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My Review of Originality

My Honest Review of Originality.AI [How Accurate Is It?]

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If you’re like me, you’re all on board with these new AI writing tools, but perhaps you’re also hearing about how Google is penalizing AI-only content.

As a writer and editor, you probably want to protect the investment you’ve made into AI-generated content.

That’s where Originality.AI comes in.

Let me walk you through the ins and outs of Originality.AI (including the exciting new update to version 3.0!) and give you my honest opinion on the service.

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Originality.AI Review & Walkthrough Video

Originality.AI Review

Originality.AI is a no-frills, user-friendly option for AI and plagiarism detection. And it’s good at it.

I tested articles that I know are written by AI, some that I wasn’t sure about, and one that I personally wrote using a hybrid of my own writing and paragraphs from an AI writing tool. It was spot on each time.

I tried to use the Google Chrome extension without getting an actual Originality score. But if the score had worked, I could tell that the detailed report would’ve been pretty helpful.

To keep things organized, one thing I would make sure to do is to name the scans. Originality.AI doesn’t automatically name the scans for you.

There are small things that I would like to see upgraded (but they’re not dealbreakers by any means). Having used other plagiarism checkers and AI detectors, I would like to have the option of uploading a document to be checked and would like to have a more detailed report.

Originality AI Review


  • Originality.AI’s platform has a no-nonsense kind of design. Easy to use!
  • It checks plagiarism and detects AI-written content.
  • Pricing is some of the lowest in the industry.
  • There’s no learning curve to using the platform.


  • There’s no file upload feature.
  • You need to name each scan. It doesn’t do that for you.
  • The Chrome extension didn’t work for me.

Is Originality.AI Worth It?

Given its price point, ease of use, and the combination of both AI detection and plagiarism, yes, Originality.AI is worth it for those who need the combination.

What Is Originality.AI?

Originality.AI is a streamlined AI detector and plagiarism checker. No bells and whistles. It just gets the job done.

As you’ll see in the walkthrough, the platform’s design is straightforward and easy to use. I have to admit that I kept pausing as I used it to ask myself, “Is this really all I need to do?”

It’s super simple to use. Again, no bells and whistles or tons of other features to learn. Just copy and paste your text into the box. It will then tell you how many credits will be used to either check plagiarism or detect AI-generated content (or both). Then just click a button.

It will also highlight which text it thinks is generated by AI and also potentially plagiarized text, which is super helpful for optimizations.

That’s it.

Who Would Use Originality.AI?

Who Should Use Originality AI

If you want to ensure that your AI-generated content is more human-like and isn’t plagiarized, you will find Originality.AI useful.

You can also use Originality.AI to find out if any piece of writing you’ve been given is written using AI. Which can help you ensure that the content that you expect to be written by a human is exactly that.

So, who would use it?

Originality.AI isn't just another plagiarism checker; it's a tool designed to ensure content authenticity in an age where AI-generated content is on the rise.

Here's a breakdown of who might find it invaluable:

Publishers & Contract Hirers

If you're a publisher or someone who frequently hires writers from platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or other freelance marketplaces, Originality.AI can be your go-to vetting tool. It's especially useful when you're onboarding new talent and want to ensure their work's authenticity before establishing a long-term relationship.


While students might use tools like ChatGPT for drafting or outlining, it's essential to ensure the final submission is original. Originality.AI can help students verify their content's authenticity. However, it's worth noting that its use in educational settings, especially by teachers, might be controversial due to the potential risks and implications of AI detection.

Journalists & Editors

For professionals who handle vast amounts of content but don't necessarily write all of it, Originality.AI can be a lifesaver. It offers a quick way to ensure the content's quality and originality, saving hours that might otherwise be spent on manual validation.

Web Designers & Publishers

In the digital realm, unique and high-quality content is king. For web designers and publishers, ensuring that a website's content stands out and isn't just another AI-generated piece can make all the difference in user engagement and SEO. Originality.AI can help vet content to ensure it's both unique and human-crafted.

Website Flippers: If you're in the niche market of buying websites, revamping them, and selling them for a profit, Originality.AI can be a game-changer. Before investing in a site, you can ensure its content is genuine, free from AI-generated material, and devoid of plagiarism. This ensures you're putting your resources into a website with authentic, high-quality content.

In essence, Originality.AI is for anyone who values content authenticity, whether you're producing, editing, or investing in it.

Accuracy of Originality.AI

Originality AI Detection Results

With the new 3.0 update, Originality.AI is now 98.8% accurate at detecting GPT-4 and ChatGPT, up from the already impressive 94% from the last update.

When dealing with AI detectors, you’re going to find a wide range of returned responses. I can test the same text on three different AI detectors and have three different responses. One will say the text score 93% human-written, another will say that it’s 80% human, but a little too predictable, and the last will say that it’s 50% AI-written. Having a hard and fast rule for how much AI-generated text is in your articles is a fine line.

My suggestion is to pick a sophisticated AI detector like Originality.AI or Content at Scale’s and stick with that as your company’s benchmark. It will ensure that you maintain consistent standards for your writers and editors.

Having said that, Originality.AI’s accuracy looks to be on par with and perhaps even a bit more sensitive compared to other AI detectors, especially with the new update improving an overall increase in F1 scores and accuracy. I mean, 98.8% accuracy is nothing to scoff at.

My biggest wish is that it would give me a bit more insight into which portions of the text are suspected of being AI-written. In fact, given that there are several free AI detectors that offer this feature, I was surprised that it wasn’t included.

The plagiarism feature looks to be just as accurate. I didn’t find pesky plagiarism flags for common sentence constructs as I did with in-product plagiarism checkers. What I mean is that Originality.AI catches the bigger “real” issues, not common phrases that aren’t actually breaches of plagiarism.

How Does Originality.AI Compare?

Originality AI Detection Results Plagiarism

Before testing Originality.AI, I frequently used Content at Scale’s free AI detector. While I believe they are both on par with one another as far as accuracy in detecting AI-generated content (Originality.AI might even be harder to pass), I really appreciate Content at Scale’s report-like response.

Originality.AI’s Chrome extension might provide a report like I want to see, but because it malfunctioned for me, I couldn’t make that comparison.

In fairness, Content at Scale doesn’t offer a plagiarism checker unless you’re using their text editor on an article that it has created, so I can’t test articles from freelance writers. Having this capability is a big plus for Originality.AI, especially with a lower price point than Copyspace’s plagiarism checker.

Integrating Originality.AI into Your Workflow

Integrating Originality.AI into my workflow would be a breeze. I already have a point in my editing process where I test for plagiarism and AI-generated content, so it would be a matter of simply switching my tools.

Personally, I test for AI-generated content and plagiarism during the developmental and substantive stages of the editing process. Testing at this point helps me identify problem areas early so that I can address them first.

Originality.AI Pricing

Originality AI Pricing

Understanding the pricing structure of Originality.AI is straightforward, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

Here's a detailed look at how it works:

Cost Per Scan: Originality.AI operates on a credit-based system. Every 100 words you wish to scan will cost you 1 credit, which translates to $0.01. This means if you're scanning a 500-word article, it'll cost you 5 credits.

Flexible Payment Model: One of the standout features of Originality.AI is its pay-as-you-go model. There are no hidden fees or recurring charges that might catch you off guard. You simply buy credits when you need them, and once they're used up, you can purchase more based on your requirements.

Scan Options: When you're ready to check your content, you have the flexibility to choose what you're scanning for. Whether it's plagiarism, AI-generated content, or both, you're in control. Do note that if you opt to check for both plagiarism and AI, it'll cost you 2 credits for every 100 words.

Credit Purchase Tiers: Depending on your content volume and frequency of checks, you can choose from various credit packages:

  • $20 Package: This gives you 2,000 credits, ideal for scanning up to 200,000 words if you're only checking for one parameter (either plagiarism or AI).
  • $50 Package: With 5,000 credits, this package can scan up to 500,000 words for one parameter.
  • $100 Package: Doubling the previous package, you get 10,000 credits, suitable for scanning up to 1 million words for one parameter.
  • $250 Package: This mid-tier package offers 25,000 credits, allowing you to scan up to 2.5 million words for one parameter.
  • $500 Package: For heavy users, this package provides a whopping 50,000 credits, perfect for scanning up to 5 million words for one parameter.

Originality.AI Promo Code

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Originality.AI Alternatives

With Originality.AI, you’re getting a combo of AI detection and plagiarism checking. You typically see these as separate services.

Plagiarism Checkers


Copyscape is the standard when it comes to checking plagiarism. Many AI writing tools integrate their services as part of their platform. It costs about $0.03 for the first 200 words and $0.01 extra for every 100 words after that.


Quillbot checks for plagiarism as well, plus it gives you other features like paraphrasing or rewriting tools. They offer 20 pages of plagiarism scans per month with the Premium plan. Check out our review.

AI Detectors

Content at Scale

Content at Scale’s free AI detector is the one I personally use on a daily basis because I deal with a good amount of AI-generated content. It’s a good alternative to Originality.AI if you don’t need the plagiarism checker. Check out our review.


Writer’s free AI detector is another that I’ve used, but because of its character restriction, I’ve stopped. It’s so much easier to check an entire article than to go section by section. If you only have a small bit of text to check and don’t need to check plagiarism, this detector is another good option.


Undetectable.Ai is one of the newer tools to emerge, and what's special about them is that they consolidate the results of 8 different free detector tools, and also gives you the ability to humanize/rewrite the content to pass those detectors. It's one of our favorite all-in-one detector and rewriting tools. Check out our review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Originality.AI worth it?

Absolutely, especially if you're in the content game. Think of it this way: with the boom in AI-generated content, it's becoming trickier to discern what's genuinely original and what's machine-made. Originality.AI isn't just another plagiarism checker; it's like having a trusty sidekick that also spots AI-produced content. So, if you're someone who's constantly dealing with content and wants to ensure it's both unique and human-crafted, then Originality.AI is a pretty neat tool to have in your arsenal. But, as always, it's a good idea to give it a test and see if it works with your workflow and needs.

Does Originality.AI have a free trial or plan?

While Originality.AI doesn't provide a free trial or plan, they've got a pretty enticing offer to get you started. For just $20, you can check the originality of up to 2,000 words. It's a way for you to test the waters without diving deep into your pockets. If you're frequently handling content and want to ensure its authenticity, this introductory rate gives you a chance to experience the platform's capabilities firsthand. It's always smart to take advantage of such offers to gauge if the tool aligns with your needs before making a more significant commitment.

How accurate is Originality.AI in detecting AI content?

Originality.AI prides itself on its precision, especially when it comes to spotting AI-generated content. One of their strengths is staying updated with both the latest and previous versions of models like GPT. This continuous updating and refining of their detection algorithms mean they're always a step ahead, ensuring that content produced by even the most advanced AI doesn't slip through unnoticed. So, if you're concerned about the authenticity of content in an age where AI writing tools are becoming more prevalent, Originality.AI offers a reliable shield to ensure the content's human touch remains intact.

Does Originality.AI detect GPT-3?

Absolutely. Originality.AI is specifically designed to catch content generated by models like GPT-3. In fact, its detection rate is impressive, boasting a 94% accuracy for GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and even ChatGPT. This high level of precision ensures that users can confidently sift through content, identifying any pieces that might have been produced by these advanced AI models. In a digital landscape where distinguishing between human and AI-generated content is becoming increasingly crucial, tools like Originality.AI offer a robust line of defense to maintain content authenticity.