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My Honest Review of SEO Content Hero

One of the most effective ways to gain traffic on your site is by appearing near the top of every related search engine result. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) has become a top priority for many businesses and organizations around the world.

This is exactly the kind of service that SEO Content Hero hangs its hat on. They write SEO-optimized content for clients based on a fixed pricing scale. Let’s review exactly what that business model entails, and how their services hold up to the competition.

In this article, we break down SEO Content Hero’s pros and cons to help our readers decide whether or not this content writing service is the right fit for their needs.

Get SEO optimized content for your website.  Visit SEO Content Hero

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SEO Content Hero Review

SEO Content Hero Overview

SEO Content Hero is a content writing service company based in Port St. Lucie, Florida (USA), founded by Joe Graisbery. They’re a tight-knit team of SEOs, researchers, and writers.

They specialize in SEO-optimized content, charging per word based on quality and order size. Customers send requests detailing what the project will be about, desired SEO keywords, and word count.

SEO Content Hero

How does SEO Content Hero work?

Users first select one of three pricing options that differ based on the quality of writing that they want – Authority, Professional, and Elite. They then specify how many words they want their piece to be and whether they want Surfer SEO optimization as an add-on.

Users will then place their order and proceed to send a list of instructions, which they can do by either filling out a template provided by SEO Content Hero or write one themselves. The completed forms are sent to SEO Content Hero via email, and the client waits 4 to 6 business days to receive their product.

As their name suggests, SEO Content Hero optimizes all of their written content with the intent to appear at the top of every related search engine result.  Based on the keyword or topic you provide, their writers do keyword research, provide 2 to 3 secondary keywords, and even include semantic keywords on top of that. Users have the ability to incorporate Surfer SEO to their projects at an extra cost, which is a third-party tool that can be used to further SEO optimize content and TF/IDF (Term Frequency–Inverse Document Frequency…essentially keyword density) based on what is ranking in the top search results.

SEO Content Hero ensures high-quality content by hiring heavily-vetted writers all with college degrees. They also employ several writers who check over every project before it’s submitted to a client.

What is SEO Content Hero good for?

SEO Content Hero is a good option for small to medium-sized businesses, marketing agencies, web design companies, and bloggers. Anyone who either needs written advertising content, blog posts, or well-researched and professionally-written reports will benefit from using SEO Content Hero’s services. Examples of companies using SEO Content Hero include, but are not limited to:

  • Affiliate marketers and bloggers
  • Website marketplace companies
  • Web design companies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Domain marketplace companies

Who uses SEO Content Hero?

SEO Content Hero is popular among businesses and agencies centering around online services, particularly those concerning website creation and transactions. Companies that use their services include:

  • Surfer
  • Empire Flippers
  • LeadsFox
  • Spamzilla
  • SEO Signals Lab
  • Simmonet Marketing

What does SEO Content Hero cost?

How much you pay for SEO Content Hero’s services depend on the level of content you choose.

SEO Content Hero offers three different types of content – Authority, Professional, and Elite. Each “level” incorporates different writing styles, research work, and overall tone depending on the needs of a particular client.  They provide discounts for higher word counts, meaning the higher volume of content you order, the less you end up paying.

SEO Content Hero pricing

The Authority level delivers content that is factually accurate and informative. It’s meant primarily for content that local businesses and blogs would require, such as landing pages, product descriptions, blog posts, and reviews. The price for Authority-level content runs at $6 per 100 words (when you order 50k words or more).

The Professional level delivers just what the name suggests. This option is made for organizations seeking written content with a more professional tone or just seeking content at a higher overall standard than the Authority level. This plan is most frequently chosen by agencies.  The Professional level charges $8 per 100 words (when you order 50k words or more).

The Elite level delivers high-quality content for well-known organizations, 6-figure search volume sites, and other high profile businesses. This option is for any organization looking to build an exquisite brand that requires specialization and time for detailed research. Elite writers on average have a Master’s Degree, and pricing runs at $12 per 100 words (when you order 50k words or more).

SEO Content Hero also has Customized plans for agencies that need ongoing blog writing services, SEO work, or advanced research.  You can schedule a call to get a plan tailored to you.

SEO Content Hero Review

My favorite thing about SEO Content Hero is their customer service.  Whenever the question of where to find good content writers comes up in Facebook groups, SEO Content Hero is usually the first company mentioned.  And it’s almost always followed by several commenters singing the praises of the company’s customer service and quality.

The detailed SEO services that SEO Content Hero provides for all three levels are unmatched by anyone else on the market. They have a strong vetting process and only 1% of writers are that apply are hired.  And their advanced topic research, SEO based writing structure, and process of having an editor review each piece increases the chances significantly that your content will receive optimal search engine rankings.

The overall quality of writing is also a safe bet, as SEO Content Hero lives up to its word when it comes to providing appropriately skilled writers at all levels, meaning there won’t be as much need for revisions whenever you receive a project.

Get SEO optimized content for your website.  Visit SEO Content Hero

Visit SEO Content Hero

SEO Content Hero Pros

Pros: Here’s what I like about SEO Content Hero

  • They specialize in SEO optimized content.  This is why they are a top writing choice for affiliate marketers.  For every post, their SEO’s do keyword research, content research, and copywriting,  And if you are feeling frisky, you can pay a little extra for Surfer SEO optimization as well.
  • An editor reviews all output before you see it. (most other services do not include this)
  • They are all native English speakers with 95% located in the U.S.
  • If you fall in love with a particular writer, you can request them on subsequent orders.
  • The three payment levels make it easy to choose a plan for different budgets.

Copywriting: In my tests of SEO Content Hero, in addition to writing blog posts, I had them copywrite an email nuture series I had been working on.

I was BLOWN AWAY by the results.  They kept my tone and core content  intact but improved the wording immensely!  It now flows much better and is written to engage and convert.

SEO Content Hero Cons

Cons: Here are the only things I don’t like about SEO Content Hero

  • Because they focus on quality, SEO-optimized writing, their per word prices are higher than some competitors. There is a minimum word count of 1,000 words, meaning that you’ll be paying at least $67.50 for every request, not including the Surfer SEO add-on. 
  • They don’t officially offer revisions, although their customer service is top-notch and if you have a problem they will make it right. 
  • The turnaround time of 4 to 6 days might be very quick for longer articles and bulk orders, but is a little long for shorter pieces and small requests (1,000-2,000 words). 
  • Because you place one order at a time, you don’t get paired up with a dedicated writer who gets used to your style. This means you’ll have to provide detailed instructions for each new piece.  That said, if you remember, you can request specific writers.

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Alternatives to SEO Content Hero

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is every submission SEO-optimized?

Yes, every piece of content from SEO Content Hero comes with 2 to 3 SEO keywords based on competitive research. Surfer SEO can be added to add even more search engine optimization.

Can I send in my own brief or set of instructions instead of using the premade form?

Yes, you can create your own brief and send it to [email protected].

Does every submission come fully edited?

Every submission from a writer will be edited. Editors will verify that all your instructions have been met and will vet each article for grammatical and spelling errors.

How qualified are SEO Content Hero’s writers?

The site claims that each writer has a college education, and they employ an experienced marketing team to provide SEO support for each project.

Why are SEO Content Hero’s content divided into three plans?

Each pricing plan and content type differs based on their tone and the level of research that is required. For example, ordering an article through the Elite package will require more research and skill, necessitating a higher price.