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My Review of Rocket Content

My Honest Review of Rocket Content’s AI Writing Software

Rocket Content’s unique combo of AI writing software and human editors sets it apart from other AI writing software.

Rocket Content’s cyborg approach cuts down on editing time and helps optimize the output.

Let’s dig in and explore more about Rocket Content’s services.

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Rocket Content Overview

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Rocket Content is a content marketing company that leverages AI writing software and a human editor to produce content for your blog or social media.

The combination of a highly trained human writer with Rocket Content’s AI writing tools helps to ensure that the content they produce will rank. They call this human writer-AI combo “cyborg” content marketing. It’s also what sets Rocket Content apart.

Now, it’s important to note that they don’t claim to produce the high-quality content that comes from a human writer-editor team. They will deliver on content with a quick turnaround time and a better quality than products that only leverage AI.

How Much Does Rocket Content Cost?

Rocket Content Pricing Plans Updated

Rocket Content has 3 packages: Test Flight, Moon Mission, and Mars Mission. Rocket Content makes pricing simple by giving each package the same quality of service while allowing you to customize how many words or articles you want to buy.

So, whether you want to buy 10,000 words (Test Flight) or 1,000,000 words (Mars Mission), you’re going to get all the same bells and whistles like keyword research, SEO optimization, custom images, and others. They also break down those articles to a default of 1,000 words to give you an idea of how their AI writing software can break down those word counts. It’s a fairly straightforward and no-hassle pricing strategy.


  • Test Flight 10,000 words: The Test Flight package gives you 10,000 words or 10 articles for $220, which comes out to about $0.022 per word.
  • Moon Mission 100,000 words: The Moon Mission cuts that per-word price in about half at $0.015 for 100 articles at $1,500.
  • Mars Mission 1,000,000 words: The Mars Mission offers 1,000 articles for $13,000 or $0.013 per word. Now, if you want to go with Mars, you’ll need to have completed either a Test Flight or Moon Mission order first.

By default, Rocket Content assigns about 1,000 words per article. But you do have the option of changing the length of the articles, which is why you see word counts as well as article counts. You’re actually paying by the word. This model gives you the flexibility to lengthen or shorten certain articles. The packages are customizable enough to fit your needs.

Rocket Content Review

Overall, we were impressed by Rocket Content’s product and customer service. The combination of AI and human writers sets this service apart from the other AI-only services. However, even with the help of human writers, you will probably want to have your editor look over things to fix any glaring issues.

Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of Rocket Content’s AI writing software.

Rocket Pros

Pros: Here’s what I like about Rocket Content

  • Keyword research. One of the most impressive aspects of our experience is how thorough Rocket Content’s keyword research is. Rocket Content uses a human writer to enhance the AI writing and SEO tools. This “cyborg” combination is what gets their articles to rank.
  • Light editing included. The raw AI output requires a bit of light editing to help bring it closer to human standards. The editing saves you from having to hire a freelancer right away. But once you see a return on the investment, you might want to go back later and update the articles with your in-house editors.
  • Customer service. We really can’t say enough about how well they treated us and how well they responded when issues arose. Their transparency and willingness to work with us speak volumes about the company’s culture and commitment to their customers.
  • Pricing. Their pricing options are fairly flexible and offer the same quality of service no matter how many articles or words you purchase.

Rocket Cons

Cons: Here’s what I don't like about Rocket Content

  • Keyword per post. By default, Rocket Content suggests a 1,000-word article for each keyword, but the article length can be adjusted to fit your needs.In many instances, rather than dedicating one article to one keyword, we found that the keywords needed to be grouped together. Just know that if you choose to group keywords, make sure to also adjust your article length. One way we worked around this issue was to create a simple spreadsheet of the keywords we wanted to use. Rocket Content was incredibly accommodating to us and worked with the list we provided.
  • Content publishing. While Rocket Content does have the ability to publish directly to certain sites, they didn’t support publishing to our Webflow sites. Naturally, this is a con for us. We worked around this issue by uploading the content to our Webflow sites ourselves. We discovered this publishing issue after their team went above and beyond to make it work. Again, Rocket Content’s outstanding service came through even at this point. But ultimately, they weren’t comfortable with attempting to make changes on a site they weren’t familiar with, and they didn’t want to risk breaking anything on our sites. This transparency says a lot about the character of the company and the respect they have for their customer’s domains.
  • Interlinking. Normally this service is included in the price. However, because we had to publish the articles ourselves, we had to do our own interlinking. So, if you’re going to publish yourself for whatever reason, be aware that you’ll have to take care of the tedious task of interlinking yourself.
  • Additional edits needed. Even with the editing that is included, we suggest having another editor on your team review the articles. While the output was better than we expected, there were times when it seemed like a non-native English speaker wrote the articles.

Wanna master AI writing?

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Who Uses Rocket Content?

Rocket Content focuses on content marketing for articles or blog posts. So, if you’re looking to scale up your company’s blog, Rocket Content is where you need to look.

If you’re looking for product descriptions and smaller social media posts, you will want to try a different service.

How to Use Rocket Content

For our test website, we found the best way to use the articles from Rocket Content is to do some light editing from our in-house editors, publish the batch of articles, and monitor which ones get traction.

The articles that are drawing in the most traffic will be the first ones in line to get a deeper editing pass later. By sprucing these articles up a bit more, we’re focusing our resources on the articles that deliver results rather than wasting time and resources on the ones that don’t carry their weight.

This approach will also help inform which types of articles and which keywords or topics we need to focus our next campaign on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI content writing software?

AI content writing software leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to create human-like articles.

What is Rocket Content?

Rocket Content is a content marketing company that creates articles using a combination of AI writing software and human writers.

Are Rocket Content’s articles fully edited?

Rocket Content’s articles come lightly edited but not fully edited. Rocket Content suggests having one of your in-house editors look over the articles to make sure they align with your standards.

Does Rocket Content have a free trial?

No, Rocket Content doesn’t have a free trial, but they provide examples of the articles they produce on their website.