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My Review of Website Photography Made Easy

My Honest Review of the Website Photography Made Easy Course

As an affiliate marketer and product reviewer, I know how important it is to have high-quality images that help you stand out and rank.

But like me, you might not have the budget to shell out a ton of money for a professional photographer. Believe me. I get it. I’m right there with you.

Today, I’m reviewing a new course called Website Photography Made Easy. It’s made for people who need to take excellent pictures for their website or blog but don’t have room in the budget for a professional photographer.

Website Photography Made Easy lives up to its name.

Advertising Disclosure

Who Needs This Course?

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This course is great for total rookies at photography, particularly for content marketers. Basically, anyone who needs to take photos for their blogs or e-commerce website.

As someone who does product reviews and needs to take photographs of those products, I always struggle to take great pictures on a budget. This course was perfectly targeted to me as an audience.

But if you already have a firm knowledge of photography, this course isn’t made for you. It will probably feel redundant.

I totally expected to hear that I needed to buy a digital camera; however, Jared walked me through how to take decent photos with my iPhone for every scenario or example presented.

Course Instructor – Who Is Jared Bauman?

jared-bauman-profileAt the helm of Website Photography Made Easy is Jared Bauman, a renowned photographer, a digital marketing guru, and the host of Niche Pursuits. He’s been in the business for over 20 years, has headlined multiple national speaking tours, and has spoken 9 times at international photography conferences.

With this kind of resume, you know you’re in good hands.

His instruction style is direct and concise. He shows you exactly what you need to know to take high-quality pictures with the equipment you have and doesn’t bog you down with the “academics” or philosophies behind photography.

My Thoughts

Website Photography Made Easy Overview

Overall, this course was chock full of ideas and information that will definitely help me take better photographs to go with my reviews. Jared walks students through just enough of the theory behind the art of photography to take above-average photos.

Favorite Feature of Course

My absolute favorite thing about this course is that it showed both an iPhone and a DSLR (one of those fancy digital cameras). This is true for both the photo shoots and the editing lessons. I don’t own a “fancy” camera, so going into the course, I was worried I’d need to purchase one to take decent pictures. However, Jared demonstrated how to take really good photos with an iPhone right alongside the DSLR. He even discussed the merits and disadvantages of each device in various scenarios.

I tend to need several examples of what I’m doing because I have an overabundance of questions, and the course delivered on this. It had examples of several inanimate objects being photographed and how to style them to make them more visually appealing. We’re talking about everything from candles to fitness to crypto.

There is literally information for everyone in each example. So even though I don’t review candles, for example, I still learned a lot about product placement in a room, how lighting affects the photograph, and which colors to use to make it stand out. I advise watching each example video as it will give you many scenarios and considerations for your products, even if the one that Jared demos isn’t the one you will use.

Website Photography Made Easy Lighting

What I Wish I Saw More Of

One area I would like to have seen more examples was in the Photo Basics lessons, where Jared discussed some of the theory behind photography. For example, I wanted to see examples of photos with back, front, or side light just to solidify the concepts in this video.

However, Jared does discuss some of this later in the example videos. He also gives downloadable images for some of the theory, but I would’ve preferred to see those in the video. But again, this is me being picky.

Thoughts on Teachery Platform

The Teachery platform was fairly easy to use. I had an issue where I would click “next lesson,” but it wouldn’t actually take me there. I’d have to go into the next lesson manually, but this is simple enough to do.

Website Photography Lesson

Let’s look at my Pros and Cons for the course:

Website Photography Course Pros

  • Great for beginners. This course is built for newbies. All you need to know is how to find the camera app on your phone.
  • Thorough example videos. The course deep dives into everything amateurs need to know to take above-average photos for their websites. All the example videos offer a ton of value.
  • Editing vs. shooting. As a writer-editor, I know the real work starts after the first draft. It was great to see that same idea being played out here. The course details how to edit multiple photos in multiple applications.

Website Photography Course Cons

  • Downloadables. I’m a total list person, so I would’ve loved to have some cheat sheets to help me keep track of what I need for a shoot or editing.
  • Videos. I know the purview of this course is photography, but I think a great companion to this course would be shooting videos. Especially since a lot of content marketers are starting to shoot videos for product reviews. This one isn't a con; more so, I'd be interested in a video course from Jared.


  • $149

Is The Website Photography Made Easy Course Worth It?

Yes, the Website Photography Made Easy Course is worth it.

Overall, it is full of value. Jared’s teaching style is clear, and his presentation is concise in the best possible way. He really drills in on what you need to know for website photography. I can take far better images and edit them more effectively now than I could before the course. It is one of those courses that will have a lasting effect on my photography skills far into the future.

Is it worth it? Yes! Beginners will find a great deal to reference for quite some time. Definitely check it out.

What’s in the Course

Website Photography Examples

Here is an exclusive look inside the syllabus of the 4.5-hour course so that you can see exactly what you’ll be learning.


This lesson looks at what is in the course.

Phone vs. Camera

Jared walks you through the advantages and disadvantages of using a smartphone camera and a DSLR.

Photo Basics

This lesson introduces you to bitesize pieces of the theory behind photography and how you can apply the concepts to taking pictures.

Photo Example Shoots

We get to see how smartphones or DSLRs take photos of products in several different settings.

How To Edit Photos

This lesson demonstrates how to edit photos using a smartphone, Lightroom, and Gimp.

Wrapping Up

Jared closes out the course with specific reminders.