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My Honest Review of Undetectable AI

My Honest Review of Undetectable.AI: Detector & Rewriter Tool gives you the power of the best free AI detectors in one place and then lets you rewrite the content to beat those detectors.

As an editor, writer, and AI aficionado, I know just what to look for in AI-related products. And right off the bat, I can say that if you’re not already using a rewriter, is a great option.

So, let’s take a look at the ins and outs of in my honest review.

All-In-One: Detector & Rewriter is a cool new tool that detects AI for free and has paid options for AI paraphrasing and writing. We tried it for ourselves and found it to be pretty good at all that it does.

  • Collects results from 8 different AI checkers and identifies AI very quickly
  • Great customizability voice options for readability and tone (we liked the University one the best)
  • Very human-like output
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Undetectable ChatGPT

TLDR: is a highly effective tool for detecting and humanizing AI-generated content. Its ability to integrate results from eight different AI checkers and customizable rewriting options stand out. The tool produces impressively human-like output, enhancing content authenticity. However, it's not without flaws, such as occasional output errors and a need for post-editing. Overall, I rate a solid 4 out of 5, making it a valuable asset for content creators and editors in maintaining originality and quality.

Undetectable.AI Video Walkthrough & Review

What Is Undetectable.AI? gives you the unique combo of AI detector and rewriter in one.

When you enter content into Undetectable, it provides you with a likelihood of human vs AI content based on results aggregated from 8 other AI detectors.

With, you just plop in your text, run the detection tool, and then humanize it all (if it needs it) with the click of a couple of buttons.

Who Should Use It?

Who Should Use Undetectable AI

If you’re using AI-generated content and want to continue to rank, you’re going to want a reliable and robust detector and a detection-beating AI rewriter like can handle detecting an entire blog post; however, where it really shines is in shorter content (around the size of a paragraph or a blog post section).

I use this software to detect AI in smaller-sized content, then humanize it, and then integrate the rewritten text back into the larger article.

However, if you use platforms like [review] to create both long- and short-form content, they usually offer a rewriting service. So, you may not want to pay for overlapping services.

If you want to use it on larger texts, just be aware that the text editor strips headings and formatting. This means you’ll have to add those back in if you wholesale rewrite. Doing the work in smaller chunks will save you that headache.

Our Testing Process for Undetectable.AI

To test out the capabilities of, I used several different articles.

  • Two sections from a article. Created November 2022.
  • Two sections from a Content at Scale article. Created February 2023.
  • A human-AI hybrid article (heavier on the human side). Written 2023.
  • A human-written article. Written 2021.

I included the dates the pieces were written or created because I wanted to give you an idea of how it would detect older and newer versions of AI-written text.

I also compared’s AI detection skills with my standard AI detector from Content at Scale.

The tests I ran on the rewriter or humanizer were only on the sections from the article. Here are the iterations I did for the test sections.

  • Readability: University  Purpose: Article
  • Readability: Journalist   Purpose: Story
  • Readability: Doctorate  Purpose: Essay

AI Detection Results

Overall, detected the AI-generated text without fail. Both AI-generated texts showed red or yellow (meaning 50% or less human).

The hybrid article naturally had mixed results. But I noticed that the results that Content at Scale showed through were coming back at “not human.” I was suspicious because I run my hybrid articles through Content at Scale’s AI tool regularly throughout the writing process. When I checked with the Content at Scale’s tool, it actually gave me a 98% human result. This is in complete opposition to what told me Content at Scale says.

The human-written article was written before I even knew about AI writers. had a mixed review with, again, a few tools returning AI results. Again, I ran it through Content at Scale, and it returned as 98% human again.

Humanzing Results

The output returned in less than 30 seconds, and I was pleased with the voice for most of the iterations I did. Stylistically, it used fragments appropriately, which was a nice surprise. It definitely reads as more human to my eyes. Also, it passed the AI detection test from Content at Scale’s website.

I noticed a number of issues like missing spaces between words, words without the appropriate apostrophes (items in the original text), or incorrectly combined and misspelled words (e.g., “dogsre” instead of “dogs are”). These can all be fixed with an initial pass through a grammar checker, but it makes the text look messier than necessary.

However, you should be passing your text through a grammar checker anyhow, so these get caught and fixed easily.

Undetectable.AI Review – Our Thoughts

Undetectable AI Review

Best for content creators and SEO professionals looking to enhance AI-generated content's originality and evade AI detection.

My rating: 4/5

Some of my favorite things about the platform are its pricing structure, the no-frills interface, and its time-saving potential.

With Undetectable, everyone gets the same great service. You just determine how many credits you need.

The interface is so stripped down and easy to use that you don’t really need prior training. Compared to places like Jasper or ChatGPT, you don’t need to know how to feed the AI the right prompts to get the right response with It’s literally just a matter of copying and pasting your text into the text editor and pushing buttons. So simple!

Undetectable Blank Editor

I’m constantly looking for tools to help me be more efficient. definitely fits that bill. I don’t have to figure out which free AI detector is the best or compromise about which one I will use. puts all the best free AI detectors on the market in one place. Then it helps me save more time by having to rewrite or humanize a text by hand.

Undetectable Results Editor

Now there are some definite cons.

For example, the text editor is not as robust as other AI rewriters I’ve used. Frankly, it strips away any formatting. So, if I put in a blog post as-is, all my headings and formatting will disappear.

However, I’d just work around that by bringing in just a blog section or paragraph (anything that doesn’t have tons of formatting) to detect AI and then humanize it if needed. Then I’d plop it back into the blog.

Let’s dive into our Pros and Cons.

content at scale review pros

Pros: Here’s What I Like About Undetectable.AI

  • 8-in-1 AI detector. You don’t have to worry about which AI detector is best to use here or flipping between websites of multiple detectors. houses the 8 best free AI detectors in one place.
  • Quick and quality output. When humanizing (rewriting) a text, I was pleasantly surprised that the output came so quickly and that it was definitely more “human” than the original input. It passed the free AI detectors I used for testing.
  • Customizable rewriting tool.’s ability to change the Readability and the Purpose of text is really helpful for nailing an article’s voice. That means less editing on my end.
  • Combined AI detection and rewriting. You ever look at a product and think, “Why didn’t that come out sooner?” That’s how I feel about It is so nice to have a one-stop shop. Housing these two services together just makes so much sense.
  • Simple, no-frills interface. There’s pretty much no learning curve to using The biggest skills you need are copy-n-paste and clicking a button.
  • Affordable pricing. You can be on a shoestring budget and still get the same great features as those who need a ton of content humanized.

content at scale review cons

Cons: Here’s What I Don't Like About Undetectable.AI

  • Output requires editing. While the output is definitely more human than the input, I still needed edit the text in ways that I wouldn’t have to with other rewriting software. It made simple errors like combining words and also missing letters from inappropriately combined words.
  • Text editor. I’ve mentioned this before, but the text editor needs a major overhaul. It doesn’t retain formatting. Other rewriting software like Quillbot and (among others) have a far more robust text editor.
  • AI detector display. I love seeing exactly which area of the text is being flagged as AI-written. Having a feature like this (where the AI-flagged text is highlighted) helps me pinpoint my edits and rewrites more efficiently.’s detector doesn’t have this feature, which is unfortunate since humanizing is what costs credits.

Is Undetectable.AI Worth It?

Is Undetectable AI Worth it

For those who have a long-form content producer like Content at Scale, is worth it. It's priced for any budget with plans as low as $9.99 a month for 10,000 words. They can even accommodate larger companies that might need bulk credits.

Here’s what one customer, Lyn De Guzman, had to say about in her Trustpilot review:

First i was hesitant to subscribe, just like how i am in most services. But since it's just $9 a month, i decided to give it a shot. On the other few times, the texts i processed were really undetectable. On the other documents, I had to reprocess and regenerate them again in order to ensure its not it's not AI detected. I mean, it works! But, sometimes, there are times where you have to process it twice. I recommend it, definitely better than other platform i tried.

All-In-One: Detector & Rewriter is a cool new tool that detects AI for free and has paid options for AI paraphrasing and writing. We tried it for ourselves and found it to be pretty good at all that it does.

  • Collects results from 8 different AI checkers and identifies AI very quickly
  • Great customizability voice options for readability and tone (we liked the University one the best)
  • Very human-like output

Undetectable.AI Overview – How Does It Work?

Undetectable AI Overview

Let’s break down how each of’s components work.

AI Detection With detects AI by combining the strengths of the 8 best free AI detectors on the market.

Naturally, this means that (review), a paid service, and leader in the field, is not included in that group. combines GPTZero, OpenAI, Writer, CrossPlag, CopyLeaks, Sapling, Content at Scale, and ZeroGPT.

You paste your text into the text editor area and click on “Check for AI.” The results will populate below. It doesn’t give you a score, but it color-codes how much each AI is detected by each detector. So, green means 100% human, yellow means 50% human, and red means 0% human. As you can see in the walkthrough video, each AI detector tends to provide different results. You have the potential to get your text in the green zone across multiple platforms without having to go to each individual platform.

Humanizing Content With

Undetectable Documents Tab

Once you’ve run the detector side, you can humanize (rewrite) the text. This is when you actually start using your credits.

I would take the time to try out the customization options to figure out which Readability and Purpose combo will give you the best tone and voice to match your brand and standards.

Doing this first will help you keep that tone and voice the same for all your team members to use. There won’t be any guesswork.

Now, let’s say you’re not quite pleased with the output and want to try again. You do have to click “Reset” each time you want it to rerun.

Implications of Undetectable AI on the AI Industry

One of the biggest concerns that business owners face when using AI to create content is Google’s ability to detect AI. With Undetectable AI, that could no longer be a concern.

The upside of this is that site owners will be able to use AI writers to create copy more easily while not getting punished by Google. 

Companies can use AI to generate social media captions, blog posts, reviews, other copy for their site, landing pages, and even “About Me” sections without worrying about Google.

Essentially, businesses of all sizes can use ChatGPT or other AI writers to do the legwork for them without having to guess whether or not the content will bypass Google.

The downside, on a larger scale, is that it could become more difficult for the average person to discern real, human-written content from machine-generated content.

How Does It Compare?

How Does Undetectable Compare vs Competitors

Given that combines the power of 8 AI detectors, it’s pretty robust. Again, it gives you a score based on those AI detectors, not its own score. I currently use Content at Scale and would welcome the chance to have another 8 in my back pocket instead of just one. I would feel pretty confident in my content if 6 out of 8 gave me the green light.

Compared to, does fall short. But this paid service is hard to fool.


Undetectable AI

AI Detection8-in-1 AI detectionAdvanced AI detection with proprietary algorithms
Detection AccuracyHigh accuracy with multiple checkersVery high accuracy, often considered industry-leading
SpeedFast detectionHigh-speed processing
User InterfaceUser-friendlyIntuitive and professional
PricingFlexible plans starting at $9.99/monthSubscription-based with different tiers
Special FeaturesCombines detection and rewriting in oneFocuses solely on detection with high precision
Target AudienceContent creators and SEO professionalsContent creators, publishers, and academic users vs Other Rewriters

As I mentioned before, the text editor is quite plain and needs to be updated to be more in line with other rewriters like Quillbot or I have no doubt an update is in the works.

Again, the lack of format retention is something that can be worked around.

The output is on par with what others offer. It did sound far more human than the input. When I ran it through the freestanding AI detectors, it returned as being more human than AI; however, when others sent it through, the output got around a 50% AI score.


Undetectable AI


AI Detection8-in-1 AI detectionN/AN/A
Humanizing ContentCustomizable rewriting optionsAdvanced paraphrasing and rewriting toolsAI-driven content creation and rewriting
Output QualityHuman-like with occasional errorsHigh-quality, nuanced outputVaried quality with creative output
SpeedFast detection and rewritingHigh-speed processingQuick content generation
User ExperienceIntuitive with minimal learning curveUser-friendly with advanced featuresSimple and intuitive interface
PricingFlexible plans starting at $9.99/monthFree and premium plansFree and subscription-based plans
Special FeaturesCombines detection and rewriting in oneExtensive paraphrasing modes and summarizerFocus on creative content generation and variety of templates
Target AudienceContent creators and SEO professionalsStudents, writers, and professionalsContent marketers, bloggers, and businesses

Integrating Undetectable.AI Into Your Workflow

Integrating Undetectable Into Workflow

If you are using a long-form content product like Content at Scale, integrating into your workflow should feel pretty seamless. You would simply substitute your current AI detector and rewriter (if you’re using one) for You don’t have to have multiple accounts or subscriptions to deal with. Just one easy place to house your detection and rewriting needs.

As I mentioned before, if you’re using a product that integrates a rewriter, like or QuillBot, switching to wouldn’t make sense.

Undetectable.AI Pricing

Undetectable Ai Pricing’s pricing hinges on how many words you humanize. Again, I love that everyone, no matter their budget, gets the same service. You just tailor the plan to how many words/credits you need.

If you want to try it out on a monthly basis, you can get 10,000 words for $9.99. If you love it, the lowest yearly plan is currently 50% off, dropping it to just $60 for the year at 10,000 credits per month. Phenomenal deal!

Undetectable Pricing Options

Undetectable.AI Alternatives

Undetectable AI Alternatives

Let’s take a look at two alternatives to Now, there aren’t any products that currently offer both rewriting AND AI detection, so we picked our two favorites in the detection and rewriting categories.

Content at Scale (AI Detector)

I use Content at Scale’s AI detector almost on a daily basis, so I’m very used to its interface and output. What I like most as an editor is that it highlights any problem areas so that I don’t waste my time editing areas that don’t need editing. It’s a total timesaver.

If incorporated this feature in an update, it would be a total game-changer.

QuillBot (Rewriter)

QuillBot is one of the best rewriters around. The text editor is intuitive, and I love that I can click on a word, and it will offer me synonyms so that I can drill in and find just the right word. Also, the pricing plans are simple: Free or Premium.

All-In-One: Detector & Rewriter is a cool new tool that detects AI for free and has paid options for AI paraphrasing and writing. We tried it for ourselves and found it to be pretty good at all that it does.

  • Collects results from 8 different AI checkers and identifies AI very quickly
  • Great customizability voice options for readability and tone (we liked the University one the best)
  • Very human-like output

Frequently Asked Questions

Does have a free trial?

No, does not have a free trial; however, they do have a money-back guarantee for anything that produces and returns as being written by AI.

Does detect GPT-3?

Yes, detects GPT-3.

How accurate is is fairly accurate when rewriting content to pass AI detection. The AI detector compiles 8 free detectors into one spot. Overall, it provides a good picture of whether or not your text passes AI detection. However, when I took a piece of text into an individual detector’s website, I received the opposite result of what gave me.

What is best for? is best for checking whether or not a text is AI-detectable and then rewriting it so that it passes detection. I think it works best for paragraph-length texts.