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My Honest Review of Botsify’s Automated Chatbot

Customer service is an important yet tricky topic. You ideally want the most qualified people talking to your customers, but one poor experience or untrained employee can lead to a bad review and a whole host of other issues.

That’s why artificial intelligence is changing the customer service landscape. Instead of using human representatives, businesses are leveraging AI chatbots to engage with customers whenever they have a question about a product or service.

But obtaining an effective chatbot means choosing the right platform with which to build it. While there are a whole host of chatbot building sites out there, Botsify stands among the rest for its accessibility, affordability, and diverse integrations.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of Botsify and their AI chatbot building services. We’ll break down how it works, how much it costs, and our overall impression of the program.

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Botsify Review

Botsify Overview

Botsify is a machine learning AI chatbot building platform that allows users to create their own chatbot for their businesses. Claiming to allow users to get five times greater ROI within the first two months of use, Botsify’s accessibility makes it a popular choice among users with little to no experience with building AI bots.

Their services are well-suited for education sites, sales, customer service, and HR departments that want to automate their functions. Basically, any business that provides customer service on either their website or related Facebook pages can benefit from Botsify’s tools.

They offer bot creation for a wide range of services, including for regular websites, messenger sites like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, SMS, and Whitelabel chatbots. They pride themselves on creating chatbots that increase customer retention through intelligent bots with quick response rates that generate more qualified leads.

How Does Botsify Work?

Botsify is a fully managed chatbot platform, meaning once users sign up and create an account, they can get right into creating their customer service bot. Botsify provides templates for chatbots geared towards specific industries, such as travel agent bots or sales representative bots.

Chatbots operate based on the “story” you provide for them. Users can create a simple welcome message then craft other responses to other potential questions that customers might have. For example, in the Botsify interface you might start a new story by asking the question, “when does your business open.” You can then type a response, such as “we are open from 9-5 on weekdays,” or other responses as necessary to complete that story.

You can equip your bot with multiple stories, allowing your customers to have organic interactions which will hopefully lead to greater conversions. You can easily make changes to each story tree from the user interface as well.

Deploying chatbots can be done through simple integrations. Whether it be your website, your Facebook page, or WhatsApp, Botsify offers dedicated support for multiple third-party programs.

After deployment, you can easily track your chatbots’ progress in terms of gaining more traffic, sales and lead generation, and total conversational hours. Users can also track past conversations, while also being able to jump into a bot’s conversation whenever a real human representative is needed.

Who Uses Botsify?

Botsify will likely be useful for any business that sells its product or services online. Companies looking to make their customer service programs more efficient might also want to invest in Botsify as well.

Botsify will most likely be most useful for business owners or sales representatives with little to no experience building AI chatbots and don’t have anyone on their staff that can effectively do so.

Over 8,000 businesses have used Botsify. Those companies include, but are not limited to:

  • Autobahn
  • Travelex
  • Unicef
  • PTCL
  • Jackson College

What Does Botsify Cost? (Botsify Pricing)

Botsify has four different payment plans. 

The first is the Personal Plan, which gives users access to two chatbots and up to 5,000 users (additional users will cost extra). They have unlimited access to stories, conversations, and media. Other resources include up to 10 hours of chatbot development guidance, all integrations, and one months’ worth of chat history. 

The Personal Plan costs $49 a month or if you choose the annual payment method, $490 a year. 

The Professional Plan increases the number of chatbots to five and the total number of users to 15,000. You’ll also receive a personal onboarding session, email support, and other training programs. This plan costs $149 a month, or $1,490 if you choose the annual payment plan. 

The Business Plan comes with 20 active chatbots and an unlimited number of users. You’ll also receive a year’s worth of chat history and additional Botsify training programs and tools. The Business Plan costs $499 a month, or $4,990 for an entire year. 

Users can also create a custom plan by contacting Botsify for more specialized needs. 

Each plan comes with a 14-day free trial, allowing users to play around with the service before committing to any plans long term.

Botsify Review

Best AI Chatbots - Botsify

My favorite thing about Botsift was how much thought was put into making the chatbot creation experience as accessible as possible. As someone who doesn’t have as much experience in AIs as others, creating a chatbot was simpler than I thought it’d be.

Creating stories by asking questions and programming the bot to provide the answers you want was simple. Each question and answer is automatically stored into a Google Sheets file, which is really useful.

Botsify’s analytical tools are also incredibly useful. You can see which bot is bringing in the most conversions, and which one is raking the most conversational hours. This allows you to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not.

If you have questions about bot creation or aren’t sure why your chatbot isn’t working, you can use Botsify’s AI chatbot for general inquiries. Depending on the plan you purchase, there are even more options available for assistance if you so desire.

While some might view Botsify’s list of deployable channels to be lacking, I think they give you more than enough by allowing you to use your bot on sites, Facebook pages, Messenger, and WhatsApp. They also have top-notch integration systems, allowing you to connect your chatbot functions with Zapier, Google Sheets, and Livechat.

You can also create widgets for your website and landing pages, while also allowing you to auto-reply to Facebook comments. While I wish Botisfy would let you connect to Facebook Ads, there are still plenty of useful marketing tools here.

While Botsify allows you to choose from about 24 different chatbot templates, you can’t create your own, meaning you’re restricted to the ones you’re given. There’s also no eCommerce integrations, meaning you can’t connect your WooCommerce or Shopify accounts.

Their pricing options are a plus and I recommend taking up the annual payment plans as you’ll save plenty of money that way. It’s 14-day free trial is plenty of time to help you decide whether or not Botsify works for you. It is worth noting, however, that Botsify does not offer a money-back guarantee.

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Botsify Pros

Pros: Here’s what I like about Botsify

  • Great pricing plans that give you a good amount of features relative to the price you pay.
  • Easy to use bot creation tools allow beginners to create the type of bots they need.
  • A robust set of analytical tools that lets you track key data regarding your sales and overall engagement.
  • Excellent customer service across all plans.
  • An impressive set of integrations means you’ll be able to seamlessly navigate between Botsify and your other important third-party programs.
  • Different chatbots for applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Botsify Cons

Cons: Here are the only things I don’t like about Botsify

  • You can’t create your own templates so creating the bots you want might take some time depending on your needs.
  • No eCommerce integrations will likely be a letdown for some.
  • While Botsify allows you to choose from about 24 different chatbot templates, you can’t create your own, meaning you’re restricted to the ones you’re given. This could frustrate more technical focused chatbot developers or marketers focused on really making a unique design.

Botisfy Alternatives

After reading this review, you may want to explore Botisfy alternatives and competitors. There are several other companies available that offer AI chatbot solutions. If you're looking to explore your options, consider the following Botsify alternatives:

  • Mitsuku (Pandorabots)
  • Imperson
  • Mobile Monkey
  • Bold360

When it comes to choosing an AI chatbot, it's all a matter of what your business needs. Consider factors like pricing, ease of development, integrations, customer support, and others' overall experience with and reviews of the product.

Before making a final decision, check out our detailed comparison post of the best AI chatbots.

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