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ReporterOutreach Review

My Honest Review of Reporter Outreach Link Building

We love HARO, but it’s not the easiest to navigate unless you know what you’re doing.

Luckily, Reporter Outreach knows what they’re doing. We’re using this HARO link-building service right now, and we wanted to share our personal experience with you.

Here’s my honest review of Reporter Outreach

Our Favorite Provider for "HARO Outreach"

  • Promote your website with links from mainstream news & media
  • Leverage existing relationships with journalists
  • Pay-for-Performance Pricing - only pay for links above DR 40

What is HARO outreach?

Advertising Disclosure

Reporter Outreach Overview

Reporter Outreach Updated Banner

Reporter Outreach is, in the simplest terms, a link-building service. Specifically, they are a link-building service focused on taking advantage of HARO and link-building opportunities on behalf of their clients.

HARO Overview

The team Reporter Outreach has spent thousands of hours learning the art of HARO pitching and building personal relationships with reputable publications.

Their team of professional copywriters is trained in the art of identifying quality link-building opportunities through HARO inquiries and then crafting the perfect pitch to secure their clients the best link-building opportunities.

Outsourcing HARO pitching to a specialized agency like Reporter Outreach saves clients time, money, and resources while guaranteeing results.

Using a hyper-personalized approach, Reporter Outreach boasts an average DR75 and 22% publish rate with giant publications like Business Insider, Forbes, HuffPost, and more.

Link Insertion Overview

Aside from HARO link-building services, they also offer link insertion services.

Link insertion services are essential for SaaS, Technology, and eCommerce companies to drive traffic to their sites through quality, aged content on other sites that has been previously published.

The link insertion team at Reporter Outreach performs professional outreach, offering clients high-DR, DoFollow links that have been editorially placed with intention. No link farms, no PBNs.

Though you could technically send these pitches on your own via cold outreach, the team at Reporter Outreach has established relationships with hundreds of reporters and journalists.

Who Should Use Reporter Outreach?

Who Should Use Reporter Outreach

Any SaaS, technology, or eCommerce site can benefit from Reporter Outreach’s link insertion service.

While they will accept most industries for HARO, they are able to get the best results for healthcare clients and are currently focusing their efforts on the healthcare industry.

Some examples of their most successful clients include:

  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers
  • Mental Health
  • Bariatric/Weight Loss Surgery
  • Sleep Doctors
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • Licensed Professional Counselors
  • MDs
  • Registered Dieticians
  • Registered Nutritionists
  • Certified Personal Trainers

Plus, their services are fairly inexpensive compared to alternative HARO link-building services.

reporter outreach review pros

Pros: Here’s What I Like About Reporter Outreach

  • HARO links are high-quality and typically high DR (I’m talking 70's and above)
  • Done-for-you service means they take care of all of the work, so I don’t have to.
  • They respond on my behalf.
  • They have existing relationships with publications.
  • Their work is guaranteed (they will always deliver the number of links you paid for.)
  • If they happen to get your site featured in any publication without a link, that’s considered free press, and you won’t have to pay for it.

reporter outreach review cons

Cons: Here's What I Don't Like About Reporter Outreach

  • HARO links are typically to your homepage (other links can be directed to any URL on your site, so you can use specific blog posts.)
  • They cannot guarantee placement on any specific publications (no link-building service can do this, so I can’t fault them for it.)

Reporter Outreach Review

Reporter Outreach Review

In general, I’m a fan of Reporter Outreach.

My favorite thing about them is how easy they make the entire process. I gave them a little information, and they immediately jumped in and started pitching on my behalf.

This is great because their team of trained copywriters can do thorough research, select niche-specific publications, and craft pitches that are more likely to earn you those links. I like to think I’m a pretty persuasive writer, but I will admit that sometimes it’s hard to know how to best respond to certain queries.

They are also able to leverage personal relationships that they’ve built with these publications, so you can benefit from their network without having to build one on your own.

The quality is also noteworthy. All of the links that they landed for me were high DR and on high-traffic websites that were relevant to my site.

How Does Reporter Outreach Work?

How Does Reporter Outreach Work

If you’re uncomfortable sharing your personal information, you’ll be relieved to hear that Reporter Outreach doesn't need their client's work email. Rather, they have them set up a domain-based email account to be used exclusively for HARO outreach.

This company has curated relationships with hundreds of well-known publications, which makes their pitches more attractive than a pitch from your own site that may be previously unknown to the publications.

Their expert team of copywriters conducts all of the necessary research and identifies the right opportunities to pitch links to your site. They then write the perfect pitch, increasing the likelihood that your site will be featured in various publications.

Their HARO services are priced per link (more pricing information below).

They also offer link-building services where they will pitch editorial links for existing posts. These services are priced individually per link.

What Does Reporter Outreach Cost? (Reporter Outreach Pricing)

Reporter Outreach Pricing

There are two different plans for two different types of links. There’s the HARO link-building package and link insertion plan.

HARO Link Pricing

Reporter Outreach Haro Updated Pricing

For the HARO plan, Reporter Outreach has three pricing plans, each based on a certain number of links per month.

Every plan includes DR 40+ links, a dedicated copywriter, a strategy session, prospecting for relevant media opportunities, in-depth research, daily updated link tracking, and the promise that they will work until all of your links are published.

  • Lite – $2,999, includes 7 links, 1 month average turnaround time.
  • Growth– $5,999, includes 14 links +2 free DR 70+ link insertions, average turnaround time 2 months.
  • Professional– $9,999, includes 28 links +2 free DR70+ link insertions and 5 hours of SEO consulting, 3-4 months average turnaround time.

Link Insertion Pricing

Reporter Outreach Link Insertion Pricing

Link insertion plans are priced per link based on the DR of the link.

All plans are performed by an outreach specialist who secures permanent DoFollow links to real sites with real traffic (no PBNs or junk.)

  • DR 50+: $300 per link, AHREFS traffic 1k+
  • DR 60+: $400 per link, AHREFS traffic 5k+
  • DR 70+: $500 per link, AHREFS traffic 10k+

Reporter Outreach Alternatives

A few businesses offering similar services to Reporter Outreach are:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HARO outreach?

HARO is a site where journalists can reach out to professional sources for commentary and expertise, and HARO outreach is the process of responding to journalists.

What factors impact link cost?

DR and number of links per month impact link cost depending on which plan you choose.

What is the process of link building?

Link building consists of reaching out to sites or reporters to get them to link to your site.

What does a link-building service do?

A link-building service takes care of finding relevant sites and pitching links to your site to them. Good link-building services are able to leverage personal relationships with sites to make them more likely to link to your site