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The Best Freelance Websites for Data Entry

Best Freelance Websites for Data Entry

I bet you’re reading this thinking of all those things that need to be organized in Excel or just need to be copied/pasted into your WordPress site.

For all of those tasks that make you want to rip your hair out when they add up, a freelance data entry specialist can take a lot off of your plate.

Here’s where you can find your next data best friend.

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11 Best Freelance Websites for Data Entry

These are the best freelance websites for data entry.

1. Fiverr

Best for small businesses

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When you search for a “data entry specialist” on Fiverr, you’re greeted with almost 60,000 results, all at different price points.

You can filter data entry specialists based on their specialty and what markets they have experience in, making it perfect to find the right data entry expert for the job.

There are also filters for budget, service options, and delivery time, allowing you to find a data entry specialist that can get your project done within a 24-hour turnaround and for a solid hourly rate, if necessary.

With Fiverr, you find the data entry specialist yourself and can contact a data entry specialist by selecting their profile and reaching out to them directly if you think you’ve found a good fit. Once the terms for a project have been finalized, you will pay your accountant upfront and can develop a long-term working relationship with them.

2. Upwork

Best for a wide variety of data entry specialists

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Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing sites used by data entry specialists of all levels of experience.

With Upwork, the power of the job posting rests in your hands.

You start by posting a job with all of your desired specifications in the description. Upwork then analyzes your needs and sorts through its thousands of freelancers to select the right fit, providing you with a shortlist of Upwork’s best data entry specialists with the specifications you need for you to choose from.

By looking at these data entry specialists’ profiles, you can view their body of work, resumes, and see their typical hourly rates. You can also see the profiles of freelance data entry experts that apply specifically to your job posting, so you know that they’re interested.

3. People Per Hour

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Sometimes you forget to hire a data analyst until the last minute. For times like these, go to People Per Hour.

They have software development specialists from all around the world, with options for every budget. You can browse through freelance data analysts’ resumes and portfolios to find one with a body of work that fits the needs of your project.

The best part is that you are almost certain to find a data analysis specialist who can get your web research or copy/paste project done ASAP.

People Per Hour has helped 100,000,000 tech businesses across the globe find folks to complete different tech projects for them, including data analysis.

4. AxionDataServices

AxionDataServices Data Entry Website Banner

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Streamlining the data entry hiring process, Axion Data Services provides each client with pre-trained expert data entry specialists.

Their data entry operators have to go through a rather rigorous testing process, proving that they can type 50 words per minute, and they rarely have job openings due to high demand from the data entry freelancers themselves.

Their work is done in real-time and is made instantly available to you on a record-by-record basis, eliminating the wait time it would take to receive records in bulk.

Axion also uses a secure Google Cloud Database to keep a record of your sensitive data so you don’t have to be concerned with the risk of leaked information.

5. ValueCoders

Best for enterprises

ValueCoders Data Entry Website Banner

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With all varieties of data entry specialists, ValueCoders is a great option to outsource your company’s data entry needs.

They have experience working with over 2,500 companies across a variety of different industries and of all sizes, from small startups to large Fortune 500 companies.

In their over 17 years in business, the India-based company has maintained an impressive 97% customer satisfaction rate, so it’s clear that they provide their clients with great services.

With this option you can hire a full team of data entry specialists, making it great for large enterprises.

6. UpStack

Best for large businesses

Upstack Website Banner

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Using extensive knowledge of the industry, UpStack actively seeks out the best data entry specialists in the world to feature on their site and get them connected to your business.

UpStack uses a unique, extensive 8-point hiring process to ensure businesses like yours have access to the best candidates with not only top-notch data entry tech development skills but also great communication skills and personalities that mesh with your team.

UpStack offers a variety of talented data entry specialists with complementary skills like accounting and Excel.

Though they are best known for their work for big-name brands like Microsoft and Lego, don’t let that intimidate you. UpStack has a diverse talent pool that’s highly scalable depending on the size and scope of your business.

7. Toptal

Best for hiring top data entry specialists

Toptal Data Entry Website Banner

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If you’re looking for the best data entry specialists on the market, Toptal is the place to find them. The site proclaims to house the “top 3%” of accounting and data entry talent, hence the name.

They’re known for their rigorous screening process when selecting data entry specialists with various skill reviews on things like Excel and web research, as well as test screenings, narrowing their candidates to the top 3% of all qualified developers. This means if you choose to go with Toptal, you’ll be getting the best of the best.

Toptal works with each client personally and connects them with the right candidate or team of candidates based on the specific needs of that company.

They also have a job board feature that lets you search and contact candidates based on their expertise.

8. Freelancer

Freelancer Data Entry Website Banner

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One of the toughest things about hiring a freelance data specialist is setting up a payment system. With that in mind, Freelancer has a secure payment system that allows you to rest easy about where your money is going.

This site has the most freelancers when it comes to sheer numbers. The site boasts the profiles of over 50 million freelancers– more than Upwork or Fiverr. So you’re bound to find at least one data entry specialist within your budget and with the qualifications necessary to complete any data entry job.

They also have convenient features like a time tracker and a mobile app so that you can check on the progress of your data entry specialist in real-time, whether you have access to your computer or not.

9. Truelancer

Truelancer Data Entry Website Banner

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If you’re looking for a site with data analysis specialists located all over the world, Truelancer is another fantastic pick for finding a freelancing data analyst.

You can easily see a list of top data analysis freelancers with their qualifications, any relevant degrees or certifications, location, and rates. They also list their specialties so that you can find a data analyst that specializes in web research, can easily organize your records, or is a pro at Excel.

Each profile features a short intro written by the freelancer that allows you to get a feel for who they are as a person and whether or not their personality could be a good fit for your team.

10. Data Entry Website Banner

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With a special “Silicon-Valley Callibre Vetting” system, Arc only lets the top 1.1% of freelance data analysis specialists on its site.

Huge companies like Spotify, HubSpot, and Hims have used Arc’s stellar, global pool of qualified data analysts to get their projects done well.

Arc’s data analysts have experience working with everything from Salesforce to PHP to WordPress, making them a trusted source for any tasks you may need a data analyst to do.

You also have the option to hire a freelance or permanent data analyst in an incredibly short amount of time. It takes about 72 hours to get matched with a freelancer or 14 days for a permanent addition to the team.

11. X-Team

X-Team Data Entry Website Banner

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With a focus solely on matching great data scientists with leading brands, X-Team is a great option for larger businesses to find the best data entry specialists available.

Their freelance data specialists have been used by huge enterprises like RiotGames, Intel, Twitter, and Sony.

Unlike others listed here, X-Team provides clients with a full team of data specialists, similar to how ValueCoders works.

This company offers a committed customer service team to make sure everything runs smoothly, a promise to help you scale your business faster, and flexible contracts that allow you the freedom to change the arrangement as you go.

Best Freelance Websites by Category

Looking for more of the best freelance websites but need to browse by category? Check out our below freelance website reviews to either expand your portfolio or hire a freelancer for your next project.

Where Can I Find Freelance Data Entry Specialists?

Where Can I Find Freelance Data Entry

You can find freelance data entry experts at multiple sites.

We recommend using open sites with thousands of freelancers like Upwork and Fiverr for smaller companies with tighter budgets since they have a wider variety of talent offering services at different prices.

We recommend Toptal or Upstack for larger companies with bigger budgets, as they thoroughly vet each of their freelancers to offer only the best data entry specialists.

What Do Freelance Data Entry Experts Do?

Freelance data entry experts are responsible for a wide variety of tasks including recordkeeping and processing, creating reports, accounting tasks, inputting information into Excel spreadsheets, and web research.

Since freelance data entry experts are essentially self-employed, they work with companies on a contract basis, often for short periods or as needed.

Is Hiring a Freelance Data Entry Specialist Worth It?

To save time, hiring a freelance data entry specialist is definitely worth it.

They are able to get a wide variety of tasks done promptly, saving your company time that could be spent elsewhere.

How Much Does a Freelance Data Entry Specialist Charge?

How much a freelance data entry specialist charges can vary based on level of experience, what type of work you delegate to them, and how long they will work with you.

Taking these factors into account, a freelance data entry specialist charges between $10 to $20 on Upwork.

How to Hire a Freelance Data Entry Specialist

How to Hire Freelance Data Entry Specialist

The first step in hiring a freelance data entry specialist is to decide how much you can carve out of your budget to spend on one, keeping in mind that you will get what you pay for.

Once you have that number in mind, begin your search. If you need to find someone who can work with your tight budget or only want to hire someone for a short-term project, look to a site like Upwork or Fiverr.

If you have a larger budget and want a senior-level data entry specialist to handle more tasks like Excel and web research for a longer period, try Toptal or UpStack.

Once you find the right data entry specialist for the job, use the platform you found them on to draw up terms and rates that you can agree on.

Delegate tasks to your data entry specialist and keep in touch with them and you’re good to go.


Can you freelance as a data entry specialist?

Yes, you can freelance as a data entry specialist.

When should I hire a freelance data entry specialist?

You should hire a freelance data entry specialist when there are too many tasks for you to handle, if you’re behind on deadlines, or if you have a team member who has to take a leave for an extended period to fill in the gaps.

Where is the best place to find freelance data entry specialists for small businesses?

Fiverr is the best place to find freelance data entry specialists for small businesses.

Where is the best place to find freelance data entry specialists for large businesses?

Upstack is the best place to find freelance data entry specialists for large businesses.

How do I start freelance data entry?

To start a career in freelance data entry, brush up on your Excel skills, learn about web scraping, and set up a profile on Upwork or Fiverr to market your skills.