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The 7 Best AI Voice Tools in 2024 (We Tested)

Here’s the deal. We didn’t want to pay for a traditional voice over artist, so next best option was to find AI voices.

So, yeah, we’ve actually been using these tools firsthand to create faceless videos.

While testing, we considered number and quality of voices, editing ability, and pricing.

Ultimately, we ended up using FlexClip and Talking.Network for our videos. See why.

Our Favorite AI Voice Tools

How We Chose Our Favorites (Ranking Metrics)

Here’s how we chose our favorites.


First and foremost, we looked at quality. This includes quality in the sound of the voice and how natural the speech and cadence are. We also looked at the accuracy of how each voice pronounced all of the words it was given.


Customizations like variety of tone and emotion, types of voices, accents, and languages were also looked at.

Integration Capabilities

Sometimes you need to integrate an AI voice tool into other parts of your workflow like Zoom, Skype, or video editing software. Many of these voice tools have options that allow you to do all of this.

Pricing & Plans

We included some free AI voice tools as well as ones with more inclusive packages that allow users access to premium features.

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1. FlexClip

Best Overall- 4.5/5 Rating

FlexClip Logo Main4.5 of 5 Stars

While they offer a full menu of video creation and editing tools and services, FlexClip’s AI voice tool is one of our favorites.

The process is easy. You just copy your whole script into a text box to get a preview. The one downside is that you have to generate the whole audio file and listen for any potential edits. Other platforms let you preview the entire thing first before finalizing and downloading.

While they are more limited by options in this AI tool versus Murf.AI, they’re working on adding more features. I was impressed by the quality of FlexClip’s AI voices and would say they outrank Murf in terms of quality of output.


  • Includes 400+ voices across 140+ languages
  • Free to use
  • Fast Online TTS Software
  • Ability to edit voices
  • Full-service video editing tools including video conversion and compression, slideshow edits, GIF creation, and screen recording


FlexClip’s AI text-to-speech feature is free.


  • User-friendly video maker with integrated AI voiceover feature
  • Offers a variety of languages and accents
  • Free version available with basic features
  • Allows for easy editing and customization of voiceovers within video projects


  • The free version has limited features with FlexClip branding
  • Higher-quality voices are behind a paywall
  • Limited to video projects, which may not be suitable for audio-only applications

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2. Murf.AI

Easiest interface to use – 4.5/5 Rating

Murf Ai Logo Main4.5 of 5 Stars

Murf.AI had the cleanest and easiest-to-use interface of any voice AI tools we tried.

While there are more high-quality voices locked in the higher plans, we only used the basic and we found that we still had a good mix of voices. You also have a lot of control over editing the voices.

Unfortunately, we found that Murf.AI voices struggled with the cadence. They had that heavy robotic start/stop rhythm.


  • Voice cloning
  • Voice changer
  • Text-to-speech
  • Voiceover video and Google Slides
  • API
  • Audiobooks
  • Video games


    • Free- No downloads, try all 120+ voices, 10 mins of voice generation, 10 mins of transcription, share link for audio/video output, single user, no credit card required.
    • Basic- $19 per user/month ($228 billed annually)- Unlimited downloads, access to 60 basic voices, access to 10 languages, 24 hours of Voice generation per user/year, collaborative workspace, no AI Voice Changer, commercial usage rights, 8000+ licensed soundtracks, chat & email support
    • Pro- $26 per user/month ($312 billed annually)- Unlimited downloads, access to all 120+ voices and all 20+ languages & accents, 48 hours of voice generation per user/year, 24 hours of transcription per user/year, collaborative workspace, AI Voice Changer, commercial usage rights, 8000+ licensed soundtracks, high priority support.
    • Enterprise: $59 per user/ month ($3540 billed annually)- 5+ Users, unlimited voice generation, transcription & storage, collaboration & access control, a dedicated account manager, a service agreement, a security assessment, single sign-on (SSO), training & onboarding support, PO & invoicing, and deletion recovery.


  • Provides a high-quality, natural-sounding voice library
  • Simple to use with a clean, intuitive interface
  • Offers voice cloning features
  • Useful for a variety of use cases, including e-learning, audiobooks, and video production


  • No free tier, only a free trial with limited usage
  • Premium voices and features can be expensive
  • Usage is limited by credits, which may run out quickly depending on the project size

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3. Talking.Network

Most realistic voice – 4.5/5 Rating

TalkingNetwork Logo Main4.5 of 5 Stars

Out of our top 3, Talking.Network has the most basic interface. It’s not super modern or clean, but don't judge a book by its cover.

This was relatively easy to use compared to other platforms. The platform is very simple, not leaving much room for editing.

That being said, it produced the most organic, human-like voice and didn’t struggle with pronunciations as much as some of the other tools. This makes it a winner and is the reason we still use Talking.Network for our videos.


  • 65 languages including Arabic, Chinese (China, HK, Taiwan), English (US, UK, Australia), Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, German, Italian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and many more.
  • Over 400 voices
  • Very easy to use even if you’re not very tech-literate
  • Supports Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)
  • Ability to preview the text to speech or generate an mp3 file
  • Cloud storage for generated files or the option to download them to your device


    • Free- lifetime use, 4,000 Characters for standard and AI voices
    • Starter- $10 one-time payment, lifetime use, 100,000 characters for standard and AI voices (one time)
    • Growth- $59 one-time payment, lifetime use, 1,000,000 characters for standard and AI voices (one time)


  • Free tier available with a good selection of voices
  • Voices sound natural and are suitable for professional use
  • Offers customization options like speed and pitch adjustment


  • Advanced features require payment
  • The selection of languages and accents may not be as extensive as competitors
  • May not handle complex vocabulary or jargon as effectively

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4. Speechify

Most popular – 4.5/5 Rating

Speechify Logo Main4.5 of 5 Stars

If you’ve even googled “AI voice tool,” you’ve probably heard of Speechify.

Speechify is a free AI voiceover generator that anyone can use. The interface truly could not be simpler to use (as you can see from our screenshot of the homepage above.)

Originally created to help dyslexic people consume written text more easily, this generator has evolved into a full-blown voiceover creator for narrating videos, slideshows, and even books.

Some paid plans include more features, but the free version comes with only 10 voices and is limited to text-to-speech only.


  • Text-to-speech online
  • Chrome extension
  • Mac app
  • iPhone, iPad, and Android apps
  • Audiobook narration
  • Celebrity voice-over generator
  • 30+ human-like voices
  • 15+ exclusive languages
  • 5x faster listening speeds
  • Advanced highlighting, note-taking, and importing tools​


    • Free- 10 standard reading voices, listen at speeds up to 1x​, listen anywhere​, text-to-speech features only
    • Speechify Premium- $139/year ($11.58/month billed annually), 30+ high quality, natural reading voices, 20+ different languages, scan and listen to any printed text, listen at 5x faster speeds, advanced skipping and importing, powerful highlighting + note-taking tools
    • Speechify Audiobooks- $199/ year ($249/year bundled with text-to-speech), actor-narrated audiobooks, 1 free credit with trial, 12 credits per year, access to 60,000+ titles, newest releases, all best-sellers, 1000's of free audiobooks


  • Converts text from various sources like emails, documents, and web pages into speech
  • High-quality voice options that can be used across devices
  • Offers a mobile app for listening on the go


  • Some of the best voices are locked behind a subscription
  • The free version may include advertisements
  • May not integrate as seamlessly with all text sources or formats

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5. Lovo.AI

Largest library of voices/emotions – 4.5/5 Rating

Lovo Logo Main4.5 of 5 Stars

What makes Lovo.AI’s AI voice over feature Genny unique is that it’s constantly refining and advancing its voice synthesis models, allowing it to remain on the cutting edge of voiceover technology.

It also has the largest library featuring over 400 voices with 30+ emotions per voice in over 100 languages.

They also offer some of the most robust editing tools available includinga pronunciation editor and tools that allow you to customize your voice’s emphasis, speed and pitch.


  • Huge library of 400+ voices
  • Over 30 emotions per voice
  • Over 100 languages
  • Video production
  • Powerful editing tools


    • Free- 14-day trial of the Pro plan includes 20 Minutes of voice generation credits, 1GB storage, and 5 audio file downloads.
    • Basic- $19/month ($228/year), includes 2 hours of voice generation credits, 20+ Premium voices, 3 emotional voices with 20+ emotions, 1080p video export, global voices in 100+ languages, commercial rights, unlimited downloads, and 30GB storage.
    • Pro- $36/month (billed $432/year), includes 5 hours of voice generation credits, 20+ Premium voices, 3 emotional voices with 20+ emotions, 1080p video export, global voices in 100+ languages, commercial rights, unlimited downloads, 100GB storage, beta voices, priority queue, producer mode, and priority support.


  • Specializes in creating natural and expressive voiceovers
  • Offers a unique feature for personal voice cloning
  • User-friendly platform with a focus on creating voiceovers for content creators


  • Free version is limited in terms of the number of characters you can convert
  • Some users may have privacy concerns over voice cloning features
  • Subscription can be pricey for access to all features

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Most languages – 4.5/5 Rating

Playht Logo Main4.5 of 5 Stars gives users the ability to generate realistic Text to Speech online and easily download as MP3 and WAV audio files.

Rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot and a “High Performer” for 2023 on G2, is trusted by huge companies including Salesforce, Verizon, and Samsung.

They have the largest library of voices with over 800 and the almost creepy ability to clone any human voice.

You can also customize pronunciations for niche and industry-specific words and save them so that the AI voice will remember and use that pronunciation in the future.


  • 800+ voices in 130+ languages
  • Voice cloning
  • Customizable plug-and-play audio widgets
  • Text to voice editor
  • Customizable pronunciation for niche words
  • AI podcasts
  • Team access


    • Free- 5,000 Free words per month, try Voice Cloning for free, all ultra-realistic voices, all premium voices, and non-commercial use (attribution to required).
    • Professional- $29.25/month ($351 billed yearly), includes 600,000 words per year, all premium voices, audio previews, unlimited downloads, unlimited projects, and a Commercial License.
    • Premium- $49.50/month (594 billed yearly), unlimited voice generation, all ultra-realistic voices, all premium voices, pronunciations library, white-labeled audio players, audio previews, unlimited downloads, unlimited projects, and commercial license.


  • Provides a wide range of AI voices from various providers
  • High-quality audio output with commercial rights
  • Offers an API for integration with other services and applications


  • More expensive than some other options
  • The user interface can be overwhelming due to the number of features
  • Paywall for premium voices and higher usage limits

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7. Resemble.AI

Best voice cloning feature – 4.0/5 Rating

Resemble AI Logo Main

4 of 5 Stars

With one of the best voice cloning features available, Resemble.AI is worth checking out.

If you want to create voiceovers that sound, well, like you, Resemble.AI’s technology is able to clone any voice with almost creepy accuracy.

The super user-friendly interface allows you to not only select unique voices but also offers you the ability to tweak them and customize them to your liking.

Though they offer a free trial, you will have to pay to use their services after that and they charge per second which is unusual for AI voice tools.


  • Voice cloning tool
  • Localize custom voices in multiple languages and dialects
  • API and integrations
  • Resemble Fill to take existing speech and modify it using hyper-realistic voice cloning
  • Mobile apps on Android and iOS
  • Speech-to-speech and text-to-speech options


    • Basic- $0.006 per second, web-recorded custom voices, up to 10 Voices, English only, 50+ marketplace voices, unlimited audio downloads, pay-as-you-go.
    • Pro- (contact for pricing) upload custom data, speech-to-speech, enhanced emotion control, low latency APIs, cross-lingual support in 24+ languages, and voice creation API.


  • Offers custom AI voice cloning to create unique voiceovers
  • Real-time API available for dynamic content generation
  • High level of customization for emotion and emphasis


  • The voice cloning process requires a good amount of clean audio data
  • More suitable for developers and businesses than casual or individual users
  • Pricing can be complex and may not be cost-effective for small projects

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What Are AI Voice Generators?

AI voice generators are software designed to mimic the human voice and generate a verbal reading of written text.

They are used often in entertainment in audiobook narration, podcasts, and video.

AI voice generators can also used as a helpful accessibility tools for people who are blind, dyslexic, or have other visual impairments that make it difficult for them to read written text.

Since they are generally more affordable than hiring a voiceover artist, many content creators use them in place of a voice actor.

Who Should Use AI Voice Generator?

Anyone who has a hard time reading or finds it easier to absorb information through hearing should use an AI voice generator.

Businesses looking to save money, time, and effort in voiceover work should also consider using an AI voice generator for video content or audiobook narration.

Are AI Voices Worth It?

We believe that AI voices are absolutely worth it, you just need to do a bit of searching to find the AI voice generator that’s the right fit for your needs.

If you can find a voice you're happy with, it can save a considerable amount of time, coordination, and money.

How to Pick the Best AI Voice Generator

To pick the best AI voice generator, you will first need to think of what purpose you’re using it for.

Do you just need an AI voice to read back that article so you can catch mistakes before you send it off for publishing? Do you need an AI voice generator with an extension that will read text on various web pages you visit? Or do you want an AI voice generator that can narrate short videos or even audiobooks for your business?

Then, think about what capabilities you need your AI voice to have. Will you need your generator to read text in different languages? What about accents? Are there any niche terms with unique pronunciations that you need your AI voice to remember? What about control over the emotion or tonality of the voice?

Lastly, think of your budget. There are plenty of free AI voice generators available, though they may not have all of the bells and whistles.


When it comes to AI voice tools, the options are many. Whenever you’re looking for the right tools for your needs, consider things like quality, integrations, customization, and price.

Our favorites are FlexClip’s built-in AI voice generator, Murf.AI, and Talking.Network. Speechify, Lovo.AI, and Resemble.AI each have their strengths in things like voice cloning and extensive lists of languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best AI voice generator?

Talking.Network is the best AI voice generator in our experience.

What are the downsides of using AI voice generator?

The downside of using AI voice generators is there’s often a robotic, emotionless quality to them that human voices don’t have.

Is there a free AI voice service?

Yes, there are many free AI voice services including Talking.Network, FlexClip, and Speechify.

How human-like are AI voice overs?

Some AI voiceovers are very human-like and natural-sounding.