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Rashida Beal

Rashida is a Milwaukee-based writer, editor, and marketer. With years of experience in the freelance scene, she knows what it takes to succeed as a freelancer (and what you need to look for when hiring one)! She loves integrating first-hand experience into her writing, including real-world tests of leading technology and platforms for small businesses. When Rashida's not researching or writing about the latest business tech, she's playing professional soccer, reading a psychological thriller, or walking her sweet dog Murphy.
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OnlineJobs Scams and How to Avoid Them

Common Scams & How to Avoid Them is a standout platform that connects skilled Filipino professionals with global opportunities, and one of the best platforms for hiring a virtual assistant. However, like any large job platform, it comes...

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Hiring A Marketing Agency: Red Flags to Avoid

Hiring a Marketing Agency: 7 Red Flags to Avoid

I’ve had the misfortune of hiring some pretty low-quality marketing agencies in the past. In retrospect, the bad marketing agencies always showed red flags early on that I should have paid more attention to. While a...

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How to File a WooCommerce DMCA Guide

How to File a WooCommerce DMCA: Ultimate Guide

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) helps protect your creative work online. If you're selling on WooCommerce, it's vital to help prevent copycats from profiting from your work. This law helps you fight back if...

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