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My Review of Copy AI

My Honest Review of Writing

The search for a budget-friendly all-in-one AI writing tool ends with

I’m a professional editor and have spent two weeks testing the best AI writing tools around.

In my opinion, creates both short- and long-form content and is suited best for small businesses or freelancers on a budget.

Let’s take a brief tour of the software and check out the output.

Best AI for Short Form Content

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  • Good for social media, ads, and product descriptions
  • Pre-built templates
  • Only provider with a free plan

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Best AI for Long Form Content

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Content at Scale

  • Highest quality AI output we have seen (minimal editing required)
  • By far the best AI writer for long-form blog content
  • Single-click output - no learning curve

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What Is

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Paul Yacoubian and Chris Lu co-founded this scrappy little startup in 2020. In just two years, the company has grown from only 3 employees to over 30, and its customer base has swelled to over 2,000,000 users as of August 2022. Some of their bigger clients include Microsoft and eBay.

Their goal is to create human-like content marketing copy, and they’ve been pushing toward that goal by utilizing their own blend of machine learning models and GTP-3.

Who Would Use is one of the more versatile AI writing options in terms of both the variety of creatable content and who can use it. You’re able to create either long- or short-form content. has templates for everything from Facebook ads to cover letters. It can even help students create outlines for their essays.

Out of all the AI writers I’ve personally tested, comes in second to Content at Scale [Review]. Review

Jasper AI Pros

Pros: Here’s What I Like About

Overall, would work well for folks on a budget who need both long- and short-form content. My favorite feature in has to be using Tab to generate more content, and that goes right along with having several options to choose from when it comes to output.

  • Ease of creating content.
  • Quality of content.
  • Variety of output options to choose from.
  • Variety of templates.
  • Always free plan.

Jasper AI Cons

Cons: Here’s the Only Thing I Didn’t Like About

  • An option for a plan below 40,000 words to make completely customizable like Writesonic. Overview

How Does Work? [+ Walkthrough Video]

To help you see exactly what you can achieve with, I’ve simulated a fake website called Club Pup to test out’s email and article-writing abilities. In fact, I’m using this same simulation across all my AI reviews so that you can see how each one stacks up against the competition. Click here to see’s Welcome Email output.

Not only are you able to see’s output, but you also get a mini video walkthrough of what it’s like to use

As you can see in my walkthrough video, navigating is fairly simple. Your “home page” or “dashboard” is called Projects, and this area is where you’ll land upon logging in. Your folders and documents are housed in the Projects area. Keeping your team organized is super easy with this layout, a feature that not all AI tools have.

Once you’ve created your document, whether it’s a short ad or a blog post, you can save it right here in the Projects area and come back to edit it later. You don’t have to try and copy it into a word processor to save it.

The editor in took me a moment to become acquainted with, but once I understood it, the interface became second nature. Upon first glance, the text editing area looks like Google Docs.

After a few trials, I realized that I could simply paste my pre-made outline into the editor, change the headings, and it started generating the text by simply hitting the Tab button. Seriously, it’s that simple. Not only did it generate text with the push of Tab, but it also gave me several different options of output to choose from. and Editing’s content is some of the best that I’ve seen from AI, second to Content at Scale. I was pleasantly surprised. Even in the Welcome Email, I wouldn’t have to change too much. The ability to pick from different options helped me find paragraphs that worked for me, which incidentally would help cut down on editing time. Even so, as with any AI writing tool, you will want to have an in-house editor look over’s output.

While testing another project, gave me some mathematical figures that even my English-major brain knew weren’t correct. The rest of the written content was great, but can’t do math (typical English major problem). So, please, do have your editorial staff go over the output. Don’t blindly post an unedited piece. Pricing

CopyAI Pricing’s pricing plans are incredibly simple. They have a free plan that is always free, meaning every month you can use up to 2,000 words free without inputting a credit card. This should tell you how confident they are that you will upgrade.

The next plan is the Pro which starts at $49 per month for 40,000 words and increases depending on how many words you plan on using per month. You get all the same great features no matter how many words you choose. Free Trial + 40% Off

Start your free trial, and get a one-time offer of 40% off for the first year if you upgrade to a paid plan.

You must sign up for a paid plan within 4 days of creating a free account to get this discount.

Final Thoughts on

Overall, takes a solid 2nd place in the AI writing tools I tested. Budget-minded small business owners will find a lot to like here.

With the free plan, there’s no reason to pass up on testing this one out yourself and seeing if it could streamline your writing process.

Don’t forget to check out my Tips and Tricks article to learn how to get the most out of your AI writer.

Best AI for Short Form Content

CopyAI Logo


  • Good for social media, ads, and product descriptions
  • Pre-built templates
  • Only provider with a free plan

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Best AI for Long Form Content

ContentAtScale Logo

Content at Scale

  • Highest quality AI output we have seen (minimal editing required)
  • By far the best AI writer for long-form blog content
  • Single-click output - no learning curve

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Favorite Editing Services (for human writers and AI-generated content) Sample Output From Our Analysis & Testing

I put in a fairly straightforward engagement email prompt for our fictional “Club Pup” group. Check out a portion of the sample output that's generation tool came up with:

Email Output:

Dear New Member of Club Pup,

Welcome to Club Pup! We're so glad you're here.

What you'll find here is a community of dog lovers, like you, who are committed to raising happy, healthy dogs and puppies. We do this by coming together online to share our experiences and knowledge.

We've created a fun learning environment for your dog with articles, videos, forum discussions, and a weekly live hangout. And as a member of Club Pup we'll also send you exclusive tips and recommendations for every stage of your dog's life.

ADDED BONUS: Love your dog? Join Club Pet Insurance and save 20% on all your plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is’s text edited? is not pre-edited. It's important to note that while utilizes advanced AI to produce content based on input prompts, the resulting text may not always perfectly align with your unique voice or editorial standards.

Therefore, it's essential for users to review and edit the content to tailor it to their specific needs. This editing process can include refining the tone, ensuring the text adheres to brand guidelines, checking for consistency, and verifying any factual claims made within the content.

Also, personalizing the AI-generated copy to better engage your target audience can help in creating a more impactful and authentic content experience.

Utilizing in-house editors or dedicating time to self-editing is a crucial step in the content creation process when using automated tools like

Is Copy AI free?

Yes, CopyAI is free for the basic version that includes all tools in the CopyAI suite, all new features that get released, customer support, and the CopyAI community.

Does have a free trial?

Yes, has more than a free plan. It has a free plan without an expiration date, so every month you could receive 2,000 words for free.

What type of content does create? is designed to assist with a variety of content creation needs using artificial intelligence.

It can generate short-form content such as social media posts, ad copy, email subject lines, and product descriptions, which are crucial for marketing and engagement.

Also, is capable of producing long-form content like blog posts, articles, website copy, and stories, which can help in content marketing efforts and online presence.