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My Honest Review of AI Writing Course

My Honest Review of AI Writing Course for Bloggers & Digital Marketers

Have you been trying to figure out how to integrate all the new AI writing tools out there into your workflow? Or maybe you’re not quite sure which tool would work for you.

The folks here at DDIY have created a course to help you answer those questions and more. It’s called AI Writing Course for Bloggers and Digital Marketers.

Unlike other platform-specific courses, AI Writing Course for Bloggers and Digital Marketers is tool agnostic. That means it demos and gives insights into several different AI writing tools.

Here’s my honest review of the course (full transparency, we are the creators of this course!…but we still try to show at least some objectivity in this review).


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Who Needs This Course?

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The short answer is that it was made specifically for digital marketers and bloggers who are looking to integrate AI writing tools into their workflow.

The course walks you through how to use Jasper, Content at Scale,, and ChatGPT in a variety of scenarios. The instructors tell you how to leverage AI to create digital products like emails, social media copy, ad copy, and even online course outlines, as well as different types of blog posts.

But they don’t just tell you what to input and which button to click. They go in-depth about the types of information you need to enter into the AI tools as well as how to optimize and edit the text after it’s been generated.

Overall, anyone who is just starting to look at which AI platform they want to try could definitely benefit from this course. Because it’s tool agnostic, you get to see how several platforms stack against each other. The course will then help you know how to take the next steps in incorporating AI into your business practices.

For those who already have their favorite platform, this course can help you find tested practices for integrating AI into your own workflow and problem areas to look out for in AI-generated text.

There is something for you, whether you’re a beginner or further along on the AI journey.

My Thoughts

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There is a lot of value packed into the AI Writing Course for Bloggers and Digital Marketers. I personally appreciated how it tried to appeal to a wide audience. I could definitely see new AI users growing with the course and coming back to reference the material in it. For those with more experience using AI, it takes the guesswork out of working with AI on a daily basis by giving some implementable steps to help make AI a more seamless part of their existing plans.

It's a course that I could see as a cross-training tool for a team of bloggers or marketers. If someone doesn’t know how to generate an outline in, for example, they could go directly to the timestamp for the walkthrough and find out exactly what to do. There’re How-Tos for every platform.

There are minor issues that I have with it. The audio levels changed between videos, and I couldn’t see the instructors’ faces when they were talking. And I would definitely love to see them update the course with more about topical maps and topical authority, which is something we need for Google ranking. But overall, the Cons that I have are me trying to be picky.

Is this course worth it? Yes.

Here are my Pros and Cons for the course:


  • It’s tool-agnostic and demos 4 different platforms.
  • The course covers long-form and short-form content creation.
  • It was created by digital marketers for digital marketers.
  • Something for everyone. Good for beginners and more experienced content creators.
  • There are discounts on AI tools for you to save money.
  • It’s the most up-to-date course out there.
  • It prepares you for beating AI detectors.
  • There are several bonuses like downloadable checklists and guides.
  • It has 17 videos with over 4 hours of content.
  • You get tool-specific tutorials and detailed walkthroughs to train your team.
  • The examples and presentation are clear.
  • Timestamps! These were so helpful when I wanted to navigate the videos rather than having to just watch the videos straight through.


  • This is more of a gripe than anything, but audio levels tend to be inconsistent.
  • I wanted to see more information on keyword planning and creating topical maps.
  • I would’ve liked to see more lessons on how to optimize content after initial Google impressions.
  • You can tell the instructors are biased against Jasper. They pretty much demoed it only because it’s a popular platform, but you can tell it’s not their favorite.
  • I would’ve loved to have seen the instructor’s faces during the demos, but again, this isn’t a huge problem.


The AI Writing Course for Bloggers and Digital Marketers is free!

What’s in the Course

Here is an exclusive look inside the syllabus of the course so that you can see exactly what you’ll be learning.

Welcome – Our Favorite Tools Overview

Find out which AI writing tools the instructors like the best right off the bat as well as exclusive discounts for course participants.

Introduction – What to Expect

Get an overview of the entire course, how it was put together, and meet your instructors.

High-Level Approaches to AI Blog Content

Get a high-level view of what goes into producing and scaling up blog posts through AI writers.

Using AI for Long-Form Blog Content

Know how to plan out your articles when using AI as well as demos of how we’ve personally used Content at Scale and Jasper to create blog posts.

Using AI for Short-Form Blog Content

Gain insights into how to create emails, product descriptions, ads and social copy, and online courses.

Editing & Optimizations

Find the ins and outs of what to do after your AI tool has generated content for you.

AI Detection – What You Should Know

Discover what tools you need to beat AI detectors.

Tool-Specific Detailed Walkthroughs

Look under the hood of Content at Scale, Jasper,, and ChatGPT, and train your team on how to use your favorite tool.

Summary and Downloadable References

Find all the instructors’ favorite tools for everything from content creation to editing and plagiarism as well as tons of checklists to get you started with implementing AI writing tools into your own workflow.

Ai Coures Download Materials

Final Thoughts

AI Writing Course for Bloggers and Digital Marketers takes the legwork out of learning how to use AI writing tools and gives you ideas for a start-to-finish process that you can use with your team.

If you’ve been struggling with how to work with AI or just want to know how to get started, there’s no reason not to try this course. It will pay for itself with the time you’ll save trying to figure it all out on your own.