily autonomy
  • Expertise in handling OnlyFans content issues
  • Tailored services for individual content creators


  • Niche focus might not suit all types of content creators
  • Less suitable for corporate or large-scale content protection needs

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5.) BranditScan

BranditScan Logo Main

Another great privacy protection option for content creators is BranditScan.

They detect content piracy from cyberlockers, video-sharing sites, social media, Google, and more. They then show you the data of which sites are stealing your content, allowing you to choose which ones you want to take down. Finally, they will send a DMCA takedown notice to offending sites and get links to the stolen content removed from Google search results.

Although many users believe they are slightly less thorough than Rulta, their services are a bit less expensive. Pricing starts at $45 per month.


  • Detects content piracy across various platforms including cyberlockers and social media
  • Allows clients to choose which content to take down
  • Offers affordable pricing starting at $45 per month
  • Specializes in removing links to stolen content from Google search
  • User-friendly approach to content protection


  • Considered slightly less thorough than some competitors
  • Services may be more basic compared to more comprehensive providers

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6.) FraudWatch

FraudWatch is a full-service digital brand protection and DMCA takedown service that uses proprietary tools to monitor the web for any signs of content piracy from clients.

Their team will track, identify, analyze, and contact the proper owners of pirated content to get your pirated information removed from unauthorized sites. They use human incident handling, meaning a real person will communicate with these sites instead of just a bot.

They have scalable and cost-effective solutions, making DMCA takedowns accessible to even businesses with the tightest budgets.


  • Full-service digital brand protection and DMCA takedown service
  • Uses human incident handling for personalized communication
  • Offers scalable and cost-effective solutions
  • Monitors the web extensively for signs of content piracy
  • Suitable for businesses with tight budgets


  • Human-led approach may be slower than automated systems
  • Might not have the same technological edge as AI-driven services

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7.) ZeroFOX

ZeroFOX is known for its advanced, sophisticated AI detection and removal services.

Their alerts on suspicious activity are detailed and thorough, allowing important insight into how hackers are using your stolen content and how serious these threats are.

ZeroFOX’s easy-to-use, intuitive interface makes tracking threats and keeping your brand secure easier than ever. Their excellent customer service and support facilitate a trusting relationship that many reviewers appreciate.


  • Advanced AI detection and removal services
  • Provides detailed alerts on suspicious activity
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Known for excellent customer service and support
  • Focuses on both external and internal digital threats


  • Advanced features might be overwhelming for smaller businesses
  • Potentially more expensive due to sophisticated technology

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8.) BrandShield

BrandShield Logo Main

A leader in digital risk protection, BrandShield offers a full menu of data protection and DMCA takedown services.

They handle external threats like web fraud, social media and executive impersonation, online scams, and phishing sites. They also offer internal security measures, including protection of emails, company servers, internal networks, and more.

BrandShield has been trusted to protect huge sites like New Balance, Swisscom, and Levi’s, among others.

The intuitive interface has all of the tools you need to manage data and brand security.


  • Comprehensive range of data protection and DMCA takedown services
  • Handles external threats like web fraud and online scams
  • Offers internal security measures for emails and networks
  • Trusted by large companies like New Balance and Levi’s
  • Intuitive interface for managing data and brand security


  • May be more suited for larger corporations with extensive needs
  • The wide range of services might be more than required for individual content creators

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What to Look for When Choosing DMCA Takedown Service

What to Look for in Takedown Service

Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the right DMCA takedown service for your content.

Reputation and Track Record

Look at what reviewers have to say and what companies the DMCA takedown service you’re interested in has worked for. Do reviewers have positive things to say about what the company has done for them? Are large sites trusting them to protect their data and brand identity?

Speed and Accuracy

Look into how quickly and accurately the service can identify threats and how thoroughly they analyze each one. Are they regularly sweeping the internet for signs of piracy? Do they handle takedowns as soon as they identify stolen content?

Customer Service

A must for any service provider, make sure that their customer service is good. They should be communicative and helpful, as much of their job includes handling private, sensitive information.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Finally, how easy is it to see DMCA infringements and navigate the interface that shows you the identified threats? The data is no good if the complicated interface makes it impossible to access it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a DMCA takedown service worth it?

Yes, a DMCA takedown service is worth it if you don’t want to deal with searching through the internet and sending DMCA takedowns to each new offender that arises.

How much does a DMCA takedown cost?

A DMCA takedown can cost anywhere from $0 (if you choose to do it yourself) to $200 for a fully-managed takedown.

How long does a takedown service take?

A takedown service can take anywhere from 24 hours to over 6 months, depending on how responsive the offending party is. Learn more about the process here.

What is the best takedown service for pirated content?

We had great success with our trusted partner, who took down pirated copies of our course. Learn more about our experience here.