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Best Gifts for Developers

27 Nerdy Gift Ideas for Programmers and Developers (for 2024)

As the holiday season approaches and you look at the list of people you need to find gifts for, you may draw a blank when trying to figure out a gift for the coder in your life.

If you’re not familiar with the development universe, you may be wondering where to even start when it comes to looking for a present for a programmer.

You don’t have to just buy a Best Buy gift card! Check out this list of developer gift ideas to give to the programmer you love.

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Staying Organized

Staying Organized Gift Ideas

From neatly arranging cables to keeping their ideas in order, here are some organizational gifts for programmers.

Fast Wireless Charging Station w/ Desk Organizer – Wireless Future Charger

Wireless Future Charger

It’s likely your developer spends a good amount of their day at their desk. And even more likely that they have a phone, smartwatch, tablet, and more that they need to charge.

So why not help them keep their devices charged and their stuff organized?

This wireless charging station doubles as an organizer, allowing your programmer to power up their devices while keeping pens, post-it notes, and credit cards neatly tucked away.

Portable Tech Organizer – Beblau Slim Portable Organizer

Beblau Slim Portable Organizer

Help your programmer-on-the-go stay organized with this portable tech organizer that they can bring with them wherever their coding adventures take them.

This useful, slim organizing band can be easily attached to their laptop, notebook, or tablet. It has elastic bands designed to hold every tech accessory they could need, including a mouse, a charger, pens, pencils, cards, earbuds, and more.

The anti-stain fabric comes in four washable colors (steel blue, soft purple, steel gray, or dark gray) suitable for every programmer’s style.

Clamp-On Desk Organizer Shelf – Meekakee Desk Organizer

Meekakee Desk Organizer

What if the programmer in your life has completely run out of desk space? Try this clamp-on desk organizer shelf.

It clamps onto the edge of their desk, offering out-of-the-way storage for things like laptops, tablets, notebooks, writing utensils, remotes, and just about anything.

Its secure, damage-free clamping mechanism is adjustable and suitable for desks of all materials up to 1.8 inches in thickness.

Plus, it’s made of sturdy metal designed to hold up to 22 lbs.

Riser w/ Drawers – Westree Dual Monitor Stand Riser w/ Two Drawers

Westree Dual Monitor Stand

Many developers like a dual-monitor setup that allows for maximum screen space, but not many are making use of the possible storage area this setup could provide.

Gifting your developer this dual monitor stand with drawers keeps their two monitors at a healthy height while providing them with more room for organization.

The drawers come with dividers for added organization that allow them to stow away things like sticky notes, paperclips, and even small gaming consoles. There’s also an open space in the area between the two monitors for them to tuck away their keyboard when not in use.

Cable Organizing Box – HomeBliss Walnut Cable Box

HomeBliss Walnut Cable Box

Your programmer likely has dozens of cables that can easily become a tangled mess on their desk. Not to mention the utter chaos that could result from an exposed cable accidentally becoming disconnected.

This large cable organizing box keeps their various cables tucked away neatly and safe from any accidental bumping or unplugging. It can also double as a monitor stand to keep their spine in a neutral position.

It comes in two beautiful wood stains, making it both attractive and functional.

Practical Gifts for Programmers

To kick things off, let’s look at some gifts that will make long days of developing easier and more comfortable for coders at all levels.

Best Practical Gifts for Developers

Charging Desk Pad – KeySmart Taskpad

KeySmart Taskpad
We love multi-use products, and this charging desk pad is a shining example of a gift that any coder will love.

First, you have a high-quality desk pad that protects your desktop from your mouse, keyboard, and laptop. The pad itself has a sleek design and is anti-scratch and stain-resistant, so it will last years. The material is plush and comfortable to provide a supportive place for a developer to rest their forearms while they work.

Then you add a helpful charging area where your coder can fast-charge their phone wirelessly, and you have a perfect gift for the programmer you love.

Wireless Headphones – Bose QuietComfort 45 Bluetooth

Bose Headphones

If you ever work from a coffee shop (or if your apartment is in a busy city), you know how important it is to shut out the noise to focus on work.

That’s where these sound-canceling Bose headphones come in.

These super comfy headphones block out the outside noise while providing your ears with high-quality, crisp music so you can enjoy your favorite tunes while spending hours at the computer.

Need to hear what’s going on around you? These headphones offer both quiet and aware modes, so you can tune into the outside world when you need to.

Ergonomic Mouse – Logitech Lift Vertical

Logitech Lift Vertical
When it comes to programming, wrist pain and hand cramping are just a part of the job.

But they don’t have to be.

This ergonomic mouse is designed to hold the user’s wrist in a neutral, relaxed, “handshake” position. Its funky design is raised at a 57-degree angle with a comfortable thumb rest on one side, making it great for anyone with carpal tunnel, arthritis, or just general wrist fatigue after long days at the computer.

It’s wireless and has multiple options for connection, including BlueTooth and USB.

USB C Docking Station for Multiple Monitors – ABIWAZY Docking Station

Docking Station
If you’ve ever looked at a web developer’s desk setup, you know the deal. Multiple monitors, some at varying heights, a big keyboard (maybe with extra keys that you have never seen in your life), a large console (often put together by the programmer themself), and a bunch of tech stuff you can’t quite identify.

One thing you can know for sure about all of these items is that they have to be connected to something.

Help them keep their cables in one centralized place with a USB C docking station.

This 14-in-1 docking station comes complete with 2 4K HDMI ports, 1 VGA port, 1 RJ45 port, 1 Power Play delivery port, 3 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB C data transfer port, 1 SD & TF card reader, and 1 3.5mm audio/mic 2-in-2 jack.

Convertible Standing Desk – FlexiSpot E7

Flexispot E7 DeskStanding desks are all the rage these days, and for good reason.

They have plenty of health benefits and are a great way to break up the day when you’re spending hours at the computer.

The FlexiSpot E7 is our favorite for a variety of reasons [review]. This desk is convertible, so users can switch between standing up and sitting down throughout the day. The system is electrical, allowing users to smoothly adjust height. You can even create settings for your favorite heights and move between those at the push of a button.

It’s super durable and can hold 355 lbs, even at the highest setting, making it perfect for supporting all of your programmer’s precious gear.

For bonus points, add on their under-the-desk treadmill, the WalkingPad A1 Pro [review].

Sit-Stand Chair – HealthPostures Stance Move

Health Postures

This sit-stand chair is the perfect partner for your FlexiSpot desk.

The unique design of this chair allows programmers to use it in different ways. It works as a regular chair but also comes with knee pads for kneeling to switch things up.

It also has a standing option where you can lean back against it, taking some pressure off your back when working at the standing desk.

Mug – Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Ember Control Smart Mug

For those long, long days at the computer, coffee is a necessity. But nothing is worse than taking a sip and realizing that coffee has gone cold.

To ensure that your favorite programmer never has to know that feeling, get them the Ember temperature control smart mug 2.

This self-heating mug is app-controlled, comes with a charging coaster, and is equipped with a battery that allows the mug to last 80 minutes off the charger. It’s made from stainless steel with food-grade coating and comes in 7 different colors.

Massager – MoCuishle Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager with Heat

Neck Massager

Try as they might to maintain good posture, it’s hard for developers to not slouch at some point while at the computer all day.

Get them this heated Shiatsu back and neck massager to help relax those tense shoulders.

It has 8 Shiatsu kneading nodes that can be set to 3 different positions. The heat adds to the relaxing qualities and this massager can be used all over the body, from the feet to the stomach and, of course, the neck.

Funny Gifts for the Humorous Coder in Your Life

Does the developer you’re shopping for appreciate a jokey gift? Try one of these to put a smile on their face.

Best Funny Gifts for Developers

Mini Desk Vacuum – Henry The Novelty Indoor Vacuum

Henry Vacuum
Developers are notorious for working long hours on programming and often don’t find the time to take a meal break. This leads to snacking at the computer, which leads to crumbs.

This cute mini desk vacuum will effectively suck up any food particles that have found their way into the cracks and crevices of your beloved programmer’s setup while giving them a smile.

The small red tabletop accessory comes with an attached, extendable hose for reaching every corner of their desk and a smiley face painted on the side for… funsies. Oh, and its name is Henry.

This little battery-powered device requires 3 AA batteries. There are wheels attached to the bottom of the lightweight unit so that developers can wheel their friend around their setup.

Coffee Mug – Stages Of Debugging Mug

Stages of Debugging Cup
Some of the greatest code ever written was fueled by caffeine.

Coffee is a developer’s best friend. So why not give them a fun new vessel to hold that sacred caffeinated beverage?

This relatable debugging mug accurately portrays the annoying debugging process that programmers deal with daily.

It’s topical, it’s fun, it’s functional, and it’s better than another pair of socks. What more could you ask for?

Want a creative gift idea? Check out these hot air balloon games and toys.

Gifts for New Coders

Is your friend just now getting into coding? Here are some gifts that can help them on their journey.

Best Gifts for New Coders

Online Classes – Udemy Python Bootcamp

Since many developers learn everything they know on the internet anyway, why not help them out by gifting them an online course?

Many of them are self-paced, and they can cover all of the basics in detail, which could set up your new programmer friend for success.

A favorite is this Python Bootcamp to learn everything they need to know about one of the most popular programming languages. They will leave the course with a portfolio of Python-based projects that they can share with possible future employers.

Course Book – Beginner's Step-by-Step Coding Course

Coding Course Book
While tech-based gifts are probably the first thing you think of, you should also consider going old-school and getting a step-by-step coding book.

This coding book is a great way to give them a comprehensive guide to coding and give their eyes a break from looking at screens all day.

The book is broken up into chapters with practical examples that cover all basic topics of coding, including building websites, designing apps, and creating games.

The layout is designed to be easy to digest while packing as much information as possible.

Raspberry Pi 4 – 8 GB Start Kit

Rasperry Pi
If your beginner developer is interested in building a whole computer, get them this Raspberry Pi 4 Starter Kit.

For those of us who aren’t developers, Raspberry Pi sounds more like a delicious dessert than anything tech-related. Turns out, it’s actually a small single-board computer that runs on Linux.

The starter kit comes with everything your developing developer needs to build a Raspberry Pi system. This includes things like the Pi itself, cables, a fan, an SD card, and a power supply.

If they want a bigger challenge, there are also kits that include extras like motors, sensors, LEDs, and more.

Programmable Drone: Parrot Anafi Base

Parrot Drone
Is the programmer in your life also a drone hobbyist? The Parrot Anafi Base Programmable Drone offers the best of both worlds.

Parrot, the creator of this programmable drone, offers a range of programming interfaces through its SDK. Olympe is a Python interface for controlling parrot drones remotely. The Ground SDK allows you to create apps for controlling GPS-programmable drones.

All Parrot drones are compatible with the open-source MAVLink protocol. The Parrot SDK works with the entire range of Anafi drones and is constantly updated with new interfaces.

Check out more programmable drones.

Robot: Makeblock mBot Robot Kit

MakeBlock Robot Kit

For a cute (yet impressive!) robot to build within as little as 15 minutes, check out this Makeblock mBot robot kit.

The kit offers extensive coding directions to make the programming part of setting up this little robot car.

There are also many open-source configuration options with add-on packs, including 100+ electronic modules and 500+ parts from the Makeblock platform.

Robot – Lego Build Creative Toolbox Robot Set

Lego Build Robot

Legos are making a huge comeback and what better way for your coder to get back into them than with this Lego robot set?

It comes with 847(!) pieces that your developer can build and rebuild into 5 different functional models.

Programmers can code this robot to dance, play the guitar, care for Frankie (the included cat), and interact with the Autobuilder.

The product description claims that this robot is best for ages 12-17 but we know many developers well over that age that would appreciate this fun robot.

Gifts for Teen Coders

Showing an interest in coding while still in grade school is a great way for young adults to get a jumpstart into a profitable career in web development, so it’s definitely a passion you’ll want to nurture.

Make coding fun with one of these nifty gifts for teen coders (but honestly, developers of all ages will love these.)

Best Gifts for Teen Coders

Coding Game – Hacker Cybersecurity Coding Game

Hacker Game

In the cybersecurity coding game Hacker, teens program their agents to collect data chips while they avoid alarms and viruses.

As the game goes on, teens learn how hackers can damage their programs and learn the importance of high-quality cybersecurity in their programming.

Since cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand jobs currently (with great work-life balance and a high income) it can get teens interested in one of the most important parts of coding.

Binary Code Watch – getDigital Binary Wrist Watch

Binary Wrist Watch
This binary digital watch is a funky way for the young coder in your life to show off their skills.

It displays the time in binary in a circuit board outline, with the top row showing numbers to indicate the hour and the bottom displaying minutes. All that they have to do is some quick math and voila! They know the time.

Since it does show time in binary, it creates an air of mystery, as many folks won’t be able to tell that it’s a watch at all.

The watch sports a sleek, simplistic design and is made from waterproof plastic that’s comfortable to wear and durable.

Arduino Starter Kit – OSOYOO Smart House IoT Starter Kit

Smart House IOT
Internet of Things (aka IoT) is a big part of coding that takes some practice to get used to, so using a small smart house IoT toolkit is a good place to start.

The kit teaches Mega2560 as the main hardware platform and C/C++ to write sketches, so teens can learn a little bit about multiple different types of programming.

Beginning programmers can set up things like opening the door using a sensor, a light show, a breaking-in alarm, and more. Don’t worry, there are detailed, comprehensive tutorials included for all of these functions, so it won’t prove more challenging than it’s worth for young coders.

They can control these functions easily from their smartphone, making it a convenient, fun project for any coder interested in IoT.

Clothing – Binary Socks

Binary Socks

Maturing means recognizing that socks are, in fact, a good gift.

If your teen has caught on to this fact of life, these binary code socks are a best-seller on Amazon.

They’re warm and comfy, and probably won’t warrant an eye-roll from your teen when they open them at the family holiday gathering.

Why Trust Us?

We know you’ll probably find plenty of lists of developer gifts out there, but here’s why we chose what we did.

We’re a group of work-from-home folks who know what it takes to create a functional, attractive office space that makes long days at the computer easier and more enjoyable.

Also, many of us are developers and have a background in development, so we know what functional gadgets make learning development a fun and educational experience.

Ultimately, we scoured the internet, hung out on Reddit, and read hundreds of reviews to curate this list for you