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My Review of GrowTal

My Honest Review of GrowTal

GrowTal is a part of larger company Playbook Media that promises to fill the gaps in your company’s marketing needs while saving you the time and money of hiring a new full-time employee.

They do this through the use finding seasoned expert marketing freelancers who have years of experience in SEO, digital marketing, social media, and brand consulting.

But does the company deliver on that promise?

Let’s take an honest look at my experience with, and opinion on, GrowTal for finding and hiring freelance marketing talent.

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GrowTal Review

GrowTal Pros

Pros: Here’s what I like about GrowTal

There are quite a few things that GrowTal is doing right, including:

  • The vetting process – Since the founders are well-established and have seen it all when it comes to digital marketing, they know the right questions to ask to make sure all of their freelancers are experts in their respective fields.
  • They are transparent, friendly, and honest, and will walk you through the process step by step.
  • You have the opportunity to interview and pick the freelancer (or freelancers) that you like best to work with instead of getting stuck with whoever happens to be available.
  • They seem committed to making sure that they assess and meet your company’s needs, ensuring a relationship between you and your freelancer is a good fit for both parties.

GrowTal Cons

Cons: Here are the only things I don’t like about GrowTal

There are a few things that I feel GrowTal could do a bit better, like:

  • The pricing depends on which freelancer you choose, so you have to go through the initial meeting process to get an estimate of how much you’ll be spending.
  • You could hire a freelancer directly through a site like Upwork or Fiverr (but you would be taking a gamble on the skill level of your freelancer).
  • Though most people these days aren’t into phone calls anymore anyway, I couldn’t find a phone number listed on their site to contact them directly. They are very responsive to emails and offer appointments for Zoom calls to all prospective clients.
  • The bundle system listed on their site could use clarification, but they explained it clearly on our “secret shopper” Zoom call with them.

GrowTal Overview

How Does GrowTal Work?


GrowTal has different experts from across multiple different disciplines.

Companies use their services by setting up a meeting, getting matched with the right freelancer for the job, and then continuing a relationship with that freelancer to get whatever digital marketing task that you need done.

If you find a freelancer that you like and would like to continue building your marketing team with them, you have the option to choose a bundle and hire on more freelancers.

In each of these bundles, clients get access to a dedicated team of professionals that helps companies meet their goals, whether those goals are leads, conversion, purchases, or growing their brand.

Some of the different experts you gain access to include:

  • Social and search experts
  • Video production teams
  • Copywriters
  • SEO experts
  • Brand managers
  • UX/UI designers

And more.

Their website is very transparent about the process itself, which looks like:

  1. You tell them about a marketing need that you have.
  2. They collect information on your business, goals, and budget.
  3. You sign an agreement that outlines how your partnership with GrowTal and the freelancer(s) will work.
  4. They search their network and find 2-4 freelancers that they think would be a good fit for the project.
  5. You search through the freelancers they present you with and pick the one you feel is right for your company.
  6. The work begins and you can expect to see results in as little as seven days.

Who Uses GrowTal?

Agencies and fast-growing businesses that are looking for a variety of different digital marketing specialists are the businesses that enlist the help of GrowTal most often. Freelancers also use GrowTal to connect with businesses that need their talent.

Quite a few companies use GrowTal to fill the gaps in their marketing needs including:

  • Acorn
  • ClaimFound
  • Ureeka (a partner)

The founders and freelancers that work at GrowTal have previously worked for huge companies like:

  • Omaze
  • Square
  • Shutterfly
  • Headspace
  • Uber
  • Imperfect Foods

GrowTal Pricing

The cost of GrowTal is different depending on who you choose to hire.

To support their freelancers, they allow them to set their own rates, which are typically average depending on their area of expertise. They charge an additional 30% on top of that to your company.

There are no upfront costs, and when you first contact them, they will get you set up with a 30-minute call to discuss your company’s goals and what you hope to get out of the relationship. They then match you with a few marketers that they think would be a good fit for you, for free.

From there, you can choose the marketer you want and come up with a game plan. If you do choose a marketer, a refundable deposit of $500 is necessary. You can get this deposit back if you decide not to work with them.

The plans, which they refer to as bundles, that they have to offer are:

  • D2C Starter Bundle – Purchases/leads/conversions. Our D2C Starter bundle is perfect for companies looking to get off the ground and in front of the right people.
    • Your team consists of a social expert and search expert
  • Creative Collective Bundle – Take your creative content to the next level with stellar visuals that bring your product to life, working alongside a talented group of creative connoisseurs. With everything from video production to copywriting, you’ll be working with a creative dream team.
    • Your team consists of a video production team, content writer/editor, copywriter, and graphic designer
  • Organic Overhaul Bundle – Build your organic footprint with digital experts who have mastered the art of growing a following and building your brand voice. Our Organic Overhaul bundle is sure to get your name out there and attract the right customers.
    • Your team consists of a PR expert, SEO expert, content writer, and brand manager
  • D2C Premier Bundle – Get your business on the right track with a growth plan tailored to your goals and a full-stack marketing team skilled in developing your company’s marketing roadmap. The D2C Premier bundle is perfect for businesses looking to set themselves up for success.
    • Your team consists of a head of growth/strategist, social expert, search expert, email marketer, SEO expert, content writer, data analyst, and native ads expert
  • Email Engagement Bundle – Promote your business with email experts that thrive in content creation, automation, and execution, ready to tell your story and share your products. With the email engagement bundle, you’ll be working with experts skilled in assessing the next steps for keeping your customers hooked.
    • Your team consists of an email marketer, graphic designer, and content writer
  • Web Design + Development Bundle – Elevate your brand’s image with eye-catching graphics and a theme that reflects your vision by working with a personal design duo that thrives in delivering stunning results. Our Web Design + Development bundle provides you with all the tools you need to revamp or rebrand your site.
    • Your team consists of a UX/UI designer, graphic designer, SEO expert, and content writer

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GrowTal Alternatives

There are a few alternatives to GrowTal that are worth checking out.

A few of them are:

$125 Off First Invoice

GrowTal Logo


Exclusive Discount: Get $125 off your first invoice using coupon code DDIY125

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GrowTal?

GrowTal is a platform that aims to streamline and accelerate the hiring process for digital marketing experts. We match businesses with pre-vetted, highly talented GrowTal marketers who will be able to hit the ground running and work with you to meet your business goals.

How long does it take for GrowTal to match me with a freelancer?

Once you have your initial free Zoom call with a GrowTal representative and explain what you’re looking for, they will provide you with a list of three to five freelancers to choose from within two business days.

How does GrowTal charge/make money?

GrowTal allows freelancers to set their own rates and charge clients an additional 30%.

When did GrowTal start?

GrowTal officially began working as a company in April of 2020, though their parent company Playbook Media began operations in 2017.

How does GrowTal find freelancers?

GrowTal has an option for freelancers to apply directly on their site and also finds other freelancers through networking and referrals. They vet each candidate to make sure companies only work with expert marketers.