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11 Best Freelance Websites for College Students to Find Work

Best Freelance Websites to Find Work College Students

As a college student, finding ways to earn extra money while balancing your studies and extracurricular activities can be challenging.

Luckily, freelance websites offer a great opportunity for students to find flexible, remote work that allows them to earn money on their own terms.

Check out our list so you can start spending (or saving) your hard-earned cash.

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Top Freelance Websites for College Students to Find Work

1. Fiverr

Best for beginners

Fiverr Logo Main

Fiverr has been out there for ages and has become a popular place for companies of all sizes to source all sorts of talent, making it a great place to get started as a freelancer.

One of the best things about Fiverr is that anyone can create a profile for any specialty. Some of the popular services offered by freelancers on Fiverr include web design and development and freelance writing, but freelancers offer other unique skills like online tutoring and even gaming.

We like this for beginners because it’s so easy to make a new profile and get started in no time. You also have access to a large community of freelancers that you can communicate with and learn from.


  • A wide array of job categories suitable for various skills
  • User-friendly platform with a quick process to set up and offer services
  • Allows setting up of custom gig packages with add-ons for higher earnings
  • No bidding system; clients reach out based on your displayed offer


  • High competition in popular categories
  • Fiverr takes a 20% commission on all earnings
  • New sellers may find it hard to get noticed without reviews

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2. Dribbble

Best for designers

Dribbble Logo Main

Whether you’re into graphic design or custom illustration, Dribbble is the freelancing site you should check out.

College students can find jobs in everything from product design to illustration and animation.

It’s easy to showcase your talent on Dribbble since you can post your stellar portfolio and have your work speak for itself to get possible clients to check you out.

They even offer courses for young and new designers to refine their skills and learn more about their industry, so you can take a class when you’re not… in class.

There is also the option for a pro membership that costs around $5 to $15 per month and grants you access to premium features and exclusive job postings.


  • Ideal for students specializing in design to showcase their work
  • High-quality job listings and a reputable platform
  • Networking opportunities with design professionals and companies
  • Ability to receive job offers directly based on portfolio showcases


  • More suitable for advanced students with developed portfolios
  • Pro features, which include job alerts, come at a cost
  • Not as many listings for entry-level positions

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3. Upwork

Runner up for beginners

Upwork Logo Main

Another great option for college students just starting in the world of freelancing is Upwork.

Upwork makes it easy to find job openings filtered by your skills and level of experience. You have a certain amount of connections per month, each corresponding to the quantity and quality of jobs you can apply to. You get a few for free each month, but you do have to buy more if you run out.

Upwork is the first site I used as a freelance copywriter, and it ultimately led me to where I am today, so I’m personally a fan of the site to find work.

They do take a 20% service fee on any earnings you make, but you do have the option to set your own rates.


  • Access to a large variety of jobs across many fields
  • Direct communication with clients and a secure payment system
  • Ability to set your own rates and apply for jobs that match your skills
  • Work history and feedback system build credibility over time


  • Upwork fees (5%-20%) can be significant, especially for larger projects
  • Proposal credits may need to be purchased to apply for more jobs
  • Intense competition with experienced freelancers

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4. TaskRabbit

Best for local freelance work

TaskRabbit Logo Main

If you’re looking for a local in-person gig, TaskRabbit is the best place for a college student to look for work.

This site offers everything from IKEA furniture assembly to fixing a toilet to gardening and cleaning, making it a great place for college students to make an extra buck. Most tasks take only an hour or two, so it’s great if you have a free Saturday afternoon and need to make rent.

Taskers need to pay a $25 registration fee upfront but can then set their own rates and hours, offering whichever services they feel confident in doing. College students set up a map of where they’re willing to travel for work and availability.


  • Good for students looking to find immediate, local work
  • Flexible work options, including virtual and physical tasks
  • Sets hourly rates for tasks, which can be lucrative for quick jobs


  • TaskRabbit charges a service fee for each booking
  • Limited to certain geographic areas, which may exclude some students
  • Requires a background check, which can be a barrier for some

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5. Toptal

Best for tech freelancers with experience

Toptal Logo Main

Toptal is a quality freelancing site that requires all freelancers to go through a rigorous screening process.

Because it is hard to become a part of this team, we recommend it for college students who may already have a bit of work under their belt and more advanced knowledge of their specialty.

With this comes a higher paycheck. The high-talent freelancers on Toptal make a good amount more on their projects due to and are hand-matched to pre-vetted companies that they think will be a good fit for you.


  • High-paying jobs for top-tier student freelancers
  • Exclusive access to prestigious clients once accepted
  • Strong community and network-building opportunities


  • Highly selective process not suited for all students
  • Requires a significant time commitment to pass screening
  • Focuses on tech and finance, limiting opportunities for other fields

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6. Freelancer

Freelancer Logo Main

Freelancer is one of the original freelancing marketplace platforms, and it remains one of the most popular.

We like Freelancer for college students because they also hold competitions for visual design with the opportunity for a cash prize.

You also have the opportunity to search for urgent requests from clients who require a freelancer to complete a project within the next 24 hours. These requests often pay more since they are on such a tight deadline.


  • One of the largest freelance marketplaces with a broad range of job categories
  • Milestone payment system for project security
  • Free membership plan with a set number of bids per month


  • Fee upon accepting a project and commission on earnings
  • High competition with global freelancers
  • Some projects may have low budgets and not be worth the effort

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7. Behance

Behance Logo Main

Unlike other sites on this list, Behance is more of a social network for artists, photographers, and other visual creators.

With this site, college students upload their portfolios featuring their animated, photographed, or designed work for others to see. You can also follow peers, see other designers' work and maybe draw inspiration.

They also have a job list feature that freelancers can check out to see what sort of job descriptions will best suit them and their skills.

This platform is a great place for artists to get discovered by companies in search of original artwork for their projects.


  • Platform doubles as a portfolio site and job board
  • Great for creative students to gain exposure
  • No cost to display work and apply for jobs


  • More focused on creative fields, limiting for non-creative majors
  • Job board is competitive, with many established professionals
  • Does not cater to quick, one-off gigs

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8. People Per Hour

People Per Hour Logo Main

People Per Hour is another popular site for freelancers from all backgrounds and areas of expertise to go and find gigs.

We love this site because of the huge variety of career paths offered across multiple different industries. Whether you’re a programmer, a journalist, or a designer, you can create a winning profile and find success on the platform.

The site uses AI to match freelancers with businesses that will mesh well together.

There is a 20% fee on earnings up to $350, but luckily this percentage goes down the more money you make.


  • Allows students to send proposals directly to clients
  • Wide range of job categories
  • Workstream technology simplifies the workflow process


  • Competition with established freelancers can be tough
  • Service fees apply to earnings
  • Limited free proposal credits per month

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9. Angel List

AngelList Logo Main

If you’re a college student looking for a startup to grow with, Angel List has you covered.

This site uniquely focuses on freelancers who are interested in working with startups as clients. Since they do place their focus here, you can find exclusive opportunities with businesses at their beginning stages, possibly allowing you to grow alongside their business.

It’s also important to note that Angel List is recruiting freelancers in the tech space, so it’s great for those looking for remote tech positions.


  • Specializes in startup jobs, which can lead to exciting opportunities and equity options
  • No fees for applying to jobs or accepting offers
  • Direct exposure to emerging industries and innovative companies


  • Jobs may require more commitment, which can be challenging for full-time students
  • Startups carry inherent risks, including job security and fluctuating workloads
  • May not have as many short-term or flexible job listings

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10. Flexjobs

Flexjobs Logo Main

Flexjobs matches freelancers with clients based on project and contract length.

This makes it a great option for college students who may be looking for a freelancing gig with the opportunity to transition to a full-time position after graduation.

Flexjobs does a bit more thorough vetting than Upwork or Fiverr when it comes to both freelancers and companies using their services, so both you and the business hiring you have been checked out, giving more security.


  • Curated listings of remote and flexible jobs, ideal for students
  • Scam-free, ad-free environment with a focus on quality
  • Resources available for job search success and skills tests


  • Requires a subscription fee for access to job listings
  • Some jobs may still be competitive, requiring a strong application to stand out
  • Not all jobs are entry-level; some require specific skills or experiences

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11. Guru

Guru Logo Main

Guru is a tried-and-true freelance network platform with built-in features to make sure both freelancers and businesses hiring them are secure.

This site offers a progress-tracking feature where freelancers can add members to their freelancing team and collaborate in real-time with their clients, allowing for a more connected working environment.

Invoicing for your services is made simple and easy through Guru’s secure payment system right on their site.


  • Lower competition in niche skill areas
  • Flexible payment terms and multiple withdrawal methods
  • Provides a workroom for managing jobs


  • Fee for membership if you want premium services
  • Earnings are subject to a handling fee
  • Profile needs to be comprehensive and well-maintained to attract clients

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Where Can I Find Freelance Work as a College Student?

Where Can College Students Find Freelance Work

You have many options to find freelance work as a college student.

If you’re just starting and want to cast a wide net, we recommend creating a profile on Fiverr, Upwork, or Guru to access a large network of businesses seeking someone with your skillset.

If you just want to do local in-person tasks like home repairs or cleaning for an afternoon, check out TaskRabbit.

For college students with more experience and advanced knowledge, go for a more exclusive freelancing platform like Toptal that will match you with high-paying clients.

What Do Freelancers Do?

Freelancers perform a wide variety of tasks, so the job description can vary depending on your area of expertise.

The key difference between freelance work and working as an employee is that freelancers work on a contract basis, so they are only contractually obligated to do certain tasks or projects.

They typically work on an as-needed basis, and a lot of freelance work is short-term.

Is Freelancing in College Worth It?

Yes, freelancing in college is a great way to make money while maintaining a flexible schedule that allows you to focus on classwork.

How Much Do Freelancers Make?

Freelancers make anywhere from $5 to over $1,000 per hour, depending on their industry, skill set, and level of experience.

How to Find a Freelancing Job as a College Student

How Can College Students Find Freelance Work

The easiest way to find a freelancing job as a college student is to start by setting up a profile on Fiverr or Upwork. These are typically free, with the option to upgrade to a premium membership.

All you will have to do is upload a portfolio or resume, elaborate on what your skill set is, set your hourly rates and availability, and write a small “about me” section introducing yourself.

Depending on the site, you can then reach out and apply for job postings or let businesses find your profile and contact you.

Best Freelance Websites by Category

Looking for more of the best freelance websites but need to browse by category? Check out our below freelance website reviews to either expand your portfolio or hire a freelancer for your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you freelance in college?

Absolutely, freelancing is a great option for college students and can be a great way to gain professional experience and earn money while studying.

Many students find freelancing an attractive option because it offers flexibility in scheduling and the opportunity to work from anywhere, which can be particularly beneficial for balancing classwork and other commitments.

Freelancing allows students to apply their academic knowledge in a practical setting, build a professional network, and enhance their resumes with real-world experience.

Popular freelancing fields for students include writing, graphic design, programming, social media management, and tutoring.

With the rise of numerous online platforms that connect freelancers with clients, finding freelance work has become more accessible than ever for college students.

Where is the best place to find freelance work as a beginner?

Fiverr is one of the best places for beginners to start looking for freelance work.

It's designed to be user-friendly and accessible, even for those who are new to freelancing. On Fiverr, you can create a ‘Gig' which is a service you offer, and set your own prices.

The platform is diverse, covering a wide range of categories from graphic design and digital marketing to writing and translation services.

Where is the best place to find freelance work for designers?

Dribbble is widely recognized as one of the leading platforms for designers to find freelance work, showcase their portfolios, and connect with potential clients.

It caters specifically to the creative community, making it an ideal place for graphic designers, UX/UI designers, illustrators, and other visual artists to display their work.

What can I do as a freelancer in college?

As a freelancer in college, you have a wide array of options depending on your skills and interests. Many students engage in freelance writing, editing, or proofreading, given the constant demand for content creation.

If you're tech-savvy, you might offer web development, app development, or IT support services. Graphic design and video editing are also popular among students with a creative streak.