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Best Link Building Services

7 Best Link Building Services

If you have any sort of website, you and Google are best friends. Or mortal enemies. Or even frenemies.

But if you want to own a successful website, you need to build a healthy relationship with Google by using SEO, which includes link building (and a bunch of other stuff, but that’s what we’re looking at today.)

Here are some link-building services [jump to picks] that can help you get the links that will make Google your friend.

For "Niche Edits"

WeOutReach Logo


  • High-authority, niche-relevant links to boost your search traffic
  • Typically DR 50+ links
  • Links from highly vetted sites with organic traffic (no PBNs or link farms)

What are niche edits?

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For "HARO (Connectively) Outreach"

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Reporter Outreach

  • Promote your website with links from mainstream news & media
  • Leverage existing relationships with journalists
  • Pay-for-Performance Pricing - only pay for links above DR 40

What is HARO (Connectively) outreach?

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Advertising Disclosure

Types of Link-Building Opportunities

Link building is the art of finding opportunities on other sites to link to your own site, driving site traffic up for you, and building authority in your field.

There are many different ways link building works, so let’s cover some of those.

Niche Edits

Niche edits are accomplished when you reach out directly to a site and ask to get your link added to a post that they already have on their site.

The “edit” part is that your link is added after the fact, and the “niche” part refers to the type of sites you need to seek out to build these links– sites that are in your “niche,” or are relevant to your business.


The skyscraper technique was created in 2015 and has since taken over as one of the most successful SEO techniques out there.

With the skyscraper technique, the premise is simple: nobody wants to see the 8th or 9th tallest skyscraper. They want to see the tallest one.

To use this link-building tactic, find a successful article with an SEO-rich topic and create an original, better version of it. When you propose it as a link to other sites, you receive a fool-proof higher ranking.


HARO (short for Help a Reporter Out) is a service that allows reporters to request quotes from experts in their respective fields.

When used properly, you can use HARO to your business’s advantage by providing reporters with quotes that will link their readers to your site.

Not interested in HARO? Check out these alternative services.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is writing a full article or post for another website, then linking to your website within that article.

This is a great way to build links because you get to create the content that promotes your site, which can build a lot of credibility within your niche.

Infographic Link Building

Infographic links perform better than a lot of the other types of visual content, making it well worth trying for your next link-building campaign.

To achieve the benefits type of link-building, you need to create the right kind of infographic. Luckily, people are naturally drawn to posts that have relevant images included. Get a good graphic designer, find the right info to put in it, pitch it to a relevant site, and reap the benefits of increased traffic.

Digital PR

Link building is often a part of the larger umbrella that is digital PR.

This particular approach to link-building is based on creating a positive public image for a particular site through good press and great links.

This way, while you’re building a positive reputation for your business, you’re also gaining traction and traffic easily.

Best Link-Building Services

Here are the best link-building marketing services and agencies out there.

1. Reporter Outreach

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  • Who Is It Best For: Companies that want to promote their money pages
  • What They Do Best: HARO outreach to mainstream news and media

By using the relationships that they have built, Reporter Outreach provides clients with quality links to one of its 200+ mainstream connections.

Primarily using HARO, Reporter Outreach places editorial links in aged, relevant content, making them attractive to search engines and helping your site’s content rank higher and faster.

They use only real sites with real traffic and only place permanent links, providing clients with reporting and analysis to monitor the success of their links.

We love that they have a pricing tier system based on DR scores, charging different prices for 40, 60, and 80+ DR scores.

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  • Specializes in HARO outreach to mainstream news and media.
  • Offers quality links from over 200 mainstream connections.
  • Provides permanent links and detailed reporting for tracking success.
  • Utilizes real sites with organic traffic, avoiding PBNs or link farms.


  • May be more expensive due to high-quality mainstream links.
  • HARO-based approach might not suit all link-building strategies.

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2. WeOutReach

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  • Who Is It Best For: Companies that need a lot of SEO knowledge and a solid brand strategy
  • What They Do Best: Link-building for growing rankings and traffic, and niche edits

By rejecting 70% of client applications, WeOutreach is able to provide the best link-building service to the 30% of clients it accepts.

They start with an analysis of your content and create a link-building strategy.

With a plan in place, WeOtreach is able to start its tried-and-true method of cold outreach. The email copywriters at WeOutreach get to work, creating compelling templates informed by their years of research and working to build links.

The team there has creative solutions to get your site links in strategic placements that are guaranteed to drive quality traffic to your site.

I love the dependability and flexibility offered by WeOutreach and the fact that they have such a wide knowledge of all of the different ways to leverage the quality of our content.

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  • Offers tailored link-building strategies after analyzing content.
  • Employs cold outreach with compelling email copywriting.
  • Selective client acceptance ensures dedicated service.
  • Experienced in various link-building methods including niche edits.


  • Rejects 70% of applications, limiting accessibility for many businesses.
  • May not be suitable for businesses looking for a quick, less strategic approach.

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3. AuthorityBuilders

  • Who Is It Best For: Digital marketing agencies and niche site building experts
  • What They Do Best: Infographic link building
  • Top Clients: Niche Pursuits, Empire Flippers, Webris
  • Pricing: $

In the past five years, many folks have claimed that infographics are dying out. But AuthorityBuilders knows that infographic link building still has the potential to be just as successful as it ever was.

They have what some might consider “the secret sauce” when it comes to infographic link building. The secret? Great graphic design, solid info, and the right sites to place your infographic links.

If you’re looking for more than just infographic links, they offer a full array of link-building services. This includes guest posts, link insertions to existing posts, and reaching out to the right sites that are relevant to your own.

They also provide link audits to look at what your current strategy is doing right, what needs improvement, and which types of link building will work for your specific site.


  • Specializes in infographic link building, leveraging visual content.
  • Offers a range of services including guest posts and link insertions.
  • Provides link audits to assess current strategies and improvements.
  • Experienced in B2B and niche site building.


  • Infographic focus may not align with all marketing strategies.
  • Services may be more suited to businesses with established content.

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4. Fatjoe

  • Who Is It Best For: Marketing agencies
  • What They Do Best: Niche edits
  • Pricing: $

Niche edits are an invaluable resource when it comes to link building, but, unfortunately, they are also one of the link-building techniques that take the most effort.

To save you valuable time and money, you can trust Fatjoe to take things over.

All you need to do is provide them with the anchor text and target URLs, and they will do the rest. This includes scouring the internet for the best blogs and opportunities that are the most relevant to your niche, creating content to add value to your URL, and reaching out to blogs to get you the placement you need.

Afterward, you can check up on how well your backlinks are doing live within your dashboard. They will show your Domain Authority metrics as it was placed, and you can even export an unbranded CSV for white labeling.


  • Specializes in niche edits, a valuable link-building technique.
  • Saves time by handling outreach and content creation.
  • Offers a user-friendly dashboard for tracking backlinks.
  • Provides unbranded CSV exports for white labeling.


  • Focused mainly on niche edits, which may not suit broader strategies.
  • Might require additional services for a comprehensive link-building plan.

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5. DoFollow

DoFollow Io Logo Main

  • Who Is It Best For: B2B
  • What They Do Best: HARO

There are many unique benefits to using HARO to build links. Importantly, everyone on HARO is actively seeking a contribution, so there isn’t any cold-calling involved.

But HARO is a fickle beast. There is a certain technique when it comes to making the most of this link-building avenue; one that DoFollow has experience with.

Though the concept of HARO is simple, there are a few different things that you have to keep track of and some easy mistakes that the average person can make when using the site. Outsourcing this link building to a service like DoFollow helps you make the most of this platform.

DoFollow can help you get set up with a HARO account, craft and pitch great quotes, and keep up with any responses and follow-up questions you get from reporters. They will monitor your account to get your business the best possible opportunities.


  • Specializes in leveraging HARO for link building.
  • Handles account setup, quote crafting, and follow-ups.
  • Ideal for businesses seeking media exposure and credibility.
  • Simplifies the HARO process, which can be complex and time-consuming.


  • HARO-focused service may not provide diverse link-building strategies.
  • Success depends on the relevance and selection of HARO queries.

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6. Smash Digital

  • Who Is It Best For: Medium-sized businesses and agencies
  • What They Do Best: Link-focused, full-service SEO
  • Pricing: $$

Using what they call “the unicorn formula,” Smash Digital has helped over 348 clients acquire over 12,364 links.

This process begins by reverse-engineering the niche. They will perform a complete audit of your site, analyzing what’s already working for you as well as what works for your competitors.

From there, they seek out the most relevant, powerful opportunities and reach out using a white-hat approach to website owners that they already have an existing relationship with (which means safer sites that have proven successful results in the past.)

Smash Digital then steps back into what they call a “learning” stage. They observe what’s working and what needs work and adapt your unique link-building approach to improve results.

Ultimately, the goal is to get your site to scale.


  • Offers a comprehensive audit and reverse-engineering of niches.
  • Utilizes a white-hat approach with existing site relationships.
  • Adapts strategies based on observed performance.
  • Experienced in scaling sites with over 12,364 links acquired.


  • May be more expensive due to comprehensive and tailored services.
  • The ‘unicorn formula' approach might not align with all business models.

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7. Link Builder

  • Who Is It Best For: Small businesses
  • What They Do Best: Guest posts
  • Top Clients: Tripadvisor, LegalZoom
  • Pricing: $$

Trusted by leading brands like Tripadvisor and Legalzoom, Link Builder is a solid option for all things link building (of course), but guest posts in particular.

Guest posting requires a three-part approach. First, you need to find the right site to reach out to that is relevant to your niche. Then, you have to understand what makes a website great. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you need to create high-quality content that will make your site look credible.

Sending out poorly-written content for guest posts can not only fail to build good links, but if it’s bad enough, it could have a negative impact on your business. Not a good look.

The folks at Link Builder use their years of experience and variety of expertise to identify the right sites that are worth reaching out to (and why they’re a good fit for your site) and then create content that will not only drive traffic to your site and help you rank higher, but also provide positive digital PR.


  • Specializes in guest posting, a versatile link-building method.
  • Trusted by leading brands, indicating reliability and quality.
  • Focuses on high-quality content creation for credible links.
  • Experienced in finding relevant sites for guest posting.


  • Guest posting requires high-quality content, which can be resource-intensive.
  • May not offer as broad a range of link-building services as other agencies.

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Types of Digital Marketing Agencies

What is a link-building service?

Link building refers to acquiring links from other websites that link to your own. It’s an SEO tactic that builds credibility and helps a site rank higher in search.

A link-building service is a software or service that knows the best techniques to build links from the right opportunities with the end goal of making your site rank higher.

What does a link-building marketing service do?

A link-building digital marketing agency helps acquire other sites that then link to your own site, making it appear more credible and ranked higher in search.

How much does a link-building marketing agency charge?

A link-building digital marketing agency can charge anywhere from $2,500 to upwards of $12,000 per month, depending on which other SEO or digital marketing services you need.


What does link-building mean?

Link building means having more other sites link to your own website.

What is a digital marketing agency?

Digital marketing agencies provide a variety of services like SEO, content strategy, social media marketing, and link building to a business for an hourly or monthly set fee.

What are the types of link-building?

There are many different types of link building, including niche edits, infographic link building, guest posts, HARO, and more.

How do I create a link for SEO?

To create a link for SEO, you can request backlinks, reach out to other websites directly, create a blog, or write a guest post for another site.

How do I find what sites link to my site?

The best way to find what sites link to your site is to track them through something like Ahrefs.