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Rashida Beal

Rashida is a Milwaukee-based writer, editor, and marketer. With years of experience in the freelance scene, she knows what it takes to succeed as a freelancer (and what you need to look for when hiring one)! She loves integrating first-hand experience into her writing, including real-world tests of leading technology and platforms for small businesses. When Rashida's not researching or writing about the latest business tech, she's playing professional soccer, reading a psychological thriller, or walking her sweet dog Murphy.
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OnlineJobs Scams and How to Avoid Them

Common Scams & How to Avoid Them is a standout platform that connects skilled Filipino professionals with global opportunities, and one of the best platforms for hiring a virtual assistant. However, like any large job platform, it comes...

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Hiring A Marketing Agency: Red Flags to Avoid

Hiring a Marketing Agency: 7 Red Flags to Avoid

I’ve had the misfortune of hiring some pretty low-quality marketing agencies in the past. In retrospect, the bad marketing agencies always showed red flags early on that I should have paid more attention to. While a...

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