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Landing Page Design What You Need to Know

Landing Page Design: Everything You Need to Know

The last thing you want is for your site visitors to leave before they take any desired action.

Landing pages are your ticket in. They serve as relevant and engaging entry points for users with a clear call to action.

But without any design skills, how do you go about creating one?

Here’s everything you need to know.

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What Is Landing Page Design?

What Is Landing Page Design

A landing page is where people land when they click on an ad, email, or something similar.

Landing page design is the process of creating a site page that will keep viewers present and interested. They aim to capture user information or otherwise engage the audience in exchange for things like PDFs of insights or special discount codes.

Landing pages usually encourage visitors to sign up for an email list or something similar.

Since landing pages have a goal in mind and a short amount of time to accomplish that, a lot needs to go into designing a landing page, which is why many people hire landing page designers.

What Is Responsive Design?

A web page with a responsive design is automatically viewable on any device including computers, phone screens, and tablets.

Having responsive design incorporated into your entire site is recommended, but it’s even more important to have a responsive web design for your landing page.

Are Good Landing Pages Effective?

Your landing page is the first impression that you make on visitors. Without a good, well-designed landing page, it’s hard to keep viewers on your site.

Across all industries, good landing page design can double your conversion rate, which is an essential step to just about any other goals you’re trying to achieve with your site.

Types of Landing Pages with Examples

Types of Landing Pages

Since landing pages are used for such a wide variety of circumstances, it’s important to know which landing page is appropriate for which occasion.

Squeeze Page

A “squeeze” page is probably the simplest of all landing pages.

It’s designed with one purpose in mind: to squeeze some info from viewers.

These pages are straightforward and get right to the point, asking for viewers’ emails in exchange for some free information, without a bunch of bells and whistles.


Squeeze Landing Page Example

Squeeze Landing Page Example 1

Click-Through Page

Click-through landing pages propose the value of the business’ product or service to get them to continue and hopefully make a purchase. They usually include a list of benefits, a catchy headline, a visual element, and a call to action.

The goal with this type of landing page is to get people to be interested enough in what you have to offer to “click-through” and ultimately buy something.


 Click-Through Landing Page Example

Click-Through Landing Page Example 1

Splash Page

A splash page isn’t necessarily there to capture any information from a visitor but rather to engage them and pique their interest.

These are usually landing pages that are used when viewers click a link on content or social media.

Splash pages can communicate things like announcements or can be used to gather basic information like what language the user would like to view the page in or requesting them to put in their birthdate if the site is for something with a minimum age requirement,


Splash Landing Page Example

Splash Landing Page Example 1

Lead Capture Landing Page

Lead capture pages are sort of like longer versions of the squeeze landing page and are currently the most popular type of landing page used today.

PPC ads often lead folks to this type of landing page, which will source a bit more information that a simple squeeze page might.

Since these landing pages are asking viewers for more personal information, balancing reward with ask is the key to success. Providing visitors with more information, offering more benefits, and justifying why you’re asking for the information you are.


Lead Capture Landing Page Example
Lead Capture Landing Page Example 1

404 Landing Page

This one is pretty easy to figure out. It’s the page that shows up to your customers when they try to reach an expired or non-existent page.

Though it doesn’t seem like a great moment for marketing at first glance (your visitors aren’t getting what they wanted), it’s actually a great opportunity to communicate your brand’s voice and maybe even put a smile on your audience’s face.


404 Landing Page Example

404 Landing Page Example 1

What to Consider When Designing a Landing Page

Types of Landing Pages

You get seconds to catch their attention. Make sure your landing page design is intentional.

What kind of landing page am I creating?

A 404 page is going to require a different approach than a lead capture or splash landing page.

Designers will need to use different tactics depending on what type of landing page is being created.

This also includes considering what the ultimate goal of your landing page is. Getting a visitor’s email is different from getting a large amount of their personal information, so these landing pages will require different tactics.

Content should be engaging

If you know anything about marketing, you know that your advertising efforts have to be interesting and engaging.

Since you have very little time to get users engaged, this is even more important.

Have a catchy headline and a strong call to action. Make visitors want to click through, give their information, or even make a purchase.

Communicate the benefits of giving their info

Everyone is, understandably, a bit skeptical when it comes to giving up their info.

Make it worth their while. Let them know what they will get in return for giving them your information.

Balancing reward with ask in a clear, understandable way is the only way to get the content that you’re looking for.

Make design a priority

Most landing pages have little information on them so their physical appearance matters.

Using visual elements like images, font choices, and color scheme should be a priority.

Make your landing page responsive for best results

These days, more people visit sites on their smartphones than any other electronic.

Making your landing page responsive reduces bounce rate and makes your content more accessible.

What Are the Benefits of Good Landing Pages?

Benefts of Landing Page

How is spending time, effort, and money on a good landing page going to pay off?

Here’s how.

Reduce bounce rate

People aren’t going to buy what you’re selling if they leave your page immediately.

Since a good landing page is probably going to be the first thing that customers see about your company. If a landing page takes too long to load or is unattractive and confusing, people are going to hit that “back” button quickly.

If your landing page is designed well and shows visitors the benefits of staying on your site or signing up for an email list.

Increase engagement

Landing pages are simple designs with straightforward messages.

With little navigation and a call to action, it’s easy for visitors to focus on a single goal, making them more likely to interact with your page than having to do too much.

Collect information

Communication is key and a lead capture or squeeze landing page is an easy way to collect information on your target audience.

You can send promotional materials or relevant info right to their email to encourage them to come back.

Make a good first impression

A landing page isn’t your site, so it’s possible that your visitor will see only your landing page without hitting up your website.

An interesting, well-designed landing page can make visitors want to spend more time on your site.

Who Should Hire a Landing Page Designer?

If you need a lead capture, 404 error, or splash landing page for any reason, it’s a good idea to hire a landing page designer.

How Much Do Landing Page Designers Charge?

Depending on whether you want to hire a freelancer or use a whole agency, landing page designers could charge anywhere from $600 to $5,000 for a landing page design.

How to Pick a Landing Page Designer for Your Business

How to Pick Landing Page Designer

To pick a landing page designer for your website, you need to first figure out your budget.

Then, look at what kind of landing page you need. Is it a lead capture, a simple squeeze, a splash page, or a 404 error page?

Once you have that in mind, check out freelancer marketplace sites like Fiverr or Upwork, or more highly-vetted sites like Toptal if you have it in your budget.

Check out the profiles and information on each designer to see if they specialize in the specific type of landing page you need and get in contact to create a contract.

You can also choose an unlimited graphic design service like Kimp or Graphically that can provide you with landing page designs as well as unlimited requests for any other graphic design needs you may have in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a landing page vs website?

A landing page is a simple design with a call to action that’s only on one page while a website is more complex and has multiple pages and functions.

What is a landing page for?

A landing page is used for things like lead capture, making important announcements, and collecting information from visitors.

Can I create a landing page without a website?

Yes, it is possible to create a landing page without a website.

Are landing pages free?

It is possible to create and post a landing page for free.