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Cemtrex SmartDesk Review

Cemtrex SmartDesk Review

With laptop docks, a powerful built-in computer, a three-monitor setup, motion sensors, and a sleek contemporary design, the Cemtrx SmartDesk is looking to revolutionize the concept of a smart desk.

But is it right for you?

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What's New?

  • Extra stability & weight capacity (see what it can do in our video)
  • More sizes, tabletops, and shapes available (like the curved front for an ergonomic fit)
  • LED touch screen
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In this article, we’ll be looking at the Cemtrex SmartDesk’s features while discussing its pros and cons to help you determine whether it’s the right choice for you.

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Cemtrex SmartDesk Overview

What is the Cemtrex SmartDesk?

The Cemtrex SmartDesk is the latest iteration of the company’s venture into all-in-one office smart desks. It’s essentially a large desk with three monitors that either has a built-in computer or a dock to connect your laptop.

The Cemtrex SmartDesk is arguably the most advanced smart desk on the market. With everything from phone chargers to speakers to adjustable heights, it’s an extremely versatile desk perfect for anyone looking to capitalize on the benefits of ergonomics.

There are two variants of the Cemtrex SmartDesk: the regular version with a built-in PC and the Connect version that lets you connect to your laptop.

Let’s take a look at its features and specs to see what the Cemtrex SmartDesk has to offer.

Cemtrex SmartDesk Features

Right off the bat, the Cemtrex SmartDesk has everything you need to succeed in an office setting.

The Connect version has a laptop dock to connect your device to the desk. You also get a headphone jack, speakers, a phone charger, a desk phone for both variants. It also comes with three 4K Ultra HD or 1080p monitors.

The SmartDesk also measures 38.9 by 59.7 by 33.7 inches at its lowest setting, meaning you can pull up a chair and use it that way if you want. You can lower or heighten your SmartDesk using the up/down buttons located on the desk.

There isn’t really any color customization for the Cemtrex SmartDesk, with the current two options being two shades of black.

Design and Layout

The Cemtrex SmartDesk has a sort of boomerang design with a notch in the middle and two other notches that divide the desk up to three equally-sized areas.

Every SmartDesk has built-in speakers. The regular SmartDesk has a built-in keyboard and touchpad, as well as a glass window for the motion-controlled sensors underneath. The keyboard and touchpad are akin to that of a small laptop and are perfectly usable though perhaps not for long stretches of time.

There’s also a Qi wireless charging pad that you can use to power your smartphones for both models. It also comes with wireless headphones similar to the Apple Airpods and a charger connected to the desk.

There’s an ethernet port along with an I/O panel to plug in peripherals. While it’s not the sturdiest material in the world, the SmartDesk more than holds up in design.

PC Specs

The regular SmartDesk has its built-in PC mounted underneath the middle section, allowing IT departments to access it for upgrades and maintenance. The regular SmartDesk actually has two options for its built-in PCs.

The default version has an NVidia 1050 GTX 4GB graphics card, along with 16GB worth of DDR4 RAM. It has 256GB of SSD and one terabyte of HDD storage.

The “higher performance” SmartDesk has a NVidia 1060 GTX 6GB graphics card and 32GB of DDR4 RAM. It similarly has 256GB of SSD and two terabytes of HDD storage.

While they’re not the most powerful computers in the world, each version more than holds up as capable workplace PCs.

Motion Sensors

Somehow more impressive than the three monitors and the built-in PC is the Stark Gesture System, SmartDesk's proprietary motion sensor system.

Similar to how Tony Stark flicked his hands around to access his artificially intelligent system J.A.R.V.I.S. in the Marvel films, you can similarly access files and move around items on your SmartDesk screen by waving your hands.

You can do something as simple as scrolling through a PDF to zooming in and out or even copy and pasting documents without touching a screen or a touchpad. While there’s a learning curve for using this innovative technology, it’s one of the regular SmartDesk’s most defining features.

Who is the Cemtrex SmartDesk For?

The Cemtrex SmartDesk is for any business that’s looking to modernize its workplace. Tech-savvy companies that are shifting to remote working environments and will find great use in the SmartDesk's ergonomic design.

IT departments for large corporations or development firms could also leverage the SmartDesk to show off specific projects or diagnose issues in a quick and intuitive way. The three monitor setup allows for an informal stage for a presentation. This could also benefit sales and marketing teams.

Some other industries where employees can maximize the features of the Cemtrex SmartDesk include government, security, educations, finance, and healthcare.

Because of the tall price, these desks are typically purchased by enterprises looking into the latest tech to optimize their workplace. Let’s take a look at the price tag to see how much Cemtrex SmartDesks go for.

How Much Does the Cemtrex SmartDesk Cost?

The Cemtrex SmartDesk Connect is the slightly cheaper version of the SmartDesk. It lacks the built-in keyboards and touchpad, the PC, and motion sensors. It does, however, include the laptop dock to connect your device.

The starting price for the Connect is $2,290. You can also purchase an extra mouse for $30, a keyboard for $34, and a webcam for $45. It comes with a free one-year warranty, but you can alternatively purchase a 2-year warranty for $299.

The regular SmartDesk is outfitted with the aforementioned PC, motion sensors, and built-in keyboard and touchpad. The “High Performance” version costs $2,499 while the “Higher Performance” variant clocks in at $2,990. A two-year warranty can be purchased for $399, otherwise, the one-year warranty is free.

Cemtrex SmartDesk Review

Cemtrex SmartDesk

There’s no doubt that the Cemtrex SmartDesk is one of the most sophisticated, cutting-edge smart desks money can buy. The specs and technology cannot be understated.

The regular SmartDesk’s built-in PC isn’t the most powerful computer you can get, but considering how this is a smart desk first and a computer second, that’s excusable. Plus, it's much more powerful than most standard laptops.

The Stark motion sensors do take some practice, but it is intuitive if not a little unnecessary. The regular SmartDesk comes with two black finishes, as we mentioned, but both are susceptible to fingerprints.

The Connect variant is decidedly limited compared to the regular version, but it lets you connect your laptop easily.

The price, however, will be the biggest point of contention.

The regular SmartDesk nears the $3,000 range, well out of most small business budgets. The Connect version requires you to get your own Bluetooth keyboard and mouse unless you purchase it with the package. This is already on top of the $2,000+ price tag.

However, Cemtrex is clearly catering to large companies with a larger tech budget, so the price might not be an issue for some. Overall, based on the specs, I think the price is warranted. But as a solo entrepreneur working from home, it's a little out of my price range.

I'm also somewhat limited on space. The SmartDesk isn't HUGE, but it isn't super small and compact either. So, if you're looking at this desk as a personal addition to your remote workspace, take measurements of the room. You'll want the square footage to support the desk so that it doesn't make your work environment feel claustrophobic.

It’s worth noting that the speakers aren’t the best for either the Connect or the regular SmartDesk. Users can, however, connect their own wireless headphones as well.

Cemtrex SmartDesk Pros

Pros: What We Like About the Cemtrex SmartDesk

  • Innovative design with all the features you need in a modern office
  • Intuitive height controls that allow you to work standing up or sitting down
  • The Control variant connects to your laptop quickly
  • The regular SmartDesk has a very respectable built-in PC
  • The Stark Gesture System is surprisingly intuitive and cool to use
  • Makes little noise and has a quiet cooling fan

Cemtrex SmartDesk Cons

Cons: What We Didn’t Like About the Cemtrex SmartDesk

  • One year-warranty
  • Unless you're a larger company, it will be out of most people's budgets regardless of the model
  • External audio isn’t great
  • Motion sensors have a learning curve and might not even be used by some
  • Doesn’t offer PC customization options

Cemtrex Alternatives

Cemtrex is an impressive brand and offers a great product with their SmartDesk. However, price, lack of customization, and warranty limitations might be a deal breaker for you.

Using our industry partnerships and connections with large furniture and technology distributors, we've identified two of the best Cemtrex SmartDesk alternatives. It's important to note that both of these products don't have built in monitors and that you'll need to buy those separately, or by bundling with a distributor. But in doing so, you actually can create your own SmartDesk that fits your needs better at a fraction of the cost.

VersaDesk Powerlift Corner Standing Desk

Going strictly based on appearance, Versa's Corner Sit-to-Stand Desk, is the closest comparable desk to Cemtrex.

VersaDesk Powerlift Corner Desk - White

The big difference between the PowerLift and SmartDesk comes with the warranty. Versa backs all of its products with a Lifetime Warranty. Their workstations are also all handcrafted in the USA.

What we like most about the corner workstation is the ability to configure this 3-piece sectional setup to fit your specific space. With 5 mounting positions on the surface, you can successfully mount our proprietary monitor arm (specifically engineered for our desks) in virtually any position on your corner workstation.

Versa CNC-machine drills each precision hole to fit their monitor arms for the strongest, most flexible, ergonomic design.

Here's the best part. Versa uses an ultra-gloss on their surfaces so you can use any dry erase marker and sketch your next big design or write out your day’s tasks.

For those of you who consider yourself more technically advanced, we have some amazing features that you’ll really like:

  • This workstation is fully programmable – not just from the control switch, but from across the room on the Vera app!
  • Versa's patented, app-controlled interface allows you to set reminders, track calories burned and interface with select fitness products.
  • Quality is front and center – Versa's patented, electromagnetic motors are driving 3 adjustable leg columns that will glide up and down all day long in perfect synchronicity.

The PowerLift also comes with four surface colors, two leg colors and size options to choose from, you can easily customize your desk to fit your space and needs.

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VersaDesk Habitat Electric Standing Desk

If you're looking for something more economical and multi-purpose, check out the Versa's Habitat Electric Standing Desk.

VersaDesk Habitat Electric Standing DeskVersa’s most versatile electric height adjustable desk collection, Habitat® Electric Standing Desk was created to give you all the options in a proven, popular design.

Aesthetic and Smart, the Habitat® Electric Standing Desk frame is perfect for creating rearrangeable single-user setups in both an office or home office environment.

Designed to lift and lower the desk with a touch of a button, the Habitat® Electric Standing Desk is perfect for multi-user environments like training facilities, classrooms, and computer labs or anyplace in which users may need to adjust the table height frequently. Perfect as a standing desk, The Habitat® Electric Standing Desk desk comes in 3 sizes (48″ * 30″, 60″ * 30″ and 72″ * 30″ )

The scratch-resistant, stain-proof surface offers 25″ of height adjustment with a maximum height of 50″ making it one of our most versatile sit-to-stand options. Customize your Habitat® Electric Standing Desk with our Basic Keyboard Arm & Tray or one of our many monitor arms and create a comfortable, ergonomic workspace that will transition with your evolving needs. **Wheel Kits Not compatible with Habitat desk**

Key Features:
  • 3 Button Memory Height Controller
  • Smart Top Frame – 5x Faster Installation
  • Load Capacity – 120kg/264 lbs
  • Speed – 36mm.1.4″ per second
  • Wilsonart Laminate 20.82mm/.82″ thick surface tops
  • Height Range 625-1287mm / 24.6-50.7″
  • 3 Stage Legs
  • Stroke 2662mm/ 26″
  • Speed – 1.4″ per second
  • Scratch/ Dirt Resistant Powder Coat
  • Assembled in the USA

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Alternatives to the Cemtrex SmartDesk

We Prefer the Flexispot E7 Standing Desk

Flexispot E7 Standing Desk Review Featured

We just tested (and fell in love with) Flexispot's new E7 Standing Desk

What's New?

  • Extra stability & weight capacity (see what it can do in our video)
  • More sizes, tabletops, and shapes available (like the curved front for an ergonomic fit)
  • LED touch screen
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When it comes to choosing a standing desk, there are no short of options to consider. There are a number of different things to consider including price, design, available warranties, and functionality.

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