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Here's What You'll Learn

  • How to use AI to ramp up your content production without sacrificing quality
  • How to edit content and avoid AI detection and penalties from search engines
  • Processes to create different types of AI content (blog posts, social media, product descriptions, etc.)
  • Which tools are best suited for different content types
  • Exactly how to use the top AI writing tools with over-the-shoulder demos
  • How to use AI to help prepare your online course
  • Bonus discounts and checklists (read more below)

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“If you're looking to scale your content with AI assistance, this course shows you exactly how to do that. From briefing to editing, and across every major AI writing tool, the course gives you the key knowledge to get started with AI blogging

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Comes with a MAJOR Discount on our Favorite AI Writing Tool

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Get 20% extra credits each month for life

This alone will pay for the course MANY times over.


Course Curriculum

Welcome - Our Favorite Tools Overview
Introduction - What to Expect
High-Level Approaches to AI Blog Content
Using AI for Long-Form Content
Planning Your Content for AI Blog Posts
Our Favorite AI Tool for Blog Content
Using Content at Scale for Blog Posts
Using Jasper AI for Blog Posts
Using AI for Short-Form Content
Our Favorite Tool for Short-Form Content
Using AI for Email Copy
Using AI for Product Descriptions
Using AI for Ad + Social Copy
Using AI for Course Creation
Editing & Optimizations
AI Detection - What You Should Know
Tool-Specific Detailed Walkthroughs
Using ChatGPT
Content at Scale Detailed Walkthrough
Jasper AI Detailed Walkthrough
Summary + Downloadable References

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This course is AI tool agnostic

We share a detailed approach for incorporating AI into your content workflow, regardless of what tool you use.

That said, for each concept, we'll provide tutorials using tools like Jasper, Content at Scale, CopyAI, and ChatGPT.

We've thoroughly tested each of the top tools and share our recommendations for different uses.

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AI Course Discount

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AI Course Content Marketers

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Recommendations and walkthroughs of top tools

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See What Our Fans are Saying

starsThis course gave a thorough breakdown of tools and practices that I can apply immediately to efforts to enhance client engagement content.

John H Wilson Profile

– John W.

starsA great introduction to creating content using AI tools.

Jonathan Kiekbusch Profile

– Jonathan K.

starsThis AI Writing course is approachable and so helpful. I had very little background with AI writing before taking this course. I feel so much more confident with moving forward with AI writing for my business!

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– Addison L.



  • Exclusive discounts on AI writing tools (not available anywhere else)
  • Checklists for writing AI blog posts, emails, ads and social media, and product descriptions
  • Checklist of how to use AI for course creators
  • Checklist for editing and optimizing AI content
  • Cheatsheet of our favorite prompts to create content using ChatGPT

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A Word From The Creator

Geoff Profile Headshot

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Geoff, and I manage a portfolio of content sites.  Our team of talented writers and editors have spent months testing AI writing tools and building out new internal processes to scale our content production.  We organized our best tactics into this course [review] to help other content creators succeed.

I have seen the writing on the wall.  Smart creators will leverage AI for growing content sites in a rapid, but sustainable fashion.  AI can help you scale quickly, but you must still incorporate original insights and editorials or your content won’t rank (for long).  You must take the right approach, but the rewards will be great.

On the flip side, if you fail to use AI, you risk getting outflanked by the competition!


Frequently Asked Questions

Did we use AI to create this course sales page?

We sure did, with human editing, of course.  We used AI to generate an outline and give us some starting content which we reorganized and fine-tuned, but it gave us a big head start! Not to mention, we got a list of course name ideas from AI!

Do you offer a moneyback guarantee?

Yes, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, we will refund your purchase in full. No questions asked. That said, the exclusive AI writing tool discounts alone more than cover the cost of the course.

Who is this course for?

This course is for:

  • Bloggers, affiliates, and content marketers
  • Agency owners
  • Course creators
  • Anyone looking to scale up their content production

What is the quality of output from these AI tools?

Some tools are much better than others at producing high-quality content without editing (and we’ll show you which ones).

But in this course, we recommend using AI tools to help with productivity, not to replace a human altogether.  We will teach you how to increase your content production while still retaining quality content with human insights.

Can Google detect AI writing?

Google is getting better and better at detecting AI writing.  But it’s easy to make your content undetectable.

We’ll explain how AI detection works and how to edit your content to avoid detection.

How is the course structured?

The course is primarily video lessons with several bonus checklists.

Most lessons introduce a concept that can be applied with any AI writing tool.  This is then followed by over-the-shoulder demos of how we would implement the concept using popular tools.

I don't know anything about AI writing, is this for me?

Yes! This course is a great introduction to AI writing. It’s designed to teach you which tools are best for different types of content and exactly how to use them.

How do I get access and what happens after I sign up?

This course is completely online-based.

Once payment is made, you will be instantly enrolled in the course platform and can start learning right away.

I have another question.

No problem. Just shoot us an email: support AT