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AI Writing Course

For Bloggers and Digital Marketers

What's this AI Writing Course gonna be about?

The course will teach you how to use AI to drastically increase your content output while lowering your costs.

Our unique approach will show you how to use AI as a writing assistant and still maintain a high-level of quality and human insight.

The course will include…

  • Which AI tools are best suited for different content types
    • Blog posts (listicles, info content, reviews, recipes)
    • Short-form content (social ads, product descriptions, etc)
    • Online course creation
  • Different approaches to deploying blog content at scale
  • A detailed editing process for factual and insightful output
  • How to avoid AI detection and penalties from search engines
  • How to use AI tools to help with preparing your online course

This course will be AI tool agnostic.  This means we'll share the detailed approach for incorporating AI into your content workflow regardless of what tool you use.

That said, for each content type we'll provide multiple tutorials using tools like Jasper, Content at Scale, CopyAI, and more.

Who's the AI Writing Course for?

  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Agency Owners
  • Course Creators


  • Exclusive offers on AI writing tools
  • Content preparation checklist
  • Editing checklist
  • Detailed walk-throughs of all the top AI tools

AI Writing Course

For Bloggers and Digital Marketers